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I do and everyone that works at them always treats me like a crazy person for being there alone. Lonely people need to eat too, damn it. Sometimes you want something nice, come on.

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I don't go to nice restaurants in general.

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Naw, I'd never go out to eat alone. But that's just me being frugal. If I'm going to be spending cash on a posh spot to eat at, I'm going to make sure somebody is there to see it because I'm an asshole.

That goes for normal-ass restaurants too. I'm not going to eat fatty shit and spend like a moron just to chill with me, myself and I. I'm content grilling chicken and defrosting veggies at home.

Since I'm on the subject, I'd have to say that not having an excuse to make a weekly trek to Outback is one of the worst things to come out of my break-up earlier this year.

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I never did before, but when I broke up with my then girlfriend I definitely felt super weird being at a restaurant by myself.

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Only once, I was actually out with a group of friends and they all wanted to go to a placed I loathed, so I said fuck that and went to the restaurant next door, I'm positive I had better food, but it wasn't worth it, felt really weird the whole time like I had been stood up.

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Yeah, I go to restaurants and eat by myself once in a while. It's strangely calming, at least for me. I usually take a book with me and read it while waiting for my food. Eating by yourself really isn't as bad as some people make it out to be.

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A regular restaurant hell yeah, a nice and expensive restaurant hell no.

I Don't want to spend extra money on some food that may or may not be good, besides I'm a cheap son of a bitch.

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If I were alone, I'd probably at least try it once to see what it's like.

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I ate alone at a Chipotle once and I felt like a hobo, so.

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I think it's okay as long as you eat at the bar. I do this at my parents' place and I make small talk with the bartender and pretend to look busy on my phone.

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A regular restaurant hell yeah, a nice and expensive restaurant hell no.

I Don't want to spend extra money on some food that may or may not be good, besides I'm a cheap son of a bitch.

Pretty much this.

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Haha no I dont go out and eat alone but fair play to you.

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That's usually more of a social thing. So yeah, that would be pretty weird by yourself. Especially somewhere nice.

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Yeah, definitely. I generally enjoy going to events or places usually visited en masse alone. There's something calming about watching a movie or eating a nice dinner without other people to contend with.

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I try to save me some money most of the time so when I'm alone I don't mind eating at the local fast food. When I'm with a girl however I tend to take her to more classy places.

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Specifically for sushi, I definitely will. Maybe pop in some earbuds or sit at the bar and watch the food get made.

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Do bars that have food count?

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This question is relevant to my life. I recently moved to a new area and my neighborhood has tons of great restaurants, but I haven't met people to try them with yet. I'm trying to work up the courage to just go by myself. Most of them aren't necessarily fancy places, but they are sit-down restaurants. I'm trying to convince myself that it won't be that weird.

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I only find myself dining alone if I am really craving the food but that's rare.

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I don't really go to restaurants at all. Unless you count sandwich shops and then I always get take out.

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Why not? Perhaps I would choose a restaurant with live music or where you can watch people passing by or something similar. So it doesn't get boring. If I suddenly broke up with my gf I would definitely still go to a restaurant once in a while. I just enjoy eating way too much to give it up :)

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Nope. I don't go to restaurants by myself. I have food at home.

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No, but that's partly because I don't have a lot of money to spend on restaurant meals.

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Nope. I rarely go out to eat even with other people, plus I know how to cook, I don't see anything wrong with it though. If you wanna do some shit by yourself, do some shit by yourself. Some people just roll like that. It's all good in my book.

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I was alone while travelling recently so I went to a few places. Nothing too fancy - I tried to stick to casual places like diners but anywhere with a bar is usually fine and there are probably a few other solo eaters, especially in the city. I don't mind it, you just need something to do.

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I've been to some cheap local restaurants by myself if that's the question. If you're talking about going to a sit down restaurant, then absolutely not.

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One thing you learn as you go through life is that if you order lean with a group of friends then they're going to order what the hell they want and then if you say "Oh, I just has the cheezburger, I needz pay leetle" then you are the bad guy for questioning the bill. That's why recently we went out to food and they got scampi and chips and I ordered Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter and side salad. What? Why you look at me like I'm skankpile? Yeah, take my revenge, sluts.

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There is nothing more depressing than seeing someone eat alone at a restaurant. That's why McDonald's, eating alone at home, crying and salty bet were invented.

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I don't go to nice restaurants in general.

Fuck restaurants. Why wait forever for food that you can easily make yourself?

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Sure, but they generally had outside decks and bars, and I only ordered sides instead of full dishes.

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@ccforua: it's fine for you, it's the people that work there that suck, they'll treat you like a sad friendless loser.

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Never actually.

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I don't go to nice restaurants in general.

As for regular restaurants, I generally don't like to go alone because it feels weird.

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Never, because I know I wouldn't be able to order as many things as I would with other people. Most nice restaurants disappoint me, anyway.

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I go with my daikimakura

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I've never seen a "nice restaurant" before.

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If I'm going to a restaurant alone, it's because I'm hungry. When I'm hungry I go get a burger or something and keep on doing whatever I was doing. No need to fancy it up when no one is there, and arguably no need when someone is there either.

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No i never did that.

I saw a movie by myself once, that was only because i was supposed to meet my friend at the theater and 5 minutes before the movie started they called me and said they couldn't make it. It was weird, but somehow nice.

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Only if I am on work traveling and it is expensed. If they give me a $30 allowance for food while working at some location then I have no qualms about getting a $30 meal.

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I have social anxiety even when eating with a group of people so alone would be out of the question.

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Nope, not alone. Sometimes it even feels strange to eat at a fast food place alone.

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I see people do that all the time. From McDonalds to breakfast cafes I see it. I want to do it, but I just would feel weird. I understand doing it while on break at work something, but it's odd to me.

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I don't go to nice restaurants with other people, never mind alone.

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I don't go anywhere by myself. Those times are video games time.

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Occasionally, if the food is good enough it doesn't really matter. I'm assuming you mean "nice restaurant" as in "good food, not ridiculously overpriced;" I don't go to yuppie restaurants in general.