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My favorite pizza chain is local, so I can't count that. I'm left with Domino's, but saying "my favorite major pizza chain is Domino's" is probably a felony in many areas.

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I voted Domino's because it's the one I have gotten the fewest number of times, I had a really good bacon pizza from them though. I'm pretty apathetic towards the others at this point.

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I usually order from a local pizza place but if I had to choose one of those I would choose Domino's.

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@Grilledcheez said:

I voted Domino's because it's the one I have gotten the fewest number of times

I'm not following your logic.

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I voted Domino's; out of all the major chains, I feel they've tried to improve or modify their pizza the most.

I'm not saying it worked all that well, but points for trying, I guess.

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I like Little C's, cheap and quick, that's about all I want.

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There's a spot here called pizza 73 and it's good. It is a chain but in a more local sense.

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I don't think there's any big pizza chains in the city I live in now or my home city. Kåge Grillen is my favourite pizza restaurant. 

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pizza hut is definitely the best pizza in my area

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Donatos thick crust pepperoni is the best pizza for me, and it's not even close.

For the other ones on that list specifically though, Pizza Hut is the better of them.

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How is Domino's winning? Every person I know that I've ever talked about pizza with ranks Domino's as their least favorite pizza. 
Pizza Hut for me (nothing beats stuffed crust). Papa John's is a very close second. Domino's is garbage, and I haven't had Little Caesers in probably 12 years.

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I like Domino's the best, followed by Papa Johns.

Pizza Hut is disgusting and I've never had Little Caesars and probably never will.

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Papa John's is usually pretty good, although yesterday their chicken wings were slimy and barely cooked.

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When I lived up in Jersey I wouldn't even think of eating chain pizza but since I moved to Florida I must say Pizza Hut is better then any of the local offerings down here. Just sad. The stuff crust is pretty good. Also their bread sticks are kind of addicting.

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Out of those, I'd definitely say Pizza Hut. Never had Papa John's and Little Caesars and Domino's are not good.

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Hate all of the listed except for Papa John's.

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I'm all for Papa John's! Used to go Dominos but never went back ever since Papa John's moved in by my place.

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Pizza Hut has some of the best leftover pizza ever.

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As far as terrible pizza goes, I have been enjoying 4 Star Pizza. I'm not sure if they exist outside of Ireland, which is probably a good thing.

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little caesars because it's cheap and quick and decent.

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Dominos. Has more topping options like spinach. Just cause. And the crust is pretty damn good.

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I live in New Jersey, so I get all my pizza from greasy Italian guys--the way it should be.

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Other - Fox's Pizza Den.

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I enjoy Sbarro

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Went with Little Caesar's myself, not necessarily for the pizza (though I like it on occasion for the same reasons stated above) but I LOVE their Crazy Bread. I'd kill a man for them.

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Papa Muphy's for best pizza period. For best pizza that's already cooked when you get it, Woodstock's Pizza would take the cake then. Lil C's gets a little recognition just cause it's cheap (fun tidbit, it's a great "meal" for a commute).

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Papa John's is my perfered pizza joint, but I usually go with Pizza Hut due to it being close to home.

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Little Cesars.


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@Jrinswand said:

@Grilledcheez said:

I voted Domino's because it's the one I have gotten the fewest number of times

I'm not following your logic.

The last part that you cut out said I was apathetic towards the other chains from getting them so many times...which pretty much applies to all fast food. I'm sure if I had domino's as much as the others I wouldn't vote. :)

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Man, I can really dive into some Dominos if I'm in the mood.

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Hungry Howies!!!

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Pizza Hut and Papa John's are the only major pizza chains I can truly enjoy. Domino's is still garbage despite their best efforts and Little Caesar's is worse than Domino's somehow.

The good news is there are lots of awesome pizzerias in my area so fuck the big chains.

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Domino's, but I think that's solely because I worked at Pizza Hut for a couple of years in college and got a little burned out on their food. Domino's Dippin' Dots are probably responsible for a good 33% of the continent known as my belly.

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Domino's new pan pizza is pretty damn good.

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Pizza Hut is by far the best worst pizza.

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Out of those, Pizza Hut, but the only pizza I've had in a while is Little Caesar's 'cause they're cheap and so is my dad, who is the one buying these pizzas. Can't say that I blame him - I'd pick Little Caesar's too.

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Domino's is my favorite of all the big chains. I think their pizza quality is better the closer you live to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Just judging from personal experience.

For the life of me, I cannot understand what people enjoy about Pizza Hut. I know it's a very popular chain, but just about every pizza I've had there tastes like cardboard-flavored Bisquick with flavorless cheese and toppings, and their special pizzas like the stuffed crust are revolting to my stomach and taste buds.

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Pizza Hut, good restaurant with good Pizza.

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Australian here. Dominos is my preferred Pizza chain partly because it's the nearest to me and they haven't disappointed me in terms of flavour and overall satisfaction. Not really the kind of person to bother looking around for local pizza places or other chains as I haven't had a bad experience with Dominos.

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@ajamafalous said:

How is Domino's winning? Every person I know that I've ever talked about pizza with ranks Domino's as their least favorite pizza.

The old Domino's was easily the worst pizza you could buy. But a year or two ago they replaced all their recipes and they actually have decent pizza now.

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Jets (I think they're in a few states now), and Little Caesars comes in second. Don't remember the last time I had Dominoes or Papa Johns, and I didn't really like Pizza Hut.

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These are chains of sorts. Via Mia and Pizza My Dear. I do not do the others listed, so perhaps invalid for me to list. When I (we) were poor and broke you could not beat Little Caesars for value and I appreciated them, but it's been a long time. Domino's just once left me thinking wow what poor pizza! There is a Papa Johns nearby, never think of them, though again years ago we did. My image of Pizza Hut it's pretty not good/generic.

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Pizza Hut, but Godfather's, Abby's (local chain), and Dominos are also pretty good. I have no problem with Papa Murphy's either.

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Pizza Huts buffets were great! I like papa johns and dominos a lot too. Never had little cesars...although recently I have not had that much major chain pizza.

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Something is wrong (or maybe right) when I've only had Domino's in that list of choices. I'd rather have local pizza anyway.

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Pizza Hut's pretty alright. Domino's is less so. Haven't had the other two. When I have a say in the matter I choose local pizza places, though. The only times I ever have chain pizza is at parties or events when much pizza is necessary or delivery is required. I feel bad for anyone who has no better options than one of these chains.

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