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My favorite anime intro of all time is Dragonball Z first intro "Rock the Dragon" whats your favorite intro from a anime series?
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Fullmetal Alchemist was pretty good.

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MattyFTM said:
"Fullmetal Alchemist was pretty good."
Which one? the first one or the last one?
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Ghost in the Shell Gig 1, awesome tune.

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Shippuuden, blue bird trailer.

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don like anime


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Cant forget the Cowboy Bebop opening `Tank` =p

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Probably the second Death Note opening.


Or the Lucky Star opening.

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SamChamploo said:
"My favorite anime intro of all time is Dragonball Z first intro "Rock the Dragon" whats your favorite intro from a anime series?
That one...
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The Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seya):

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definitly "Whats Up, People" in Death Note

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Rock the Dragon ties with the second Death Note opening for me.

As for endings, Bleach has the best. Consistently.

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One of the Kenshin and Gundam SEED intros, I forgot which though.

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They edited the intro song to Death Note. Here is the full version.


Mission(fuga) was also edited from the intro version to the TV version.

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Medabots! More power, more power...

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Oh you know you like it.
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Last Exile was on TechTV a long time ago.


Robotech also rocked my socks on Toonami


Serial Experiments Lain was much better than the robotech intro imo. Show is a bit messed up though.


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Wow, I completely forgot about Cardcaptors.

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Shit, the extended version of What's up People is, dare I say it, good!

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This isn't an intro but its one of my favorite scenes in area 88(OVA).


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berserk has a funny intro song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DmrJLmYWn4                                        also peacemaker kurogane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klEv4JAdf-o

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First Naruto Shippuden intro

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The Soul Eater intro is badass. I love the song. I haven't seen the anime yet though, but it looks interesting..


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Bleach original 2nd intro


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Vash_The_Stampede said:
"The Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seya):
I'll see to your Saint Seiya and raise you a Fist of the North Star ( Hokuto no Ken ):
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Cowboy Bebop's "Tank."
Or, Samurai Champloo's theme song.

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The original Pokemon one of course.

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I really like the first intro to the second Naruto series Naruto: Shippuden, Mnemosyne, Gantz, and Black Lagoon.




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Did I kill the topic? Oh well...

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I wanna be the very best...
That no one ever was...
To catch them is my real test

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stAtic said:
"Probably the second Death Note opening.


BAHAHAAHH!!!!!! My friend made a spoof of the second Death Note Opening.......if you've ever seen spongebob, the spoof replaces all the words with CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! from a funny spongebob episode


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They ALL suck. Stupid emo facial expressions with japanese lyrics paired with super mainstream pop music. If you disagree you're probably under 14 years of age or you have a poor social life.

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Ergo Proxy intro for me 

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The Gundam Wing Japanese intro is really awesome.

...as long as you don't know what the lyrics mean. Then its a tad...girly.

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Black Heaven