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The Twilight Zone, All in the Family, and Twin Peaks.

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Air Wolf

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Either Gilligans Island or The Brady Bunch. I remember watching those all the time as a child.

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Star Trek TNG

Sanford and son

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Get Smart and/or the A-Team.

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Twilight Zone and Monty Python's Flying Circus

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@hamst3r said:

The Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone, Dr. Who, and Monty Python are frontrunners.

Twilight Zone

@coafi said:

Twilight Zone and Lupin the 3rd.

Twilight Zone!

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A struggle for me, choosing between Mork and Mindy or Newhart.

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Lancelot Link. Who doesn't love primates in lipstick and on roller skates.

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Off the top of my head I would say I enjoyed I love Lucy the most although I could list a ton of shows I used to watch on Nick at night.

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<pedant mode: ON> 1) Looney Tunes and The Three Stooges are NOT TV shows. They are shorts that were created to run before and between movies (along with short subjects, newsreels and previews) back in the Pleistocene era before TV (as a large scale enterprise) existed (though cartoon shorts created to play in movie theaters hung on until the mid sixties). So those of you who picked them need to choose again. <pedant mode: OFF>

2) I'm old enough that the ONLY show I've seen listed so far that I could pick is I Love Lucy... While I appreciate the foundation setting it (and The Honeymooners) laid... it is not it for me...

Which brings us to:

Your Show of Shows

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or... The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

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I refuse to decide.

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The Prisoner.

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I Love Lucy is king.