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#1 Posted by Conzed92 (188 posts) -

I would find it indeed, very sad if I found out that I am a lone wolf in a forest inhabited by american deers. Also, until Google makes their half gigabit bandwidth available to the rest of the world, it is going to be a little difficult setting up games with fellow bombers, so how about having all you closet-europeans come out and declare which side of the pond you belong to!? I think it would be an amazing idea. Also, do not hesitate to throw in a PSN or Xbox Live gamertag! OR STEAM! Love Steam man, definitely have to throw down the Steamer! (Will make an update on the Xbox, have not gotten it yet)

Steam: Conzed

See you!

#2 Posted by mandude (2670 posts) -

Alone? There are a fuckload of Europeans on this site (or rather, non-Americans). I'd throw in some IDs, but I rarely play anything online.

I like your metaphor, though; as though we're out here, hunting the Americans...

#3 Posted by Funkydupe (3426 posts) -

Currently lobbying to get a European duder or duderette to join the staff that's able to do Streams and other features in a timezone more suitable for Europeans.

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#5 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

@funkydupe: That sounds pretty awesome. I can't do streaming myself but I wish you good luck with it!

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We are in great number, no need to feel alone Mr. @conzed92:

#7 Posted by Morningstar (2310 posts) -

I do declare I belong on the European side of the pond. Norway to be specific.

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Awesome guys, hope there will be more to join up soon. No one dropping any gamertag though? WHAT KIND OF WOLVES ARE YOU! Wolves drop gamertags all the time! ALL THE TIME!

#9 Posted by TheSquarePear (217 posts) -

I don't know about the rest of Europe (they all seem to have native speaking sites e.g. giga.de ) but Scandanavia is pretty well represented.

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<p>According to that site I forgot the name of, there's more non Americans than there are Americans, which is kinda crazy with this being a fairly small, unknown American website. And Ryan seems to hate foreigners...</p>

Also come join the pc gaming hub, were mostly euros already.

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I see Swedish people daily on this site so.. yeah. We're here. Hi.

#12 Posted by TobbRobb (4987 posts) -

I'm pretty sure there are more europeans than americans on here. :D

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Norwegian calling in, current location England, UK. B')

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Bunch of Swedes on here (I currently reside there myself) as far as I can tell. It would indeed me cool to have a EU duder on staff.

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I'm romanian and I know at least 3 other romanians here. There are a fuckload of Europeans around dude.

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@alexw00d: The PC game hub? On steam or what? :D

EDIT: I found it, I found it. Joined the Steam GB PC community. I am so ready for TF 2, some Far Cry 3 co-op, Shogun 2... OR Red Orchestra 2, totally up for that game too.

Also Company of Heroes, Left 4 Dead and COD: Black Ops 2 (Especially Zombies! LOVE ZOMBIES!)

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#18 Posted by Conzed92 (188 posts) -
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Judging by the names at least few Finnish people here...

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The representation of Scandinavians in this thread makes me shed a tear from pride.

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@azteck said:

The representation of Scandinavians in this thread makes me shed a tear from pride.

No surprise.. 'Cause Scandinavians are awesome...Period.

#22 Posted by AndyMc1888 (144 posts) -

Scotland here - AndyMc1888 gamertag as I dont have a PC capable of anything !

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Another Norwegian here, so there's that.

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Representing England.

#25 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

Norwegian here, and damn..There are a lot of us on this site.

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One Finn here to promote GB's Nordic Revolution. We are taking over!

Oh and it's Zaccheus- on PSN and just Zaccheus on Steam.

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@conzed92 said:

@funkydupe: What games do you play?

Oh man. Almost everything besides anime, fighting/wrestling games. I'm eyeing ArmA 3 and SimCity right now. Changing jobs soon so I wonder how that'll affect me with regards to gaming time and time to talk shop with you all.

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Pasty English bloke reporting for duty

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Hey-o another Finn here.

Steam: Lemon-lime

PSN: cclemon36

#30 Posted by Morka (185 posts) -

Norway, reporting in. Stavanger to be specific. Any other siddiser here?

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Majority GB userbase is outside NA. The more you know. Oh, and English.

