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Welcome back to the Fantasy Football League! Thanks to a cool feature on the Premier League site, the Whiskey Media Sites league was kept in order to renew it when the time came.

If you were a part of the league last year you'll automatically be entered this year.
Season Begins Saturday August 13th! Don't miss out!

2011/2012 Season - Two leagues!

Classic Total Points League- Whiskey Media Sites

Teams are ranked based on their total points in the game. You can join or leave a league with Classic scoring at any point during the season.


Here's the code: 428301-118819 

New Head to-Head League - Whiskey Media Head

You play a match each gameweek against another team in the league. Once the fixtures have been generated the league is locked and teams will not be able to join or leave.

Here's the code: 428301-119165

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#2 Posted by MattyFTM (14349 posts) -

I don't know if I'll take part this year. I'm in the Sun Dream Team fantasy football with some people I know, and I don't think I can be bothered to take part in two fantasy football games.

#3 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -

@MattyFTM: No worries, good luck!

#4 Posted by MjHealy (1828 posts) -

Christ, I forgot I signed up for this last year. I swear, I swear, I will actually update my Fantasy Team this year.

#5 Posted by SpacePenguin (476 posts) -

Thanks for posting this I didnt know there was a Whiskey Media Sites league, I might get in on this.

#6 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -
@SpacePenguin: Good stuff, you've got a while yet to pick your team.
#7 Posted by Jimbo (9775 posts) -

Nice one. The last two years were fun.

I like Liverpool a lot this year... but not quite as much as Utd. If Utd sign Sneijder then they might as well not even bother with the league this year.

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In for the win.

#9 Edited by Duncs (43 posts) -

My company has kinda strongarmed me into playing in the company league, so may as well sign up for the GB League as well. Don't expect any depth of understanding from me, though. I know bugger all about footie.

#10 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -

@Jimbo said:

Nice one. The last two years were fun.

I like Liverpool a lot this year... but not quite as much as Utd. If Utd sign Sneijder then they might as well not even bother with the league this year.


@Ineedaname: @Duncs: Welcome!

10 days to go!

#11 Posted by countstex (44 posts) -

And joined :) Run a couple of leagues in our office so I'll be looking after my team anyway, nice to have a larger group to play along with also though :)

#12 Posted by KarlPilkington (2689 posts) -

Joined =)

#13 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -

@countstex: @Chabbs0: Welcome!

7 days to go

36 strong in the sites league, 10 in the head-to-head league, looking good!

#14 Edited by cap123 (2477 posts) -

I'm already in the classic one! I'm banking on suarez carrying on from where he left off.
edit: now in both :)

#15 Posted by Jimbo (9775 posts) -

Prem starts tomorrow MFers. Last chance to get your teams in without missing game weeks (which is laaame).

#16 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -

Heads up, the Head to Head league gets locked out tomorrow, if you miss out you can't join part way through the season. That's how head to head leagues work. Join now!

#17 Posted by SirSuperior (106 posts) -

So, do I have to be accepted into the normal league? Because I can't see myself there. Shame really, seeing as I would be number 1.

#18 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -

@SirSuperior said:

So, do I have to be accepted into the normal league? Because I can't see myself there. Shame really, seeing as I would be number 1.

If you joined after week 1's matches finished then you'll have to wait. It should have a section for people in waiting.

#19 Posted by Halberdierv2 (1868 posts) -

is there a normal Premier League thread for this season on GB, or can we post here?

#20 Posted by hojufixter (106 posts) -

Is it alright if I join in to the normal league now?

#21 Posted by SoftCoreDave (148 posts) -

Already in a few leagues in this so I'll throw my hat in. Got killed by Rooney and Dzeko's point the other week

#22 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -

Here are things are looking so far, if you haven't joined the Normal League, check the OP. The Head-to-Head League is closed once it's began.

