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at the drive in, always. so much energy, much more than drive like jehu. actually im making that up, the truth is i could never get into drive like jehu and i dont really know why.

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@Goly: Maybe it's time to give it another shot. That second album is legendary.

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@PollySMPS: I only really like De-loused, as they got further away from their hardcore roots I started to lose interest. Also, while even since ATDI they've been extremely pretentious, it got worse over the years and all of the sudden I found it insufferable. Maybe I just got older, maybe they got too full of themselves, it's hard for me to say.

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Why do I have to choose? When have these bands ever been at odds?

I only own three albums on vinyl, and DLJ's debut is one of them, so I picked them..

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ATDI easily for me.

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FUCK, why must you make me choose.

Rites of Spring. Poseurs.

Such a poseur, you can't even spell it right.

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correct answer

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Drive Like Jehu if only because all the ATDI fans I've met are insufferable.

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Neither ever