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#1 Posted by sonjoza (5 posts) -

As the title indicates what are your favorite podcasts other than Giant Bombcast.

My favorite podcast hands-down is Coast to Coast AM. Been listening to it for many years, though I'll skip it for months it's usually pretty interesting to tune in to or get some laughs from. Coast to Coast AM discuss paranormal, conspiracies, and other subjects such as nutrition, survival, astronomy and even pop culture from time to time. I get hints that Jeff and others might pay attention to Coast to Coast (all the inside conspiracy and reptilian talk), but it could just be coincidence.

What about you guys? Share your personal favorites and why you like to them. Feel free to discuss and share opinions of other podcasts.

#2 Posted by MaxxS (208 posts) -

Mega64 and My Brother, My Brother and Me are the only other podcasts that I listen to/watch. They're both pretty funny, you should check them out.

#3 Posted by Xolare (1308 posts) -

Rooster Teeth podcast ain't bad.

#4 Posted by Hunter5024 (6358 posts) -

I listen to the Bombcast, 8-4 Play, This American Life, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, and The Comic Vine Podcast. I have a lot of time for podcasting at work. Still wish I could find a good movie podcast but I kind of hate the opinion of every movie critic I've heard so far.

#5 Posted by Zuldim (298 posts) -

The only other podcasts I currently keep up on are This is Only a Test (and that I'm several weeks behind on), and Casually Hardcore from VtW Productions. I've been listening to that one for years, probably not for everyone, but it entertains me at least.

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I really like:

My Brother, My Brother, and Me because it is hilarious and, every once in a while, insightful. It's a comedy podcast disguised as an advice podcast, hosted by Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, wherein they answer user-submitted questions as well as take (and answer) user submitted Yahoo! Answers (i.e. the armpit of the internet) questions.

This is Only a Test because it's how I keep up on tech news. If you're at this site, you're probably familiar with it. But, for those unaware, it is a tech (and now science and other things) podcast hosted by Will Smith and Norman Chan of Jamie and Adam's Tested.com.

The Besties because it's another great video game podcast. Four guys from Polygon, Justin McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Chris Plante, and Russ Frushtick each bring one game a week to determine the best game of the week, for a year long "Game of the Year" discussion. They spent some time in the beginning changing up and figuring out the rules, but I think they've hit their stride.

99% Invisible is a fascinating podcast about design and architecture. Each episode is pretty short (at most about 15 minutes), but wonderfully produced and super interesting. They are currently working on the third season of the podcast (just raised a whole bunch of money on Kickstarter for it!), but that'll give you some time to catch up to the back catalog.

GameSpot Gameplay is GameSpot's weekly video game podcast. I think they're doing some interesting things with the format and I think has very recently found its stride as well. On the surface it's a "gameshow podcast" for "points", but it really ends up being a discussion of current (and past) events. They've also had some really great guests on the show. I think this one's gonna keep getting better in the next month or so, after they figure out which segments work well and which don't (but sometimes, even when they don't work, they can lead to interesting discussion).

Yay, podcasts!

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@Hunter5024: The only movie podcast I can get behind is Now Playing (http://nowplayingpodcast.com/). It features a rotating roster of hosts, who all analyse and discuss one movie per podcast. It's good because there is usually great discussion between scenes and the film itself, and they rarely all share the same opinion.

It works best if you've seen the films, of course, and unfortunately they never delve into movie news or anything. If you're looking more for casting news and such, you should look else where.

I listen to the Bombcast, RT Podcast, Now Playing and My Brother, My Brother and Me.

#8 Edited by handlas (2906 posts) -

Giantbomb every Tuesday.

Videogamer.com podcast. Every Wednesday.

Tested.com every Thursday.

(or not really because I listen to them the day after while working)

#9 Posted by ShaggE (7150 posts) -

MBMBAM, Besties, and Comedy Button (OH BOY!!!) are my go-tos right now.

Seriously, check out The Comedy Button, people who haven't. It's (literally) Gamespy Debriefings 2.0, with 38% more pizza whistles.

#10 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Tested and that Japanese one they have on here now. It's mostly just background noise for me while I drive to and from work. It's an hour drive each way so I need like 10 hours of podcasts a week to get through it.

