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ever dream that your in a game you play?

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Yes, after playing warcraft for about 10 hours straight, I had the worst night sleep ever I kept waking up dreaming about weird WOW like scenario's  in real life then waking.. never make that mistake again :P

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Back when I bought Ocarina of Time, I dreamed about it constantly during the 2 weeks I played it (I played for 12 hours a day), and I dreamed of shootouts and horse riding a few days before Red Dead Redemption came out, which just made the wait even more excruciating :-)

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No, However I have dreamed about playing games. Some that do not exist, and others like they were hacked versions. Once I dreamed I was playing my n64 under a tree outside. There was no tv yet I could see the gameplay.

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Man, I've dreamed that I was playing a game.  It was all kinds of awesome.  Then I woke up and had to deal with the realization that the game did not exist.  That was a bad morning.

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I've had the WoW dreams mentioned above, and I have had some Mass Effect dreams as well (good RPG's seem like the best fodder for weird dreams).

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ofcourse, all of which are quite vague though 
i do remember having nightmares when i was 10 after playing Doom 2 all day everyday

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Heh yes! Three games came together! Had that dream just recently!

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I used to dream about lara croft when I was like ... 8 
Those pointy boobs

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I've dreamt of World of Warcraft, back when I was playing while at college 5 days a week upon waking up (while still dazed and confused after a lack of sleep) I would refer to "having to level" and "that paladin over there..." to which my mother looked down on me for and insisted I played the game too much.
She was right.

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Yep. Specially when I play them for a long time. I remember dreaming with WW and the grenade-indicator from CoD2 and barely being able to sleep, thanks to a CoD2 "Marathon". Played it for 13 hours (stopped to eat and stuff). I'll never do something like that again.

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I dreamed of myself casting Fire II to light a lamp once.

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@ZimboDK said:
" Back when I bought Ocarina of Time, I dreamed about it constantly during the 2 weeks I played it (I played for 12 hours a day),
I dreamed about that game my entire childhood. I used to speedrun that shit.
And I've also dreamed about playing games. Metal Gear Solid 4...which isn't a good game to dream about when you're imagining sticking to walls and watching enemies patrol routes. But I was really wanting to play it; I didn't have a PS3 at the time.
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Most of the time now I dream about what kind of game would be awesome to play and hope to play it (or even make it) in the near future.

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I dreamt last night that everything I did required beating a puzzlequest puzzle. It was pretty annoying actually.

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My game dreams mostly consist of seeing an avatar from third person doing extremely boring and repetitive tasks such as running, walking, opening chests, and occasionally jumping or hitting/shooting an enemy. I tend to have these sort of dreams after going to bed straight after long marathon session of gaming. I think it's sort of like temporary burn-in on a TV except in for your mind.

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I've had Mass Effect and World of Warcraft dreams, countless Zelda dreams (it's my fav series, what can I say!) and lately a lot of Monster Hunter Tri dreams.
I also fell asleep playing Phantasy Star Universe once (booooooooring), does that count? ><

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Well, not that I can remember. I did however fall asleep CLOSE to games.. I woke up with keyboardmarks all across my forehead. Seriously.

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Yes. A lot, actually, but I haven't had one since I was like 8.

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Yeh, whenever I play a game for a long time, especially it it's multiple days of long play.

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LOTR Conquest.....big elephants everywhere.

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