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I figured if I'm going to start a thread just to get a quest, might as well try and spark some conversation, no?
My personal fave is Applebees, but Chipotle is amazing in it's own right.

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Applebees isn't fast food.

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umm the only answer is Mcd's

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Since when is applebee's fast food?

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@hedfone said:
" umm the only answer is Mcd's "
This... or Wendy's
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Five Guys, Jack in the Box, Chipotle.

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If we're talking about a chain?  Wendy's.
If not... I've got too many to list.

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Wendy's or Popeyes.

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For general fast food, Extreme Pita. For a burger joint, Wendy's. Although that may be because I can see it from my kitchen window.
There should be a poll in this thread.

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Anyone in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, not Grand Theft Auto) knows the answer is Burrito Boyz

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It's a tie between Burger King and Sheetz. And now I'm hungry.

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Wendy's, Arby's, Taco Bell (Some items are actually not that bad), Sonic, McDonalds/Burger King, Chipotle, I could go on...

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carl's jrs

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Taco Bell.

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Chick-fil-a all the way man!
You can't beat their chicken sandwich, wish they were open on Sundays though....

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W.W. Cousins is tops, don't know how widespread that place is though, followed by Taco Bell. 
Steak n' Shake is the my fav normal restaurant.

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You know what? My family has this bad habit of saying fast food to mean all restaurants. Sry about that :-P

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Chick Fil A or McDonalds. (Skyline over those 2 but that is kinda of a local. Well its a chain but each one is personally owned)

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Wendy's and Chipotle, end of story

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I have a drive through Chinese food place a couple of miles away. Ummm, I could go for some right now.

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Forgot to add Popeye's and Wingzone (INCREDIBLE Buffalo Wings)

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I've heard Chick Fil A is good but there isn't one nearby.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Portillo's. "
Is that the Chicago based hot dog place that IGN's Greg Miller named his wiener dog after?
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@EvilHaole said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" Portillo's. "
Is that the Chicago based hot dog place that IGN's Greg Miller named his wiener dog after? "
Considering I live in Illinois, I suppose so? I don't know. It's delicious and always busy at lunch or dinner. Lazy bums just sit in their cars in the drive-thru when you can walk in and get out in much less time.
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Either Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out or Panda Express (which totally counts).

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@VoshiNova: Maybe they are (no offense) catholics? I dunno? 
BTW, White Castle is where it goes down. 
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Mickey Dee's all the way!

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Chick Fil A, Popeye's, Wendy's, Arby's, Burger King, Long John Silver's, too many to pick from.

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Oh, forgot Steak N' Shake; better than all those others.

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Id have to say either burger king or subway man or quiznos.

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T-Bell & Wendys son
btw McDonalds is truly awful. You should be ashamed if you pick that.

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Between Wendy's and Arby's 

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well im not sure that five guys counts but that would be it 

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I really enjoy a spicy bondi burger from

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American McDonalds don't have good McChickens 
If I had to pick one for overall, McDonalds is probably the one that has many things I'd eat... 
But if it's over 1 sandwich BK has it. 
But fastfood is so fucking gross, you shouldn't eat it.

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Tim. Effing. Hortons. Tasty, cheap food that doesn't want to kill you.

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Carl's Jr or Taco Bell

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Portillo's. "
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i live in belgium and we don't have a lot of choices in fast food restaurants, but i don't really care cause i don't go to fast food restaurants anyway :D 
we always  go to a local frietkot :D where i always get a small pack of fries with andalouse on it, 3 frikandellen and a large meatball :D way better then that shitty mcdonalds stuff 

grtz Allen :p

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@canucks23 said:
" Since when is applebee's fast food? "
mine is a tie between hardies and chick-fil-a
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Five Guy's or Taco Bell. For me, it's a toss up.

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Just had Sonic's recently for the 1st time, but haven't had a bigger enough experience to properly judge them, so I would have to stay with my old time Favorites. 
Moes, Burger King, KFC and Taco Bell!!!
McD's is garbage there burgers have no taste at all, so bland I can't believe there so big.....  Take that you fucking Clown!!!