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Posted by I_Stay_Puft (3830 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: Favorite 90's Disney Afternoon Show. (205 votes)

Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears 3%
DuckTales 17%
Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers 10%
TaleSpin 7%
Darkwing Duck 20%
Goof Troop 6%
Bonkers 1%
The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show 0%
Gargoyles 26%
Aladdin 5%
Timon & Pumbaa (TV series) 2%
Quack Pack 1%
The Mighty Ducks 2%

So if you were a kids of the 90's you probably remember the "Disney Afternoon" block on one of your local channels. Personally I was a big fan of Darkwing Duck but held a deep love for Mighty Ducks cartoon show. I use to draw continuity comics of the Mighty Ducks characters after the series was sadly cancelled. Sound off on what your favorite series was and what made it special to you.

#51 Posted by Mezmero (2080 posts) -

Lol. Duck Tales, Gummi Bears and Chip & Dale started in the 80s ya silly goose. If we're talking only 90s I'd give it to Darkwing Duck with Aladdin at a close second. Disney toons brought about the golden age of Jim Cummings and we're all better off for it.

#52 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (3830 posts) -

@mezmero: That's true for at least for DuckTales and Gummi Bears. What I meant to say was 90's disney afternoon block which included these older disney cartoon shows when it aired.

#53 Posted by Aegon (5852 posts) -

Too difficult to choose. Some of this was just fun and laughs, while other shows had darker, more emotional moments.

#54 Posted by ajamafalous (12167 posts) -

Shit, I can't choose between DuckTales and Gargoyles.

#55 Posted by csl316 (9526 posts) -

Gargoyles. That five episode mini-movie is still amazing. The rest of season 1 kinda dips, but 2 kicks ass.

#56 Posted by joshwent (2353 posts) -

@mikey87144 said:

That's tough. I picked Aladdin but I liked them all quite a bit.

Why are none of these on Netflix?

Good question considering they have a deal with disney in place. I wouldn't be surprised if we see most to all of them eventually.

Having done a tiny bit of work with film contracts, I'd imagine that it's probably stupid rights issues preventing these from being streamed. Most of these Disney shows were created to be syndicated, so the producer's contracts most likely afforded them a profit share for as long as a show was aired. Streaming through a service like Netflix could give some of those folks ground to sue for lost pay, as it's slightly similar to syndicating a tv show, and that's a headache that most likely outweighs the probably minuscule profit that Disney could stand to make.

Also, Disney plans all of their efforts around supporting IPs, and as most of these shows probably won't be "rebooted" any time soon, they're even less appealing to the company.

#57 Posted by Mezmero (2080 posts) -

@i_stay_puft: Fair enough. I'm pretty sure Rescue Rangers was also 80's even though Chip N Dale the characters are even older than that.

#58 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6012 posts) -

Gargoyles was the shit!

#59 Posted by Slag (4912 posts) -

WTF is Shnookums and Meat?

#60 Edited by PenguinDust (12642 posts) -

Darkwing Duck without a doubt. I started watching it before I got into Ducktales. I liked Gargoyles as well but felt the show lacked a proper resolution following Gargoyles The Goliath Chronicles.

Shnookums and Meat had one fun side show called "Pith Possum, Super Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow". It was a superhero show parodying the 60's Batman show, but it also reminded me of Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse, the New Adventures from the 80's.

I used to watch all the shows. By the way, I think in addition to Here's Bonkers being left off the list, so is Disney's 101 Dalmatians The Series. Not a great show, but they made 65 episodes so it wasn't a minor offering.