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Giantbomb, I recently came into some Etizolam tablets for when my brain is bugging out from my Hypochondria, well it's happening now but there's only one problem: I'M NOW SCARED OF TAKING THE ETIZOLAM. Has anyone had any experience with this drug and how did it make you feel? Am I safe to take one pill?

It's apparently 10X as strong as Valium, so there's some perspective I guess. Thank you anyone that replies.

-- Jonathan.

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Does "came into" mean "prescribed by a licensed physician"?

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@jewunit said:

Does "came into" mean "prescribed by a licensed physician"?

he obviously inherited them

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This is way beyond the scope of what is appropriate or allowed on Giant Bomb.

If you took some medication that wasn't prescribed to you, I advise you to call 911 immediately. Otherwise, contact your physician for medical advice and not a forum on a website about video games.