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So I just swapped the glass out my old iPad 2 and realized that I was super proud that I got it together and even did some trouble shooting to get it to work. I also looked at it and realized that it was kind of a dumb thing to be proud of.

So my question to you guys is, have you ever done something that others would consider trivial or mundane and been really proud of it?

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All the time. Is breathing consider an accomplishment?

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I went a week without masturbating once.

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Sure all the time. Yesterday I noticed that my mealworm breeding colony has finally produced hatchling mealworms. My contribution to this success? I put the beetles in a bin with some carrots and wheat bran. I changed out the carrots when moldy. I took the beetles out of the bin. I waited a few weeks. Oh also i made sure the whole thing stayed at room temperature by keeping it indoors. Huzzah! D:

I know it's not a big deal and it's probably more work to stop darkling beetles from breeding than it is to allow them to breed, but it's really nice to have a more or less free food source for my pet geckos. :)

Also, i had a phoenix down moment earlier this year when I realized the band The Beatles is an intentional misspelling. Like bass beat. Bass beat beetles. Seriously.

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@mikaelboogart: that actually sounds like a pretty complex ecosystem! That's really cool!

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It was properly hot this morning, bloody sweltering and it doesn't help that my room is always the hottest in the house anyway. So hot that even my dangerously thin and normally way too cold body was drenched in sweat. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment just getting out of bed.

Practically cheered when I managed to slip into some clothes after lying there for like an hour.

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@doltz said:

@mikaelboogart: that actually sounds like a pretty complex ecosystem! That's really cool!

Thanks man! :D

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I've been talking with this chick at my job, can't stop thinking about her. I give myself a rock lee thumbs up.

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Oh for sure!

When I was growing up my dad often let me hold and hand him tools but rarely actually try something myself. So when a small home repair (like a recently leaking shower head) comes up I take my time, look up the problem, and dive in to see if I can fix it.

Essentially learning something new or doing something new always makes me feel better. Slowly expanding my abilities and knowledge feels good.

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Yeah, it's called beating a video game!!

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Does learning how to use Linux count? Because I did/am doing that. Every time I solve a problem that involves using the terminal in some way, I feel like a world class hacker or some shit.

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Yes. I make plenty of dumb jokes and am proud when they get some reaction. It's basically the only time I ever don't feel worthless.

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Earlier this year I fixed a loose board in my back fence by hammering in a new nail instead of waiting for my dad to do it. I felt pretty great about it.

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I cleaned out the part of my bedside dresser that doesn't have a door on it the other day. Empty wrappers from pills I was taking for a while 2 years ago, receipts, loose change, old chewing gum (unchewed), pellets from a pellet gun I had when i was a kid(10 years ago,idk how), the cap off a foot spray, ear plugs, 3 broken lighters, a 4x4x4 Rubiks cube, ticket to a VIP area of some club i don't remember, a digital watch I haven't worn in 5 years, 2 permanent markers, a pocket knife, instructions for a 3x3x3 Rubiks cube, some other junk.

Note to self, tell this story at the next party I go to.

Other than that no, I've never been proud of anything ever.

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@babychoochoo: I have that exact same feeling using Linux. Same thing when I rooted an android phone in osx using android development bridge and terminal

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I'm ridiculously proud of my sense of balance, even though I don't typically do things that would make anyone fall over.

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A few years ago I shamed someone who cut in line (which was about eight people long) at a Suncoast Video and got them to go to the back. I had a big smile on my face for a few hours after doing that.

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I've never been proud of anything.

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I got excited when I reached 1000 wiki points.

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My apartment had been messy for a long time when I finally decided to do something about it this weekend. I got rid of all the mess and threw out a lot of crap I didn't need anymore. Dusted every shelf, vacuumed all the carpets and mopped the floors, walls and ceilings.

Now it feels kinda weird and empty but I'm proud of myself.

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I made a taco when I worked at McDonalds. It was good.

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I performed a bunch of similar repairs to my old laptop. I had to replace the screen after it got trodden on. Had to replace the keyboard after it got a little bit of water spilled on it, and I had to replace one of the hinges after my cat knocked it off the sofa. It felt good to know I wasn't being wasteful.

But now it feels like it was a little silly. I probably spent about £80-100 repairing the thing, only for it to break totally a few weeks ago.

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Does completing my bachelor's thesis count? Did that a few weeks ago, and I can't remember ever feeling proud of myself before that.

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Getting the hang of a more complicated game, mustering up the motivation to practice drawing a bit, and going outside are the first things that come to mind.

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As someone with Depression one of the first things I had to learn was how to take pride in accomplishments that other people would think of as mundane. Yay, I showered today. Yay, I didn't nap today. Yay, I went outside today. That sort of thing. Nothing special to most people, but when you're depressed, these are truly accomplishments.

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I totally genuinely cried at a piece of entertainment, felt weird to be proud of it, but hey, nice to know I'm not some bitter twisted wanker.

Also, almost every time I manage to create a new tool or feature at work (We're a visualisation company), I feel really proud of how well it works and how useful it'll be. Then people try and use it and it breaks within a minute, but for that brief moment, I could make anything.

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@svenzon said:

Does completing my bachelor's thesis count? Did that a few weeks ago, and I can't remember ever feeling proud of myself before that.

It said mundane achievement, not the hardest thing you've achieved in your life so far!

But congrats nonetheless!

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Hell, any sort of home working accomplishment brings me loads of stupid pride. Like fixing the sink and stuff.

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No, nothing is ever enough.

I went a week without masturbating once.

This is you, after that one week.

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I get that feeling when I work on my cars. Anything you build or fix yourself feels great.

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I feel really accomplished when I tried to make rice. Don't know why but it was enjoyable

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I'm just proud if I can get a good night's sleep.