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So the EGX (Eurogamer expo) tickets went on sale today and the early entry tickets are selling fast. Whats more is Virgin media customers get a chance to buy early entry tickets for £8.75 instead of £20.00 each day (5000 ticket limit and I think only Thursday/Friday are left)

This thread is mostly finding out if any duders plan on attending this year and possible discussion on whats in store for us. I myself have got tickets for the Friday and im hoping that project morpheus is there in some form of state as well as the crystal cove Oculus rift.

Don't forget that Thursday and Friday hold the Games Industry Fair which when I peeked in there last year sadly looked super empty

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Tickets sold out crazy fast which I will expect to see sold on eBay for full price. I'm a virgin media customer but didn't check until this morning and none were left. I was only able to get a full price early access ticket for Sunday.

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Yea I only noticed tickets were on sale due to spotting an email as i was clearing out my emails yesterday, by 6pm yesterday saturday and sunday virgin media tickets were sold out anyway

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I managed to get myself tickets for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Is there any meet ups happening?