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So what the fuck? Im absolutely baffled here. Am I missing something? In the last few months Ive seen so much Duck Dynasty merchandise in stores that it's blowing my mind. I dont watch TV but I do know enough to know that apparently its a reality show on A&E? How the hell or more importantly why did this blow up so fast that now they have everything from T-Shirts to Bobble Heads of the show?

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I have no idea what it's about, but all the rednecks at work LOVE it.

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I don't know either, but all of a sudden those beards are everywhere, and they are glorious.

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Cause it's stupid and their exploiting the red neck life. It can be very entertaining lol.

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it's the lowest common denominator's Citizen Kane.

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Because Uncle Si.

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Its funny today cause A. Emilio Estavez but B. It sounds like they're saying crack or crap.

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I don't know if it would explain why it is SOOOO popular, but it is surprisingly good. I've only seen a few episodes that my roommates were watching, but it seemed like the editors have a really solid grasp of comic timing. Plus, it doesn't follow the reality show negativity path, the kind of drama you'd find in something like Survivor or that Real Housewives of whatever. It goes with a narrative of "let's see what wacky mess the crew gets into this time!"

An example: One of the guys more involved with the business aspect of the company was scheduled to go to the local elementary school to talk to the kids about business stuff on Career Day. Something came up at the last minute, and they had to send the crazy old man of the team instead. The replacement started his presentation to a group of 1st graders with "Hi boys and girls. So what do you all know about the war in 'Nam?"

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I've seen a few episodes before, its just abunch of real bullshit.

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Wtf is a duck dynasty?

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Today... I learned what Duck Dynasty is.

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I hadn't even heard of it until you brought it up.

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*wikipedia search*

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series -- OK, I've read all I need to know why it's so popular, and why I can now happily forget I ever even heard of the damn thing.

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It sounds like the main reason it is popular is due to the fact that it works in the inverse way of most reality tv shows. These guys are rich as hell and don't fight one another for ratings. They are selling jeans at Walmart and yet they still act down to Earth. They are also legends in the duck calling business with the invention of one of the most replicated duck whistles in that sport.

Other than that, I guess it is a show for blue collar America with people that work as a team and have quite a few stories to tell. I don't see how that is wrong or difficult to understand other than these guys wear camo and talk about the joy of hunting fowl while getting paid to do what they love.

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I enjoy it quite a bit. It's basically like watching a reality version of Beverly Hillbillies, but they actually worked their asses off to make all that money and it does a pretty good job of showing what it's like working at a family owned/operated business.

Plus, Phil is just awesome.

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This is the first I have heard of it.

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People shouldn't be so dismissive of things they know nothing about. Yes it is a "reality" TV show, but it is nothing at all like the vast majority of reality TV shows. It's really more similar to a sitcom that just happens to be an actual family instead of actors.

I enjoy watching it. I find the humor to be good, and the people to be likeable. Unlike most other "reality" shows where I can't stand looking at the people, much less hearing them talk.

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Duck Dynasty is highly overrated. The Dukes of Hazard was what made being a redneck look and seem cool first. If you compare them, Duck Dynasty is pure shit!

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I am sad because I have a rather large beard and people now say I'm going for the Duck Dynasty look.

Not at all. I just like my beard. The 'Nam comment to the Elementary school does sound amazing though.

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I have no idea why it's so popular but it makes me sad that when I go to the store I see rows of t-shirts, books, glasses, hats, etc. with their faces on it.

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It actually sends a positive message. That doesn't really exist in TV anymore. There's a whole episode about how fun samurai swords are.

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It's goofy dudes fucking around and having fun. Sit down with some friends, have a beer, and laugh about it.

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I just look at like a tamer version of trailer park boys. I just cant get enough.

Edit: I have changed my mind fuck this show.

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It's what America loves. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The stuff that was endowed by their Creator.

I appreciate the message they have, but I'm not a fan of the show. It's just fodder for fools living in tv land.

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A lot of the "rednecks" around here adore it. Hell I even know people that are totally the opposite of rednecks who enjoy it. I can't really say anything because I've never sat down and watched it. (And I don't plan to)

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The answer you are looking for is "Uncle Si."

Nothing is greater than Uncle Si.

Uncle Si is God.

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Look at the wacky rednecks har har har.