#32 Posted by gkhan (532 posts) -

Fuck yeah, Nordic countries! Norwegians, Finns and Swedes (including me) unite!

#33 Posted by MSX2 (45 posts) -

Another Finn here as well. Let's do this!

I'm MSX2 on Steam or M5X2 on XBL.

#34 Posted by HeyImPhoenix (175 posts) -

I am from England! Xbox- HeyImPhoenix, steam- pheonixman, psn- joeyyyofgoli, feel free to add me :)

#35 Posted by Conzed92 (188 posts) -

@gkhan said:

Fuck yeah, Nordic countries! Norwegians, Finns and Swedes (including me) unite!


#36 Posted by Fattony12000 (7890 posts) -

Ich bin ein Englander.

#37 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (1901 posts) -

Germany here

#38 Posted by Conzed92 (188 posts) -

So I got back on XBL! My gamertag is: Conzed

Add me if you want to hook up and play som Gears 3!

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#40 Posted by AssInAss (3015 posts) -

I'm a Brit currently living in Czech Republic, hard to find multiplayer games sometimes for like Chivalry and most recently Banner Saga: Factions.

Steam: digi_matrix

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Austria. Without an L! Not Australia, Austria. We are to Germany what Canada is to the US (I guess?)

#42 Posted by Conzed92 (188 posts) -

@abendlaender: Except the US never did a total takeover of Canada... But yes.. You are. With more snow, awesome mountains and the most tasty meat I have ever consumed. Happy Austria!

#43 Posted by 49th (2979 posts) -

I am English, I cannot wait to move somewhere where the weather is not terrible though.

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I recall the staff claiming that Giant Bomb gets loads of traffic from Europe. We are Legion.

X-Box 360: MHum3s

Steam: MHum3s

#45 Posted by toschi2222 (47 posts) -

Also from Deutschland.

So yeah, we have giga.de here which I realy liked around ten years ago but the giantbomb style and humor resonated much better with me.

And livestreams at 1:00 a.m. are pretty much a no-go for me but at least everything is uploaded the morning after.

Also as a german I lost my shit at the Euro Truck quick look. Drew yelling random german words like "mehr Geld" or "hier klicken" was the best thing. Americans speaking German = Awesome.

#46 Posted by Funkydupe (3426 posts) -

@toschi2222: Is Giant Bomb well known in Germany? We get this idea that Germans prefer their own language for most things, but perhaps that has changed or at least is changing slightly?

#47 Posted by GS_Dan (1430 posts) -


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@funkydupe: Hard to say. We would prefer german sites because it's easier to understand them especially when your a kid and that's when most of us got into gaming, right? And there are informative german sites that do a good job of getting everything relevant to you in an entertaining way.

So maybe there is 'no need' to check sites from other countries? I honestly just stumbled over here and just liked the Quick Looks and the staff of GB that much that I stayed. My friends are not into video games and I have no idea how relevant Giant Bomb is in Germany. It's pretty damn relevant for me at least :)

#49 Posted by Levius (1288 posts) -

I'm from England, coming straight out of the Black Country (I wonder if anyone on here knows where that is) to be specific.

GT and PSN is MightyAnteater.

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@funkydupe said:

@toschi2222: Is Giant Bomb well known in Germany? We get this idea that Germans prefer their own language for most things, but perhaps that has changed or at least is changing slightly?

I don't think this is true. Most people I know (be it germans or austrians) actually prefer english sites and most people will even start yelling at you if you mention that you like to watch f.e. Game of Thrones in german and not in englisch.

Also: German voice acting....Usually pretty fucking horrible (that's why I only play games in english). And the translation is downright embarrassing sometimes. (Favourite example from the Simpsons:

Original: Lisa rules

German Translation: Lisa gibt die Regeln vor (which roughly translates back to: Lisa lays down the rules)

Sometimes it's downright wrong like translating diaphragm as "Zwerchfell" (the thing in your ear) which makes absolute zero sense and.....urgh...

Although I will say that it was kinda funny and slightly arousing to hear Ralph Wigum making out with John Mclane in Duke Nukem Forever. (Cause Duke was voiced by the german voice of Bruce Willis and the Twins were voiced by the girl who also does Ralph)