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Which one do you prefer?

I prefer South Park, I just don't like Peter (he's just too irritating for my likeness).

Here is Family Guy episode "Former Life of Brian." I couldn't find any embedded code videos for South Park.


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South Park, hands down.

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Tough one. I'll go with Family Guy.

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I vote for South Park.

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Is 'neither' an option?

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South Park.

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South park, but it's a close call.

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That is hard. I would have to say... Family Guy.

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South Park

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I can't stand South Park. So... annoying...

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i hate south park. And if i'm not mistaken the creators of the the show (matt and trey) are both republicans and loyal bush supporters.

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Family Guy all the way.

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South Park.

Family guy is to tangential. Its like a show with ADD. 

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South park ftw

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Family Guy

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Family Guy.

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south park, but i love family guy

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JohnDeadly said:
"i hate south park. And if i'm not mistaken the creators of the the show (matt and trey) are both republicans and loyal bush supporters."
They are libertarian-leaning with no official party affiliation.
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That's hard because there going for different things.  South Park is racy but there out to actually show how stupid some stuff and people are.  Family Guy is almost just slap stic comedy.  I'd go with South Park just because when it is funny it's WAY funnier than Family Guy.

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South Park

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i like family guy better

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i dont know they're pretty equal in my book i really like both i guess it depends on certain episodes like i gotta admit a couple of the new family guy episode i dont really like

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ExoM7 said:
"Is 'neither' an option?
Just don't answer lol.

Family Guy.
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I love both but if I had to choose I'd go with Family Guy

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I like both, but if I was pressed...probably South Park.

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I gotta go with South Park here, especially if you include the movie.

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Family Guy. But I like both.

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Nobody beats Butters.

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South park, I hate family guy

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South Park!

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South Park. Family guy is a bunch of random joke used to flesh out a weak story.

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Family Guy, I don't really like South Park.

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Family Guy because it is so stupid and that is really the reason.

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Family guy is waaaay better, those stupid paper cutouts are so annoying.

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Robot Chicken

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Family guy just uses flash backs.

South park is actually funny.

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 i like both... But i have to say Family Guy

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South Park for sure, but I love Stewie in Family Guy.

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South Park all the way.

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Family Guy. More funny random pop culture references.

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south park . family guy is written by manatees

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South park. Whilst family guy has the occasional good joke, it's generally very juvenile and predictable.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed both TV shows over the years. However, my vote goes to South Park, since I find the dialouge a little more compelling, rather than going for laughs by acting a fool (although this is quite effective).

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Family Guy

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South Park FTW

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This is such a hard question..I like family Guy but I like south park...MAN ...I think i'd go family guy but I love both. Way to tear me apart :(

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South Park is funnier IMO.

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I like both.

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Definitely South Park. Family Guy just isn't as funny anymore.