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Posted by rachelepithet (1391 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: Fast Food Multiple Choice Megapoll (294 votes)

McDonald's 27%
Burger King 24%
Dairy Queen 13%
Wendy's 31%
Taco Bell 27%
KFC 20%
Popeye's 12%
Church's 2%
Pizza Hut 19%
Dominoes 20%
Checkers/Rally's 7%
Carl's/Hardee's 12%
Sonic 9%
Jack in the Box 10%
Five Guys 31%
In N Out 19%
WhataBurger 8%
White Castle 7%
Sbarro 3%
Arby's 18%
China Wok 1%
Panda Express 10%
Kirkland/Cosco 5%
A&W 10%
Bojangles 1%
Subway 31%
Quiznos 11%
Mr Subb 2%
Dunkin Donuts 11%
Starbucks 11%
Chipotle 14%
Fat burger 4%
El pollo loco 4%
Jollibee 2%
Kenny Rogers 1%
7-11 4%
Mobile/Sunoco/Gulf/Hess/Texaco/etc. 1%
Krystal 2%
Moe's 3%
Long John Silver 3%
Tim Horton's 5%
Tastee Freeze 1%
Cold Stone 9%
Ben & Jerry's 7%
Roy Rogers 1%
Nathan's 2%
Panera 6%
Krispy Kreme 10%
Baskin Robbins 5%
Blimpie 2%
Orange Julius 5%
Chikfila 12%
Portillo's 7%
Del Taco 5%
Roscoe's c&w 1%
Denny's 9%
IHOP 10%
Howard Johnson's 1%
Great Steak 2%
Wetzels 2%
Aunt Annie's 6%
Wing Street 2%
Johnny Rockets 3%
Hot Dog on a stick 2%
Taco Johns 2%
Wawa 3%
Stewart's 1%
Pilot 1%
Juicy Burger 1%
Boston Market 3%
Other Burger/Hotdogs 11%
Other Fish/Chicken/BBQ/Steak 4%
Other Subs/Wraps/Deli/Greek 5%
Other Cafe/Donuts/Breakfast 2%
Other Pizza/Wyngs 11%
Other Froyo/Ice Cream/Smoothies 3%
Other Mexican/Latin 5%
Other Asian/Chinese 7%
Other Convenience Store/Gas 2%
Other Grocery Store/Supermarket 3%
Other Pretzel/Bakery 2%
Walmart 4%

Have at it GB. You know their PR/marketing teams will read this thread.

#1 Posted by Animasta (14699 posts) -

Carl's Jr because they have the only decent chicken tenders anymore

#2 Posted by bemusedchunk (694 posts) -

"People do funny stuff on tv. Like eat at Arby's!" - Marge Simpson

I voted for Arby's.

#3 Posted by rachelepithet (1391 posts) -

Wow Arby's off to an early lead. Never been to one. The one at my mall seems super shady and on the verge of losing their license to operate, though. Picked the ones I'd ALWAYS be in the mood for, with A&W, the place inside COSCO stores, and Carl's Jr being the most desirable. Even if I lived near all three I'd still eat there every day. Even that got damned breakfast burger.

#4 Posted by Redbullet685 (6046 posts) -

Portillo's. If you're from Chicago and don't pick Portillos, then you're doing it wrong.

#5 Posted by frankfartmouth (1018 posts) -

Popeye's, fool! Spicy chicken and mashed potatoes with cajun gravy. Fuck that shit. Only thing that stupid Little Nicky movie had right.

#6 Edited by churrific (482 posts) -

Lol no halal option?

#7 Posted by pyromagnestir (4324 posts) -

I feel oddly unqualified to answer this question.

#8 Posted by psylah (2177 posts) -

Wawa Subs

Five Guys Burgers (Wendy's if I must have a burger and FG isn't available)

Taco Bell if i am in a self-loathing mood

Krispy Kreme if I want a donut. Fuck that Dunkin Donut bullshit.

