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Like for example GTA 3 Music I'm Hot Tonight was music from Scarface the movie, then they made Scarface the game added the I'm Hot Tonight music in that game to.

In GTA 3 Carcer city is some where around GTA 3, some one mentions it on the radio station. In Manhunt Carcer city is a place were Cash was killing his way out of trouble.

GTA Vice City has a hotel room in blood where Tony & Manny were about to get sawed off in Miami well Tony survived Manny died. In Vice the mansion is the same as in the Scarface movie and video game. Vice City is like a feel like Miami.

GTA 3 feels like parts of New York City.

Max Payne feels like were in Carcer City, but it's in New York City, some games I love when they set in New York City :D.

Plus some easter eggs are found in video games :D.

GTA 3 if you are in the 2nd island cafe you can see GTA 1 and GTA 2 screen shots on the computers.

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Have you ever found an easter egg in a video game before anyone else and gotten a reward for it? I bet some developers would give a reward to someone who first discovered their hidden easter egg but I've never been able to substantiate my suspicions with regards to this particular intricacy of video gaming.

I wonder what reward you received when you found that easter egg before anyone else.

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ctrl+f 'City'

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@cale: I already know about the Easter eggs just want to start up a discussion on video games.

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I'm not entirely sure what this thread is even about. I like it when video game worlds (usually by the same developer) are tied together, such as the hints that Red Faction and the Saint's Row games are actually set in the same universe (including a nod to the Descent series in Red Faction Armageddon), and the small cameos of characters from the various GTA III games throughout that series, but I generally don't appreciate when they just put a whole bunch of movie or pop culture references in there, or even reenact entire scenes from some movie the developers like, like Rockstar and Blizzard tend to do, such as that final mission of the Titanfall campaign where they had that extremely awkward reenactment of the classic end scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan thrown in there randomly. I didn't think it worked all that well when Republique included a whole bunch of games the developers liked as collectibles in the game either, as they did a really poor job of integrating it into the game world.

Assassin's Creed IV and AC Liberation did that stuff pretty well though, setting up a universe where the Assassin's Creed games were actually released in the in-game continuity.

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The Legend of Zelda and Star Wars universes are connected via the SoulCalibur series.

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