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#51 Posted by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

Grats Egypt! Here's hoping this internet law here in Canada get's overturned or we will be starting our own uprising.

#52 Posted by Gabriel (4088 posts) -

Good thing Napoleon still isn't around, he'd be having a field day with this.

#53 Posted by Dalai (7092 posts) -

Freedom in Egypt? 
I give it 3 weeks.

#54 Posted by endless_void (703 posts) -

Good to hear, but I wonder how long this will last. Just because he claims to be stepping down doesn't mean the country is automatically in peace and prosperity. I believe there could be more bloodshed before Egypt reaches true freedom.

#55 Posted by tariqari (431 posts) -

Man people are so pessimistic.

#56 Posted by Xeiphyer (5615 posts) -
We shall see how the military deals with power now. Egypt isn't free until they have a fair democratic election.
Still though, a step in the right direction... possibly. The military did say they 100% support Mubarak, so... yeah.
#57 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3491 posts) -

'Bout time!

#58 Posted by ryanwho (12082 posts) -
@chrissedoff said:
" if these democratic movements keep spreading, won't it be funny when the only middle eastern countries that aren't democracies are iraq and afghanistan? "
It would be funny if the only 2 democracies in the middle east weren't democracies. I don't get your idea of humor, weirdo.
#59 Posted by JJWeatherman (14575 posts) -

Seacrest out! 
But seriously, this is really good news.

#60 Edited by hidys (1029 posts) -

Wouldn't it be better to hold elections ASAP as opposed to in September?

#61 Posted by Hennet_sim (336 posts) -

So whats to stop the next one from being like Mubarak to have any real difference they will have to remove any and all government officials not just the ones appointed by Mubarak and all the polces and law put in place when Mubarak was in power. This is going to a long transition.

#62 Posted by mrfizzy (1558 posts) -

As others on here have said, let's wait for some free and fair elections before we break out the party hats.

#63 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4894 posts) -

Wait, they got rid of a President because they couldn't have Internet? Admittedly I haven't been paying any attention to it, but that was the last thing I heard about Egypt.

#64 Posted by thebatmobile (983 posts) -
#65 Posted by Andorski (5393 posts) -

I wonder who the next dictator will be. 
@GunslingerPanda said:

" Wait, they got rid of a President because they couldn't have Internet? Admittedly I haven't been paying any attention to it, but that was the last thing I heard about Egypt. "
Losing the internet was Murabak's strategy to cut off all information going in and out of Egypt.  Foreign powers can't pressure you to step down if no media can be seen of the protesters.  Still unclear to what caused the riots now (as opposed to the ~29 years Murabak was president), but the two biggest instigators of the protests that I have read were civil inspiration of Tunisia (who protested against their government) and a few people running social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) to take a stand against their current government.  Someone working for Google in Egypt started one of the main Facebook groups that organized these protests.
#66 Posted by Belonpopo (1822 posts) -

Israel will invade them.

#67 Posted by HS21 (2682 posts) -
@TheDudeOfGaming said:
" @beej: It dosen't directly affect me or my country, so, yeah im indifferent. "
#68 Posted by jakob187 (21788 posts) -

Wait...that wasn't what you guys wanted?  LAWL  What did you think was going to happen?  Mubarak was our puppet, and now we'll just put a new one in.

#69 Posted by iFail (236 posts) -

Frankly, I think it's a bit early to break out the champagne, I don't really think that whatever comes after Mubarak will magically make Egypt wonderful.

#70 Posted by inknail (155 posts) -

Good that Mubarak stepped down, and actually pretty impressive how the whole thing got rolling. I just hope they have someone willing and able to step in as a good leader, that's all.

#71 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

Egypt needs to track down the CIA operatives that are operating within that theater and execute them.  That's the only way to guarantee a new puppet of the U.S. won't be propped up.