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Yes, this poll looks a lot like Vinny.

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no pic

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It's uncanny.

EDIT: Now that benspyda has pointed it out, I can't help but notice that the nose is indeed off a little.

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The nose looks a bit different...

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Where is the picture?

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I'm just watching the Borgias and had to screen grab this:

Am i just hallucinating/crazy from lack of sleep (it IS 3am here) and too much alcohols? (Just got in from a night out and started watching Borgias)

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@Tireyo643: @jyluth: @ky326: @Video_Game_King: Sorry, had problems for a second there uploading the pic and browser crashing.

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@Falx: You're not hallucinating...

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Need a bigger picture for me to make a choice.

Also shame on you for pirating that :)

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@Styl3s: I'm in the UK it won't be airing for ages, I'll buy the boxset when it comes out. I uploaded a 1920x1080 image, don't know why it isn't bigger here.

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It sort of does, but that looks like an altered version of this portrait of Francis I.

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Yeah, It looks like Vinny's late great great great great Grandfather. Who once wrote grand poems about Cunts and the like.

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Yeah, I see what you're saying.

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All things to all people always look like Vinny. It is the one constant.

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@Goboard said:

It sort of does, but that looks like an altered version of this portrait of Francis I.

Mystery solved

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Vinny is the Highlander.

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No. You're crazy, but at least this one wasn't a man covered in suds in the shower.