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I'm in the mood for some new music, so I thought I'd ask the cultured duders here at GiantBombdotcom what your favorite electronic musicians are. Personally, I've really been enjoying these albums recently:

  • Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy
  • Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
  • Uppermost - Revolution
  • Lemaitre - Relatively 1, 2, and 3
  • Sound Remedy (tons of various remixes)
  • she - Electric Girl
  • Baths - Cerulean
  • Com Truise - In Decay
  • Du Tonc (no EPs or albums yet)
  • And much more!

Give me some new stuff to check out!

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Animal Collective. They aren't necessarily strictly electronic though. Albums vary vastly, but there is a lot of electronic in there.

Also you might want to check out Grimes.

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favorite electronic albums...

  • Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett
  • slagsmålsklubben - Boss for Leader
  • Justice - Cross

That's it I guess as far as straight electronic music goes.

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Mystery skulls have some quite good stuff. Though, I may just be brainwashed by a cool Phoenix-Wright-based fan video I saw.

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Madeon is EDM right? Love his stuff, he hasn't got any albums out (just a pretty great EP).

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Nice picks. I guess my favorite electronic musician will always be LCD Soundsystem, although his earlier stuff dips a bit more into dance and post-punk than electronics. Honestly, almost anything on DFA tends to be pretty good electronic dance stuff (Holy Ghost!, Woolfy).

Also check out:

Passion Pit
Hercules and Love Affair
The Books
Nicolas Jaar (Darkside)

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Besides most of the stuff already listed...

  • Ratatat - Classics (or any of their albums really)
  • Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
  • Sidhe - Shatter OST
  • Deadmau5 - For Lack of a Better Name
  • London Elektricity - Syncopated City
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Aphex Twin.

Boards of Canada


Shapeshifter (They play with regular instruments live though)

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Electronic music after 1985 can gut itself and die, thanks very much.

Let's take em back to ye old synth

Explorer - Enjaw J - http://youtu.be/-jOfRdjsDuA

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Electronic music after 1985 can gut itself and die, thanks very much.

Let's take em back to ye old synth

Explorer - Enjaw J - http://youtu.be/-jOfRdjsDuA

Because disco music was ever good?

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@mbr2 said:

@geraltitude said:

Electronic music after 1985 can gut itself and die, thanks very much.

Let's take em back to ye old synth

Explorer - Enjaw J - http://youtu.be/-jOfRdjsDuA

Because disco music was ever good?

Yeah, it was actually. Just not in America.

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There's a lot of great ones, but my current favorite has to be Dada Life.

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There's a few, but one that's been big for me recently is Boards of Canada, who are excellent. Very cool ambient type stuff.

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I say it every time there's a favorite music thread - Simon Green aka Bonobo. I love everything he has done.

Some others:

I'm also pretty fond of Lance Hayes' music in Forza Motorsport as well as Solar Field's Mirror's Edge OST.

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Boards of Canada, for sure. Start with Music Has the Right to Children.

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Burial. Clubroot, Zomby, Kavinsky, Phaeleh, The Toxic Avenger.

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Starship Amazing.

There's some free albums at the bottom if you wanna check those out.

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Electronic music after 1985 can gut itself and die, thanks very much.

Let's take em back to ye old synth

Explorer - Enjaw J - http://youtu.be/-jOfRdjsDuA

Checked it out, killer song.

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I am not really a fan of electronic music, but my wife has me hooke don Purity Ring, i saw them live a few months ago and they were Ah mazing.

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I don't listen to a lot of electronic at all, but I love Crystal Castles, HEALTH, and... huh, I guess I really don't listen to much electronic music. Throbbing Gristle has some electronic tracks, do those count?

