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You're reading this and typing. ~ You're suddenly in the drive thru and the lady asks you what you want to order. Quick!, say your order in 10 seconds or less.

I was at the Burger King. I ordered a Texas Double Whopper, Extra Jalapenos, meal. Large Coke.

What'chu getting and where?

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I'll take a large #7 meal, Crispy, with a Coke. I'll also need 4 honey mustard sauces, and some salt packets, please.

Christ, I've still got my McDonalds order super-memorized. I haven't eaten there in over a year... good thing, too.

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Carl's Jr., (Hardee's for you Eastern US duders) #4, medium, Sprite. Love me a double western bacon cheeseburger.

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Double Baconator, Fries, and Sweet Tea from Wendy's. mmmmmm

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Most likely have a panic attack and die. I can never decide what I want to eat at restaurants. I don't really have "go to" things on a menu. Its all a matter of what I'm in the mood for which... takes me sometimes quite a few minutes to figure out as I mentally weigh out my options. I'm the worst when it comes to ordering food quickly like this.

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All of the Chick-Fil-A.

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I want yo number, gurl.

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Small Bacoanter meal, root beer no ice, and an extra baconater burger on the side.

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Yeah uh can I get a large fry, PLAIN McChicken, and a medium strawberry shake please no cherry.

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Two large fries and a Coke.

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Spicy chicken sandwich, chili, root beer from Wendy's.

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Shut up, I'm not going to order anything from you, I just saw a cop car approaching and had to pull off the road. Then walk off, because I don't drive a car.

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sausage breakfast sandwich on homestyle biscuit and medium coffee 1 cream no i don't want to get a donut to make it a combo and i swear to god if you put sugar in my coffee i will be very upset. :(

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I'd probably just be shrieking hysterically from the shock of suddenly being in some completely different place.

Then order a Big Mac or something, I guess.

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Give me all of your fucking McNuggets and a root beer.

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... pasta?

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Two Western Bacon Cheeseburgers and a chocolate milkshake, motherfucker.

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... pasta?

.. I didn't like your jib. ~ You land in the the Fazoli's drive thru, and you're not sure if this real or not, or if the God-car has God-Radio while you wait.

Order a Fanta and a cookie. You'll be fine.

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Double cheeseburger, plain. Same as always.

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Double cheeseburger, plain. Same as always.

Hell yeah plain. All the extra shit just distracts from the good stuff.

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2 large chilli's from Wendy's.

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Carl's Jr., (Hardee's for you Eastern US duders) #4, medium, Sprite. Love me a double western bacon cheeseburger.

Are you me?

But seriously, onion rings on a burger? Genius.