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Poll: Favorite Morning Drink? (142 votes)

Coffee 42%
Tea 12%
Juice 14%
Dihydrogen monoxide 6%
Broth/soup 0%
Milk 6%
Chocolate milk 3%
Soy or milk substitute 0%
Beer 2%
Wine 1%
Spirits 3%
Other 11%

Just go curious and decided to keep avoiding my chemistry homework.

What is your favorite thing to drink in the morning? Are you a coffee connoisseur? Do you prefer calmness of tea? Or rather the sugar rush provided from juice? Maybe you like to keep it simple and all you need is some water. I know people who drink broths, but not as many as those who drink a cold one early on. Perhaps you crave some milk as soon as you open your eyes? Distinguished hard liquor enthusiast? Is there something I missed? What could it possibly be?

OH chocolate milk, how could I forget you.... there.

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Here's an image of my favorite thing to have in the morning.

this is a coffee with a lot of coffee beans around

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I make a chai latte in the morning.

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Coffee with sugar and flavored creamer is how I always start the day.

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Coffee, until breakfast, then V8 or tomato juice w/ breakfast. Juice/water afterwards until lunch. Finally, booze.

I might have a drinking problem.

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I'm a big fan of orange juice, kinda cliche but it tastes so fucking good!

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I need Gatorade/electrolytes when I wake up. I need liquid in my body. OMG how much water fits in there? Everyday.

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Fruit smoothies, something we call Biola (a kind of milk) and the European Pepsi Max specifically. The one in the US is broken somehow.

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Red Bull or Espresso

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Coffee. I make sure to wake up just a bit earlier, so I can sip down two cups of it in peace while I'm waking up. Also, my roommate and I had a habit of drinking rum and coke during summer mornings before proceeding to do nothing productive all day.

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One better not deprives me of my mug of hot strong black coffee in the morning, for I am torpid without it.

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I like when I get to have a protein shake for breakfast because I hate making breakfast. If I need to wake up then tea would be ideal but I am too lazy to make it so I usually have diet soda.

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Coffee on workdays, orange juice on the weekends.

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I make a shake with around 100 grams of oatmeal, 2 bananas and around 300 ml milk, sometimes I switch the milk with yogurt. Most mornings thats even my breakfast.

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Hong cho. Vinegar made from berries or pomegranate that you mix with water. You can drink it straight, but it's pretty strong and expensive. It's great hot or cold. Feels real good on my oft-wrecked-from-teaching throat.

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Bloody Mary.

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coffe, dark and bitter like my soul.

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I like the smell of regret in the morning. It smells like... sadness.

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it used to be a lovely mug of coffee accompanied with a cigarette or 2.

but then after 15 years i realized smoking is a total and utter complete waste of time money and health and has nothing redeeming about it what so ever and i stopped!

so now its just a lovely cup of coffee.

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I work the night shift, so I have a few beers when I get home in the morning. It was weird drinking beer at 7am at first, but I've gotten used to it.

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Two choices depending on the machines nearby. 1-taking powdered hot cocoa mix & use coffee instead of the plain hot water/milk it asks for. Or if at work I go to one machine for an expresso shot then go to another machine with the same 12oz cup to get 8 oz hot cocoa, instant mocha.

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I voted milk, but the first thing I had - food or drink - this morning was a can of Irn Bru. It's a move I'm now somewhat regretting, though I am onto my third can.

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I'm always so stressed in the morning, anything I eat or drink goes right through me. So I tend to hold off until lunch.

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I tend to just drink water (oh, excuse me, dihydrogen monoxide) or a flavored electrolyte beverage of some sort. I always feel so dehydrated when I wake up. Maybe it's because I live in Florida and I'm sweating just about every second of every day.

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On days I work I usually get a breakfast sandwich, hashbrown and an apple juice from Tim Hortons so I guess Apple juice would be my choice? On days I don't work I usually sleep past the morning.

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After I get back from the gym I might get some coffee to get my energy back up. I like my coffee sweet with cream milk to cool it down. Makes it taste good, fresh, and most of all clean. After that I'll drink a gallon of pure water. I'll look like a pregnant dolphin in the process, but I'll piss it all out eventually.

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Old Fashioned.

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Soda should be an option (I know I can click Other)

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Water and the occasional coffee

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I have a keurig machine in my kitchen so I usually fill up a travelers mug full of coffee as I check my email and stuff. When I'm on the go and am leaving the home I usually grab an empty water bottle and fill it up with some v8 mango/peach juice in the morning.

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I'm not ready to leave the house until I've had a glass of Orange Juice. I prefer it sweet rather than acidic, so Tropicana is generally my go-to brand unless there are deals for the other kinds.

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I usually have some relaxing chamomile and marshmallow root tea. Sometimes orange juice or a fruit smoothie when I fancy it.

Edit: I also drink a lot of water.

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I like coffee, but I've really been into mixing half OJ (with vitamin d and calcium) and half seltzer. It's goddamn tasty, and gives me a fairly decent kick. Juice+seltzer is a good replacement for soda.

Also, seltzer with a slice of lemon and a slice of lime is fucking incredible.

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I get these iced coffee/energy drinks called Java Monsters. Specifically the Kona Blend. Good stuff

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Either Milk or Coffee.

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Soda, usually.

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Kefir? Sort of a drinkable yogurt? Good for my stomach and such. Used to drink tea / coffee but my acid reflux caught up with me with age so tea's my night drink now (and I just don't drink coffee any more).

Sometimes I make some ginger root or, if I don't have any, chamomile tea if it's a slow morning.

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Coffee when I absolutely need it to live. Green tea every other day.