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Everyone can dance, so I need not ask whether or not you can dance. There are many different types of dances and dancers out there and I would like to know your favorite. From legends like Michael Jackson, to not so legends like Soulja Boy, there's plenty out there to choose from. You want to know my personal favorite? THE URKEL!

While it would be easy to say that Jackson and the moonwalk or Elvis and his hips, my favorite goes to Steve Urkel and the Urkel Dance. It gives me a great excuse to pull up my pants and stick out my pelvis, and yes, indeed, it's better than Elvis. Best of all it requires little to no dancing effort and you can do it sober or not sober. Either way will give you the result that will please the ladies (or dudes). Some dances are made to show off, but then there are others that are made to have fun and give you some decent exorcise. The Urkel Dance falls in the latter category. So if you need to break the ice at your local dance event, pull up your pants (assuming you're wearing any) and give the Urkel Dance a try. Just don't piss piss off your enemy and take a drink from them, otherwise this will happen:

Anyways, enough of my ramblings, what's your favorite dance/dancer?

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This. It has swept the internet by surprise, and for some reason, has something addicting about it.


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@ManU_Fan10ne: Ah beat me to it.

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The Carlton. /endthread