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I think I went overboard with virtual interweb stalking today. I must hear other people tell me it's ok, lots of people do it. You're not crazy. Or maybe just share some of their internet related low points?

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A little context, please.

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If girls I went to high school with are going to put up bikini pics, god damnit, I'm going to look at them.

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You're only human. I mean, that won't hold up in court, but that doesn't make it any less true.

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How far was overboard? I've done my fair share of internet stalking, I think its quite common these days. I may be wrong though. I don't know if its okay or not, I've had friends who told me it was kinda creepy. I mainly do it just to know a bit more background on a person. And its usually a one time thing for a person.

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You're fine. If people are publicly posting stuff on the Internet for other people to see, without any real restrictions or capabilities to stop people, then you're doing nothing wrong. Besides, depending what's being posted, some stuff on the Internet and Facebook and whatnot is put there simply for ogling. You're good.

Unless you've put a webcam in some poor girl's room and are stalking her via a website that links to said webcam. Then just link that site on the beta, and you're in the clear.

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This is why I don't post personal things to the internet.

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Yeah, that's why I deleted my facebook.

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Just don't get caught

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You're the one calling it stalking. That inherently makes it weird.

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@Aegon: So, you used google maps to look at a friend's home? That's weird but not -super- stalkery.

If you downloaded all of the images your friend has posted on Facebook and then printed them out to go on your bedpost, -that- is super stalkery. Just um... stop where you're at and back up a bit.

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As long as you're not looking for potential weaknesses in their home security, you're not too weird.

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@Aegon: Google street view? Yeah, you took that past the crazy line.

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Why doesn't the Giant Bomb community use real profile pictures?

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@Video_Game_King said:

I don't have any words. The music is doing it all for me.

^ That's totally not me (no, really).

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Context is key.

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Yep. This seems appropriate.

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If it's about a girl just don't do it. Move on.

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Ehh yes? Google street view seems pretty stalkerish. Just going through said person profile is fine. But I would need more context.