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I just found out about this. E.T could be a Jedi. First of all in the Phantom Menace E.T race can be found in the background. Which was confirmed that they are in fact E.Ts. In the movie E.T, E.T recognizes star et toys the boy has in his room. Also during Halloween E.T saw a girl dress as yoda. He began to follow him and say home. Pretty odd right. He can also heal others and himself. Make things fly. (force.) what do you duders think about this?

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Just because they exist in the Star Wars universe doesn't mean they're Jedi. Essentially we are all in that universe just far far away in the future of it and I'm no Jedi.

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Its called a Cameo. And just because they are on the counsel does not mean they are Jedi. 

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Actually they are shaved Ewok.

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I saw this on reddit earlier.

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@TooWalrus: I really doubt that Dumbo the Flying Elephant was a member of The Masters of Evil.

...although...Disney does own Marvel now...

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pretty funny, i don't think they're jedis. i just think they are in the universe. kind of like hon solo not having the force.