#9 Posted by psylah (2177 posts) -

Popeye's, fool! Spicy chicken and mashed potatoes with cajun gravy. Fuck that shit. Only thing that stupid Little Nicky movie had right.

Does Adam Sandler put blatant advertising in all of his movies? Happy Gilmore's Subway stuff is the other one that comes to mind.

#10 Edited by HerbieBug (4212 posts) -

I voted for Wendy's, Tim Horton's, and other asian. Tim Horton's is excellent if you just want quick coffee and a pastry snack that isn't loaded with fat and sugar (they have other things besides donuts). Their sandwiches are okay but it's not a place I would go to for a full meal. The university campus where I work has three great mom & pop asian food spots in the food court. There is a Vietnamese sub place, a kobe beef stir fry place, and a Korean bbq.

#11 Posted by SecondPersonShooter (618 posts) -

I have been ,and will always be a lover of Popeye's Chicken above all other things in life.

Number 7, five chicken strips, red beans and rice, a biscuit, and whatever drink that you can possibly want (although it should be Sprite)


#12 Posted by jillsandwich (762 posts) -

Wendy's? GB bros know their shit. But where's the Jimmy John's tho?

#13 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6229 posts) -

I miss Del Taco. My personal favorite is Hardee's or Sonic.

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#14 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4222 posts) -

Oh Jesus, this got me hungry.

  1. Singapore Noodles or
  2. Buffalo Wild

And a tall-boy of Sam Adams.:D

#15 Posted by wrecks (2267 posts) -

#16 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1250 posts) -


#17 Posted by TheHT (11378 posts) -

DQ, Popeyes, Subway, Pizza Hut, Pizza Pizza.

#18 Posted by BisonHero (6567 posts) -

How often do you see Tim Hortons in the United States, at this point? I know they've been expanding in the northeast US, but I don't have a good sense of how much.

I live in Canada, and my town of 125,000 has like ten separate Tim Hortons franchises.

#19 Edited by PenguinDust (12533 posts) -

I don't consider Denny's, IHOP or Howard Johnson's fast food. They're more in line with diners. Like Perkins', Cracker Barrel, Stuckey's, etc... these are casual dining restaurants and not really what I would classify as "fast food". In some IHOPs I been to, there is nothing "fast" about their service.

In the spirit of the question, I went with Checkers. They've got good fast food burgers for cheap.

#20 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4683 posts) -

How often do you see Tim Hortons in the United States, at this point? I know they've been expanding in the northeast US, but I don't have a good sense of how much.

I live in Canada, and my town of 125,000 has like ten separate Tim Hortons franchises.

I live in Canada too and you can't walk 5 feet without seeing a Tim hortens. Speaking of Canadian take out, where is the option for Mary Browns?

#21 Edited by ArmedBear (221 posts) -

Portillo's and Popeye's. Arteries are overrated.

#22 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3052 posts) -

Popeye's, fool! Spicy chicken and mashed potatoes with cajun gravy. Fuck that shit. Only thing that stupid Little Nicky movie had right.

Your Popeye's must be better than the one here. It went out of business after a few years because it was so fucking terrible.

#23 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6398 posts) -

I just had In N Out on Saturday and that was fantastic. God, what a great fast food place.

#24 Posted by ShockD (2403 posts) -

I haven't heard like 90% of the food chains on the list. I'll just roll with Subway.

#25 Edited by rachelepithet (1391 posts) -

@shockd: Travel more!

C'mon if Pizza Hut beats dominos we riot!

#26 Posted by Bobstar (312 posts) -

Subway cuz of this:

#27 Posted by Sergio (2131 posts) -

Whenever I visit my sister in Wisconsin, I try to get some Culver's. If I'm in northern Illinois, I try to get some Beefaroo. On the west coast, I go to Five Guys. In N Out is overrated, but I like their fries more than McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's, and Wendy's.

#28 Posted by Marz (5655 posts) -

I enjoy a Culver's butter burger moreso than any other fast food burger thus far.