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Some of my favorite electronic albums include:

  • The Knife - Silent Shout
  • Boards of Canada - Music has the Right to Children
  • Plug - drum 'n' bass for papa
  • Susumu Yokota - Sakura
  • Basement Jaxx - Rooty and Kish Kash
  • Portishead - Dummy and Portishead (the new one doesn't have the staying power the first two did)
  • 2 many DJs - As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2
  • Add n to (x) - Avante Hard
  • Ellen Allien - Berlinette
  • DJ Rupture - Special Gunpowder
  • Hot Chip - Warning
  • LCD Soundsystem - Self Titled
  • M.I.A. - Arular and Kala
  • M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts
  • Mylo - Destroy Rock and Roll
  • Erlend Oye - DJ Kicks
  • Shogun Kunitoki - Tasankokaiku
  • Supersilent - 6 (entirely improvised)
  • Vitalic - OK Cowboy
  • Disclosure - Settle

Special mention goes to Robyn, or at least the DJs she gets to do her tracks for her.

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Here's a few of my favourites:

  • Huoratron - Cryptocracy
  • Air - Moon Safari
  • Kebu - To Jupiter and Back
  • Royksopp - Junior
  • The Chemical Brothers - Surrender
  • Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity
  • Future Sound of London - Teachings from the Electric Brain
  • The Postal Service - Give Up
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Also because of the new GTAV trailer I decided to check out "The Chain Gang of 1974". The song in the trailer "Sleepwalking" is pretty good and so is their song "Hold On".

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So, up front? I don't know much of anything about electronic music. That said, I got pretty into VNV Nation and E Nomine for a while. Still really like VNV. Does Sleepthief count? 'Cause I really like Sleepthief, too. Also used to listen to a good deal of The Echoing Green and House of Wires when I was younger (and some Joy Electric), but I'm pretty sure most of those are more synthpop than full-on electronic. I have no idea what I'm talking about and I'm pretty sure it shows.

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Burial, iamiwhoami, Perturbator, Com Truise, Pantha Du Prince, Vitalic, Pilotpriest, Factory Floor, Tech Itch, Infested Mushroom, Autechre, Aphex Twin and Leftfield for some 90's genius music. All but the last three I found through digging through YouTube. Amazing place to find stuff

Special mention goes to Amon Tobin, he doesn't use electronically generated sound but still an important artist to listen to nonetheless for his skills alone. ISAM is probably something that best fits what you're after to some extent and his Two Fingers side project is worth checking out.

@pr1mus said:

I really love OutRun by Kavinsky this year. Probably my favorite album this year so far.


Otherwise anything from Juno Reactor. Their latest album is pretty great.

Holy shit, didn't think there were any Juno Reactor fans on this site. The latest is pretty awesome, been following for a long long time. AND the Kavinsky album is out? sweet.

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I've been listening to various types of Electronic Music since I was about 14, and I find it really difficult to say favourites, just because I have really loved artists in some kind of disparate types of Electronic music, but do tend to get hung up on certain styles. Would I say that Orbital are one of my favourites, even though I find it difficult to listen to that kind of mid-90s raver house nowadays? I'll make an effort to put down some people that I think will stay with me and have stayed with me I guess. Anyway, I'm going to post videos so I'm going to do posts for different genres so as to keep the posts manageable, I think!

I'll start with some stuff related to dubstep, and maybe a bit of Grime.

- Kode 9 has got to be up there. He always seems to stay at the forefront of what's exciting in electronic music. This track from his first album in 2006 (!!) sounds like it could have come out yesterday and still be forward thinking

- Mount Kimbie. I don't think you get the most out of these guys when you listen to them on record, although they are perfectly enjoyable. Especially on the most recent album (from which this song is taken) there songs seem to set up the hooks for a solid 4 minutes of noodling and then just stop. All I can say is it's worth seeing them live, where their songs are developed a bit more over time. I'll never forget seeing them at bestival - a small crowd of about 30 headnodders suddenly swelled to like, 300 people dancing their asses off; they know how to build a show!

