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Yeah, another relationship thread, i know.

I really didn't want to do this, but my friends are making matters worse, and maybe with the vast amount of people on Giant Bomb someone might of had a similar experience. So here it goes. Just a few days ago my girlfriend of over 6 years broke up with me, and it has been pretty surreal. We met in high school and lived with each other all of our adult lives, and now i have to find a new place to live, and all that I thought I had is now hers. I kind of saw it coming, but i found out in a really shitty way and lately I have just been pretty lethargic and lacking motivation to really do anything. Ive always been an introvert, so meeting new people is not really what i feel like doing. When I am feeling as close to normal as i can be, i start packing, but then it just reminds me that I dont really fucking care anymore. The worst part is that is seems like she is so happy with the decision. I don't really know why I am here writing this, maybe just to get it out there and feel a little better, fuck if i know. However, if you are still here, could you maybe shoot me some advice on what to do next or how to handle this in a better way. Thanks for taking a moment to listen, I appologize for any spelling/grammer errors, I am slightly drunk.

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These dating advice threads arent funny anymore. Get over it!

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I've had a similar thing happen with a couple of 3 year relationships.

I found it worked best when I threw myself into something different, wether that was uni work, trying to learn how to code etc.

It can take some time to get over the initial hump, but you start to find yourself with your friends more and such. Life just has to go on I suppose.

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Play video games?

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Listen to me and listen well.

One week from now you will feel like shit. Complete and utter shit. And then you will do something stupid. You will call/text/message her and plead for her to take you back and maybe even cry a little bit.


Every guy does this when a girl leaves him. At first you feel all big and mighty and all (EF THAT SLUT) but then it hits you when you least expect it.

Keep your dignity and walk away. If she comes back to you then so be it, but dont rush in man!

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SO CLOSE! It was a long time ago I was first poster of this image....

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This was obviously as bad of an idea as I thought it would be.

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Touch somebody else on the shoulder.

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Its only been a few days man, and you went out for six years. Give it time.

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This was obviously as bad of an idea as I thought it would be.

Well, the best advice I can personally give is to pack your shit up, move out, and do something whenever you feel like moping around. That's blunt, that's harsh, but that's pretty much what you need to do.

Oh, and find some emotional support. A forum isn't going to give you that, at least not in the same way that another human physically near you can. We're just going to do this to you:

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See? I don't even need to make it sexual. It's already is.

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@AlexanderSheen: This guy needs emotional support! nothing sexual about that!

Just because you have a dirty mind. : (

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@AlexanderSheen: This guy needs emotional support! nothing sexual about that!

Just because you have a dirty mind. : (

But "shoot me some advice"? (Looks like I went too far)

I would help if I could, but I didn't had a long relationship...

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Hehe I get it AlexanderSheen. "Long"

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watch the starcraft or lol MLG, everyone is lonely there.

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Hehe I get it AlexanderSheen. "Long"

No, that's not...

This is getting out of control. What have I done?

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Hehe I get it AlexanderSheen. "Long"

@AlexanderSheen: Look at what you've done!

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Get back with her. Problem solved. Bingo Bango, Wango Tango. Boom.

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@Kurtdyoung nothing but time will make it better. You will feel shit, you will feel down, but you must go through it to get to the other end. It might sound cliched, it might sound contrived, but it's the truth and it's the only way forward - good luck and thoughts brother...

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Pew pew, there you go, shot you some advice.

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The obligatory images have been posted, now I'm locking this thread. Why? Because relationship advice threads are attention seeking nonsense. You don't need girl advice from random strangers on the internet, and you especially don't need it from people on a videogame website. Take that shit elsewhere.

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Also, fake your own death.