#29 Posted by Stimpack (891 posts) -
#30 Edited by CaLe (3995 posts) -

I get honey crispy chilli chicken with fried rice from my local Chinese take-away. It does me good.

#31 Posted by rachelepithet (1391 posts) -

I'd consider things like Denny's fast food because they mostly sell junk food, you can order out, and spend less than $6 on a "meal". Where as, Applebee's 2 Go or TGI Fridays you could get a proper healthy dinner and nothing you can take out (besides drinks & deserts) is gonna cost less than proper restaurant price ($10-14)

#32 Posted by RollingZeppelin (1999 posts) -

I just checked all the one's I've been to.

#33 Posted by Hunter5024 (5708 posts) -

There are a lot of fast food places I've never been to. I would gladly eat at any of these places right now, cause i've been eating nothing but cheap sandwiches and cereal for days. However if I had to pick one, I would choose between Chick Fil A, Five Guys, or Panda Express. Also what's up with no Papa Johns? Way better than Dominos or Pizza Hut.

#34 Posted by Dot (163 posts) -

I'm so fucking hungry now.

#35 Posted by VoshiNova (1694 posts) -

@dot said:

I'm so fucking hungry now.

#36 Posted by NakAttack (1289 posts) -

No goodtimes? whatever.

#37 Posted by Grixxel (766 posts) -

This thread delivers. Good job, friend.

#38 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1556 posts) -

I really like Chipotle for fast but quality-ish burritos. For actual fast food, I love Taco Johns. I like how they don't put beans in every damn thing. Their meat is actually good and I love crowns/o'les. However you spell them. Dairy Queen chicken baskets with gravy is awesome and their burgers are good as well.

Wish I had a Rallys around here.

#39 Posted by rachelepithet (1391 posts) -

Never heard of good times, and I've never heard of a papa johns you could eat inside or take out from. I guess little ceasers could be on the list cause of that $5 takeout box.

#40 Posted by TheRealMoot (387 posts) -

KFC because F*ck you I want fried chicken.

#41 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

Oh man Roy Rogers. Is that still a place? Brings back memories of driving up and down the Garden State Parkway, Jersey Turnpike, and I-95. Always used to stop there.

Also I voted for WaWa and other grocery stores, that store being of course Wegmans. Whenever I head back up to Jersey three things I always make sure to get is sandwiches from WaWas and Wegmans and local pizza because I just can't get good pizza down here in Florida.

#42 Posted by Ben_H (3366 posts) -

I picked A&W (good A&W is hard to beat. Bad A&W is not too good though), Subway, Pizza Hut, Arbies, Costco and Dairy Queen. We actually just got a Five Guys and I have been meaning to give that a go. I might tomorrow when I am out running some errands. Apparently it is insanely busy at all times though.

#43 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

What's with all the Subway love? They're not that good.

#44 Edited by Andorski (5331 posts) -

Carne asada fries: Best fast food meal I ever had. In California I can only find mexican restaurants selling this dish south of Los Angeles.

#45 Posted by TyCobb (1972 posts) -

@bobstar said:

Subway cuz of this:

Jim Gaffigan - Subway (Terribly sorry, but it is on Ebaum's World. Could not find the segment on any other site.)

#46 Edited by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6229 posts) -

@andorski: I must have that in my belly NOW.

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#47 Posted by rentfn (1280 posts) -

Boston Market is fantastic.

#48 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

None of the above. Fast-food is shit and unhealthy.

#49 Edited by McGhee (6094 posts) -

Popeye's and Five Guys. Although, I don't know if I'd consider Five Guys fast food because there's no drive thru. Unless you have a Five Guys with a drive thru. In that case, I'm very envious.

Also, there's a place centered mostly in Tennessee called "Petro's" that makes the ultimate in poor people, chunk food, the "chili pie." Something I grew up eating at home (because we were poor as shit). It's basically frito chips, chili and cheddar cheese. I like it also with tomato, onions, black olives, jalepenos, and sour cream. It's heavenly.

#50 Posted by Hector (3365 posts) -

Ugh...now I want to go out and get some fast food.