- Burial. Yeah, I doubt I'll be the only guy saying Burial. But he is really damn good. Kickstarted my love affair with dubstep, and to be honest just spoke to me as someone who comes from a similar generation of music lovers, falling between the cracks of UK Garage. This is one of my favourite tracks, of the Hyperdub 5 album.

- Kryptic Minds. They're one of a bunch of acts that crossed over from Drum and Bass into Dubstep in around 2008/9. But a lot of those acts didn't really get it, to me. Chase and Status were fun, but they peeled it down to it's most aggressive, simplistic elements. Breakage went too far in the other direction and was just dull. Only Icicle really did what KM did, which was take that crystal clear production quality from DnB, and make it sound really special in the context of Dubstep, managing to take the sound back to the early days of 2003 when dubstep sounded like a damp cave, but also to a nasty, grimy future.

- Joker; reminding everyone that Dubstep shares DNA with Grime as much as with 2step garage and Dub reggae. I like Joker because his tunes go in hard without being super aggressive like a lot of the dubstep that killed it (in a negative way) in the last few years. His album wasn't all that, but over the 4 years before that he'd released some of the all time classics of the scene, like this track which remains one of my favourite tracks.

Wiley - I'll always like Wiley, even his most money-oriented, pop-dance nonsense has something to enjoy, for me. He's known as the godfather of Grime, and has done just about everything you can do with it. For me one of his best tracks is this one. It kind of references his track eskiboy from the earlier days of Grime. It sacrifices some of the hardness of that track for a bit more bounce though. The Royal T remix is proper good too.

Ugh, I'll leave that as is for now. Maybe a bit later I'll do one for like, UK Funky and 2step Garage or something. This isn't even half of my favourite guys in this genre, but I figured it's a pretty accurate representation of the sorts of sounds I like, and they are probably the most original/unique examples of them all.

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Seems like a pretty broad subject as almost all music nowadays have some electronic aspect. At the moment I really enjoy When saints go Machine and Crystal Castles.

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Went through the thread and I agree with a lot of suggestions. I'd just like to throw in The Field ("From Here We Go Sublime"), Lindstr0m ("Where You Go I Go Too"), and Disclosure ("Settle").

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@pr1mus: Juno Reactor played a forest gig out here last year and holy shit was that an euphoric experience.

As far as other electronic music is concerned I suspect that my love for the stuff developed with the early Chemical Brothers, Infected Mushroom, Röyksopp and Daft Punk stuff. With the rise of jungle and drum & bass music however I quickly gravitated in that direction. I'm a huge fan of a large part of the Hospital Records camp, especially London Elektricity, "Loggie" and Bop. And on top of that I always get excited for new stuff from folks like Calibre, Muffler, Noisia, Phace & Misanthrop etc.

Beyond my love of D&B and all sorts of other electronic artists there is of course the sweet seduction that is Shpongle, which I would probably put as my favorite artists in the world currently.

PS: I also stream semi-regular live drum & bass mixes through Mixlr and Mixcloud.

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Frank Zappa:

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I really got into Daft Punk's RAM album after ryan's passing.

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If only someone could take these recommendations and put them in a neat Spotify playlist so I have something to listen to as I conduct some hot spreadsheet business at work

KABLAM! Electric Soup

I don't know most of these artists so some song picks are a bit random (I might change it around in the future). And, sadly, not everything was available in my region. But I added a few of my own favorites to fill it out. I really like the list so far, kind of chill. Thanks for the tips.

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FKA Twigs is my jam at the moment. Her second EP is coming soon, and should be awesome.

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The Prodigy of course!

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@elwoodan said:

The Prodigy of course!

Yeah, it always feels cliche say but, The Prodigy. No matter how much my tastes shift and change The Prodigy always seems to do it for me.

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I love Souleye, too. This link is from one of my favorite games, VVVVVV. He has another CD as well that's not associated with any game and is really good.

I guess this more Chiptune, but I label it all as electronic, call it what you'd like. RAM by Daft Punk is another CD I've been enjoying lately.