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Has anyone figure out how to get the achievement? I can't find any info on this

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Steamcheeves had a video guide for it. It's a tough one if you want to do it yourself. http://steamcheeves.com/#revengeofthetitans

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you have to beat the special Christmas level which is hard as hell. not sure If I even want to bother.

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If you don't mind cheating there is a saved game you can download over at steamcheeves.

"Savegame here. Disable Steam Cloud for Revenge of the Titans and after that extract the contents of the archive into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\.

Start game, make sure the top banner asks if you're Bilbo and if it does, start the bonus level with previous progress (it will ask you if you want to do that). Again, as with any save games, back up your own files before doing this. They're located inSteam\userdata\YOURID\93200\remote if you used Steam Cloud with the game before. The loaded game should not require any player interaction, just fast forward the time.

Credit: SPUF/Lunk"

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@Katnipz: is there any reason not to do this? like, is Valve going to smack me down?

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Most likely there is no reason not to do this, unless you care about devaluing achievements. :P

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this wasn't working on my macbook pro :<

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No comment on people cheating to get achievments they can't get otherwise. I just think it's pretty cheap and unfair against those people who did it legit.

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It looks like this achievement is gone...