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As one could assume from my profile pic, I have to say hands down that Pink Floyd's The Wall is the best album EVER!
I saw Roger Waters perform The Wall last year. It was the greatest thing I've ever seen. And frankly, I don't even think it could be passed up by anything, ever.

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ever?  no idea.  too hard.

recently?  bastard - tyler the creator.  and crack the skye - mastodon.
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Takk by Sigur Ros.

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Worship and Tribute - Glassjaw
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Probably Megadeth's Rust in Peace.

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Does Rebecca Black have an album? I pick that one.

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Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider

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London Calling, Hospice, and Discovery.
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Probably either Radiohead's Kid A or The Strokes' Is This It.

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Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

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Pearl Jam- vs

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Dopes to Infinity - Monster Magnet

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The Beatles - Revolver


Dylan - Blonde on Blonde

Take your pick....I can't choose.

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Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes.

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tha carter iii

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Seven Swans or Mysterious Production of Eggs.

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Alice in Chains- Dirt

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Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
Sigur Ros - ()
Justice -  †
The Mars Volta - The Bedlam in Goliath

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All time?  Hmmm.  Tough.  ZZ Top's Eliminator, U2's Joshua Tree or Michael jackson's Thriller, probably.  More recently, Dropkick Murphys' "Blackout," The xx's "xx," and White Stripes... well, just about anything, but particularly "Get Behind Me, Satan" and "Icky Thump."

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Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
Protest The Hero - Kezia
Stone Temple Pilots - Shangri-La Dee-Da
4x4=12 - Deadmau5

Yes, I have 5 that compete, and all have different styles and genres, my music is quite a strange mix.
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@DetectiveSpecial said:

Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider

I love sparklehorse I wouldn't call that the best album ever but it's great. I was really sad when he killed himself.

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Only picking one going from my gut...


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Close second:Off the Wall

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@SumDeus said:
Probably either Radiohead's Kid A or The Strokes' Is This It.
I like you.

But my favorite is Room On Fire.
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It's a tie for me between Songs for the Deaf and 2112.

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Automatic For The People - R.E.M.

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Enter the Wu Tang

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I disagree that it's even close to being the best PF album, but to each his own I suppose.

My favorite album flip flops all the time. Currently it's Snowtorch by Phideaux, but overall it usually goes back to either Selling England by the Pound, by Genesis, or In a Glass House, by Gentle Giant
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Very serious tie between these two.

she - coloris 
 Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
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Way too many to name one.

 ¡Hey, Hey Pioneers! is a recent album I'm really liking.
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I listen to this album front to back almost every single day and I doubt that I will ever grow tired of it. I play guitar when I have the time and I would say that this album is the reason I picked it up in the first place. Easily my most influential album of all time.
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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:
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A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay

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Like A Virgin - Madonna

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@SMTDante89: Very nice, I would say Master of Puppets.
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The Wall

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@ashkanhoss29 said:
Yes, or The Beatles (White Album).
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MTV's Unplugged Presents: Nirvana

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The Beatles: Revolver

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 The Empyrean. This album rocks me to my core everytime I listen to it and it is one of the few albums that has reduced me to tears.
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I can't decide, but according to my most played in iTunes, it's Twin Shadow's "Forget."

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Yes, Pink Floyd - The Wall, undoubtedly

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Rage Against The Machine - Battle of Los Angeles

The Offspring - Americana

I just play those from beginning to end.
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@FancySoapsMan said:
love that album