That's why.

Look all across reality television, and count how many 'personalities' you feel are more intelligent than you. Not just more skilled in a specific area, like Gordon Ramsay and cooking, but actually more intelligent. Even a person of average intelligence couldn't fill up a hand.

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i dunno why but kevin finn who played the ninja in the avgn episode of ninja gaiden produced a couple of episodes just some random trivia lol

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Guys, just a heads up. Duck Dynasty isn't a reality tv show. Sure, it's about a real family, but it's no secret that every episode is staged.

A PG trailer park boys is a pretty apt comparison.

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Because fuck it. I've seen a few episodes and I will say it's not the worst thing in the world, but it's not anything I would recommend to a friend or loved one. The real question is why are most reality shit shows so popular? My guess is because of the large amount of abhorrent people who genuinely enjoy that trash and the people who watch it ironically. So many people grab onto the lowest common denominator and never let go. Case in point, there was an audience at all for Grown Ups 2.

In the end, to each his own. (Also, their beards are kind of mesmerizing)

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@shookems said:

Guys, just a heads up. Duck Dynasty isn't a reality tv show. Sure, it's about a real family, but it's no secret that every episode is staged.

All reality TV that isn't a competition is staged. Even a lot of the competitive reality TV is staged.

I'm friends with a guy who transcribes for a living, he has to transcribe the raw footage. Usually including the producers telling the personalities what to say, and then telling them to say it again and again until they get a take they like.

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There are a lot of rednecks and this show really appeals to them. Then there are people who are anti redneck, and they get to watch this show and make fun of them. If you've got both the redneck and the anti redneck demographic, than you've pretty much covered 80% of america's population.

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These shitty "reality" shows need to end. They already ruined the history channel. I can't even watch television anymore.

I want to die.

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I have no idea what this is but I hope its DuckTales mixed with soap opera.

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I have no idea what this is but I hope its DuckTales mixed with soap opera.

Holy shit Duck Dynasty where Scrooge and Flintheart fight in a swimming pool. Give it to me now.

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@shookems said:

It's goofy dudes fucking around and having fun. Sit down with some friends, have a beer, and laugh about it.

sounds a lot like a particular website we all love.

In any case the show's popularity does not make sense to me. Granted, I had no negative feelings towards it but it never seemed like anything special.

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From what I understand they don't use a lot of the same hooks that other reality shows do. Instead they just use humor and try to appeal to the everyday person by showing a group of people who make money doing what they love. That's what I've been told at least. I don't watch a whole lot of TV aside from a few shows, so I haven't seen it for myself.

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Cause it's stupid and their exploiting the red neck life. It can be very entertaining lol.

Oh can you hear it? It's the homophone calling for you - if you know what I mean.

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I saw a couple of episodes of it and while I don't think its terrible, its something I would not go out of my way to watch. Its probably popular because people want to see these rednecks do the darnest things that involve ducks and family. And also this shows seems to appeal to the average American as the show's cast is passionate about their jobs.

Though Darius Rucker's music video of his cover of "Wagon Wheel" is a gross advertising tool for the show if you ask me. The cast on the show is probably really good friends with Darius Rucker (from Hootie and the Blowfish), but I don't know man.

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I think people come for the ducks and stay for the all the sick beards. The only reason I know about this show is because stores sell t-shirts and posters with these crazy bearded dudes' faces on em'. My uncle described it to me the other night and it sounds pretty dumb. Then again I'm not a reality TV guy so I wouldn't know.

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One of my business professors showed an episode of this show during class a couple years back, I think it was a marketing class, I had never heard of the show before that day.

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@shinjin977: It's Family Guy, but it's a dumb show I don't recommend.

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One of my business professors showed an episode of this show during class a couple years back

It just started last year. March 21, 2012 according to Wikipedia.

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Its a bunch of hairy people doing the things that hairy people do. How can it not be popular.

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@metalbaofu: my apologies, about 1.5 years then? if it was in march, then this happened during the following Fall semester.

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I don't know what I see around my town more, Duck Dynasty T-shirts or Sons of Anarchy T-shirts.

I watched an episode of Duck Dynasty once. Some guy made a pretty funny beard joke. Good for them if they enjoy making the show.

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I thought this topic was about Darkwing Duck.

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I prefer swamp people personally