Whiskey Normal League

1Wendy FCTom Chamberlain91306
2C'Mon You RedsErol Amedov94279
3Phong Shading ModelsChris Mintzias79270
4NasGerrardNas Junior71268
5Winning ElevenPatrick McMichael67258
611 Left FeetNick Henry72258
7WuddiansKarl Moon71257
8Millz_UnitedNero Millz64249
9YouventusLee Vinstows58245
10Carpet MunchersAndrew Seow71242
11Farmer's PloughsLiam Brown71241
12BalaamshockOliver Balaam70230
13ClownMenRobert Williams80229
14A.C. SaganDuncan Gray44228
15Mid-Table FCBrosef Stalin71228
16TackleberryCraig Evans48226
17MidtableMediocrityFCRobert Traynor59224
18LuchadeerAlex Lumley65218
19Separation SaturdayBen Lee59215
20Multiple ScoregasmsBabar Faridi66207
20The ArgonautsJason McCormac63207
22PANTS FCPhong Huynh65205
23NorwizardJamie A.38205
24Mighty Men in RedJoe Weldon62203
25Space PenguinsSam McArthur69203
26Jimbo FCJimbo Flamesium36200
27xxxJust_ch1ll1nxxxChris Hill59199
28Taniwha FCSimon Bratt59198
29FC RavenholmPete Smith53197
30SBFCSam Bridges51195
31the strike teamromesh ramkissoon58195
32Alan DePardieu FCDavid Douglas64194
33Awful UnitedJohn Hogan60191
33THA Fuckin BoyzCrohan O'Shea60191
33Los CheJames Stansfeld51191
36AdzKickers2011Adam Pearson44191
37Jimmy hill's goateeMark Craven62189
38Tonbridge WarriorsRichard Goodger52189
39|| Ball gespielt! ||Ang F67188
40Top Bro;schris harnan39188
41Michael Furlong's XIMartin Healy68187
42Knutski FCTony Knutson52186
43FC KyotoCraig G61184
44RedSwan FTNas Gerrard51184
45MadritistaEzo MunhErdene45183
46Get the Keg!Tom Fixter38182
47Elastic BiscuitsAaron Riddell39177
48Pomhub.comSam Sharp53171
49SmileygiantsSean Moore62170
50Fantastic FCSteffen Andre Longva47168
51Dean WindassJonathon Watson53167
52Flaccid VienettaChris Nash49166
53Psychedelic FrogsFred Wall44163
54Big Tackle Avec C.M.Colin Ryan44160
55MeatballsEdward Jung32158
56Useless UnitedSam Clark44148
57Jeb FCLiam Ward31145
58BuregdzinicaDado Bajramovic59138
59Jinx CitySteven Jones27134
60RealAthlone FClekan adams34121
61Rubber BiscuitsBen McMillan26118
62FC FussnagelstudioAnton Munter6363

Whiskey Head-to-Head League

2Farmer's Ploughs2001636
5Carpet Munchers2001296
6Cirit team2001256
7PANTS FC2001086
9|| Ball gespielt! ||1101204
1011 Left Feet1011523
12Long Ball Purists1011193
14FC Kyoto1011003
15Jimbo FC101943
17Mid-Table FC101913
17It's Grim Up Here.101913
20Michael Furlong's XI0021110
21FC Ravenholm0021040
23Top Bro;s002780
24Jinx City002720
25Rubber Biscuits002620
26Jeb FC002550
#23 Posted by heavyplay (295 posts) -

Yeah baby! PANTS FC - the last remaining 100% record in the head to head league :)

#24 Posted by weehughie (14 posts) -

I got into the league there a few weeks ago.

Up to second now, Wendy FC better watch out I'm coming for ya!

International break coming up so Augero could be fine again by the next gameweek. Just have to sit on the transfer until closer to the gameweek.

#25 Posted by heavyplay (295 posts) -

Yeah I've got 2 transfers saved up and am itching to use them, but it's best to wait until after the international break. The little shit has served me well over the years, but I think it's time to drop Ashley Cole.

#26 Posted by w00ties (186 posts) -

I haven't heard great things about Ashley Cole's performance lately; he has been rather lackluster this season for some reason. Though maybe I'm a bit biased after that poor tackle on Hernandez.

Can anyone explain to me why Johnny Evans was allowed back on the field after his red card against Manchester City?

#27 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

Everyone should go for Yakubu and Sessangong. They will be the breakout stars this season.

#28 Posted by Rudyftw (554 posts) -

Apart of me wishes I was into soccer, but another part reminds me of how boring it is to watch.

#29 Posted by CookieMonster (2416 posts) -

Carpet Munchers is a brilliant name for a team.

#30 Posted by heavyplay (295 posts) -

PANTS FC congratulates Carpet Munchers for taking out the head to head league with 2 games to spare.

#31 Posted by FLStyle (4594 posts) -
1Carpet Munchers25081,77675
2It's Grim Up Here.230101,68969
3PANTS FC230101,68469
4Long Ball Purists22291,85768
5Jimbo FC221101,79167
6|| Ball gespielt! ||212101,70165
8Rubber Biscuits181141,54255
9Farmer's Ploughs180151,64754
10Jeb FC170161,67951
14Cirit team160171,44748
15ACARNANIA FC151171,45546
16Mid-Table FC150181,48145
18FC Kyoto140191,52142
19FC Ravenholm140191,49842
21Top Bro;s121201,52137
2211 Left Feet120211,31536
24Jinx City110221,26433
25Michael Furlong's XI91231,35328