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I have absolutely no idea :I

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How much do you think you have spent on buying videogames in your entire life? 
Those $60 new releases can certainly add up!

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Fuck, I have no idea.  All I can say is that I've spent more then the average gamer.

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@mylifeforAiur said:
" I have absolutely no idea :I "
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Too many options duder, should went with 4 simple ones.
I have no fucking clue, but I imagine it to be well above 4 digits by now.

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775 Million dollars.

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Too many options duder, should went with 4 simple ones.  I have no fucking clue, but I imagine it to be well above 4 digits by now. "
I trust GB can understand the numbers =P Plus 4 choices would make the poll horribly inaccurate since there are people who have spent only $1000, and others who have spent $20,000 or more. This is a hardcore gaming community so we need the proper representation.
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Oh I wasn't talking about not understanding numbers, I was talking about all serious gamers here taking a day off their schedule to think about all the games, merchandise, controllers, special editions, consoles and whatever they bought is gonna be one hell of an objective! :P
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@doublezeroduck: FUCK, I knew that money could have been spent better!
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Including rentals, purchases, consoles, etc...  I figure I'm within the $5001 - $6000 area.

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Probably D. $1500-$2000 
Although I prefer not to think about it :S

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@Castiel said:
" Probably D. $1500-$2000  Although I prefer not to think about it :S "
Haha well thats considerably less than many other people here. Although its a lot of money, I know many people who waste much more money on smoking or drinking or drugs or whores and other shit. I don't regret it! Videogames are pretty cool =P
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I actually went to to my game collection to count how much I spent :D 
I just noticed I voted wrong cause I was thinking in euro's -_- (so that means I spent about 650 dollars), sorry :p 
Reason I didn't spend much: 
- I wait for the price to drop till I buy most of my games 
- I buy 40% of my games secondhand  
- I buy 20% of my games online 
- Me and my boyfriend both game, so 100% of the fun, 50% of the costs :D 
- I won about 3 games 
- My bf gets to review games, so "free" games for us!

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With my own money I've bought at least three consoles (PS1, 2, and 3) and two PCs, which - based on when they were bought - comes to about 1200 pounds give or take. That's about $2000 ish. As for games... I guess maybe at most another $1000.

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Too much, and too much time as well, If you look at time in man hours....woah mama, to think of what I could have accomplished...

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You know people who spend money on whores?
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You know people who spend money on whores?
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I think I've made $15k just selling my old games.

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Dear god, 
I just kinda tried to make an estimate just by looking at my games on the shelf and I'm already above $15k. 

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I've probably spent two grand, just this generation. If we start looking back, I don't even want to think about it :(

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I've bought about 16666,66666666666666666666666667 games. At $60 a pop that's million bucks.

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It's easily above $15,000. That's including my entire life with games bought from my awesome parents and consoles+ PC games.

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I started 'gaming' when I was a little kid, must've been about 5 years old (i'm now 23) I got mum and dad to buy my games (Sega Master System, Gameboy, Game Gear, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive) i've been buying games myself ever since (I don't trade, I don't rent and I don't sell) ... I now have an XBox, XBox 360, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, SNES, N64, Gamecube, DS Lite and three PC's... lord knows what happened to my Master System, Game Gear, Gameboy and Mega Drive...
Sooooooooooo in the thousands I guess   (o_0)?

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Too much, man, too f***in much.

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Too much :/

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me personally, under $300. in my family, about $1500.

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I'm including the fact that I have made two complete computers over the last seven years which each ran about 1400 dollars.  So I put myself down between 5K and 6K cause realistically I only started purchasing my own games seven years ago before that my parents got em for me.

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If I just disregard the systems that I purchased (or received as gifts) and estimate, I'd say I'd be getting close to $10,000 spent on video games over the past 15 years or so (I think I started buying video games when I was 5, I'll just go with that.)  
If we add system purchases, then add at least another $4000 on top of that.

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I reckon I must be around the £2000 mark by now. Maybe more... it's hard to say.

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Impossible to answer. =|

I'll just say alot.

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Definitely less then 500 us dollars

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Not much considering a pretty much never pay full price for a game....I usually wait till they are bargain bin price.

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It depends if you include hardware or not.  I think I've spent far more on computers and consoles than the games themselves.

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Considering I've been purchasing video games since the late eighties, it's probably a high figure. I've owned just about every home game console prior to this generation. The only reason it's probably not one those top choices is the fact that, even in my youth, I've always been incredibly picky about which games I purchased. Even when I was young, I'd let high review scores in Electronic Gaming Monthly (Sushi-X!) dictate which games I'd purchase.

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I'm afraid to even think about it. Way too much in financial terms, but its been worth it

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Too much...

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Including hardware, rentals (which have lead to purchases), peripherals, digital downloads, numerous video game art books, the odd guide when younger etc...
Easily a cool £5000-£6000.
Fuck, I'm somewhat depressed now :(

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Wow... this is kind of depressing... I'll take a guess at $6,000 or so, but it could easily be more. I've had every nintendo system (except for the latest ds), ps, ps2, xbox, xbox360,psp...and roughly 20-30 games for each one that I can remember, rentals, arcade trips...yeah...probably a lot more than 6000...
Dang it, i could have been an investment self made millionaire...lol.

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I'm too afraid to think about it.

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Probably around $10k.

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I could not see an option for a billion. Oh well, above 15k then.

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I don't even know where to being estimating how much I have spent.

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Too too too too too tooo much to want to think about. Christ when I was a kid I sold a fucking truck to buy a ps2!

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I think just from consoles and console games alone I've spent over 10 grand.  I was being very conservative and picked O but when I think about money spent on new and upgrading PCs plus all digital and hard copy PC games then I'm sure I've spent closer to $20,000.

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@Rokkaku said:
" @Xeiphyer You know people who spend money on whores? "
Hahaha yeah. =/ I'm not good friends with them or anything obviously. Dirty dirty people!
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Well over $10K for software, with hardware included it's gotta be around $15K.

I don't regret a penny spent though.