#11 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1327 posts) -

Cagcast, Gamespot Gameplay, Radioradar, and 2 Chimps on a Davenport are the podcasts I listen too along with the bombcast. All are about games and even though content may be the same like news and stuff, I like listening to different opinions and love gaming opinions and stuff like that.

#12 Posted by Rave (403 posts) -

8-4 Play
Idle Thumbs is great

Sometimes Smodcast or Yogscast.

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I listened to a couple episodes of the Judge John Hodgeman podcast a couple days ago, and I decided that regular people should not be on podcasts. John Hodgeman is hilarious, but the guests are awful, and his 'bailiff' Jesse has the WORST fake kiss-ass laugh I've ever heard. "Ah ah ah aaahah ah, I can't speak because I'm so into this man's, my boss's, humor."
Regularly I listen to This is only a Test, The Untitled Adam Savage Project. And occasionally I'm able to suffer through an entire 8-4 Play, but I usually end up quitting half way through and doing something else. I should give My Brother, My Brother, and Me a shot.

#14 Posted by MightyDuck (1620 posts) -

Hmmm, besides the Bombcast? The CAGCast, GI Podcast, Sidescrollers, some ESPN Podcasts, and a few local radio podcasts.

#15 Edited by sonjoza (5 posts) -

Thanks you guys, haven't listened to any of these. Will be sure to try some. Any interesting or funny political podcasts/newcasts? I can only bring Adam Carolla and Bill Maher to mind. All non-video game podcast suggestions are more than welcome as well.

#16 Posted by SargeGulp (244 posts) -

This is only a test





Bill Burrs monday morning podcast

Rebel FM

Dan Carlins Hardcore History

Slate culture gabfest/ Hang up and listen

the moth podcast

On the media

#17 Posted by Peanut (964 posts) -

In terms of new stuff I mostly only listen to the Bombcast, 8-4, My Brother My Brother and Me and Retronauts when they come around. I also listen to a lot of old Retronauts podcasts, because they're pretty timeless and there's a ton of them. I listened to an episode or two of the Mindcrack podcast, but then I realized those guys are not only clueless and uninteresting outside of Minecraft, but they're also pretty egotistical assholes. 

#18 Posted by Hamst3r (4881 posts) -
#19 Posted by aurahack (2491 posts) -

The Comedy Button is the only podcast worth listening to outside of the Bombcast.

Oh, and 8-4 Play.

#20 Posted by CosmicBatman (322 posts) -

Nerdist is pretty good. I like Chris Hardwick.

#21 Posted by mloco (30 posts) -

Off the top of my head, I am currently listening to:

Bombcast: Duh.

Gamers With Jobs Conference Call: A podcast for more mature gamers discussing juggling things like a career, a family, and our favorite hobby.

The Geekbox Podcast: Ryan Scott's podcast from a comic book store about video games and geek culture in general.

The Comics Conspiracy Podcast: Ryan Higgins' podcast about comics from the guy that owns the comic book store where the geekbox is recorded.

Good Job Brain: A podcast about trivia quizzes and contests

Game/Life Podcast: Wired.com's video game podcast

Three Moves Ahead: A podcast about strategy games

Weekend Confirmed: Shacknews video game podcast (In case you hadn't noticed it yet, I really liked the 1UP.com podcasts, and follow many of the folks from those podcasts to their new venues.)

RebelFM: Anthony Gallegos, Arthur Gies, Matt Chandronay, and Tyler Barber talk about video games and other life issues for young men....

Player One Podcast: Another podcast by video game industry veterans with a good sense of humor and an interesting outlook.

Duck of Death: Funny podcast about video games, movies, tv, comic books, possums, etc.

Retronauts & Games Dammit: the remaining 1UP.com podcasts that started me listening to these things while I work, relax, read, or play video games.



#22 Posted by PillClinton (3352 posts) -

@tsiro said:

hosted by Will Smith and Norman Chan of Jamie and Adam's Tested.com.

Will Smith?! Like, the movie star?!

...yes, that joke is old and tired, deal with it.

For me, TIOAT as well, sometimes MBMBAM, Radiolab, and on occasion 8-4.

#23 Posted by TyCobb (2003 posts) -

Security Now with Steve Gibson. He's a pompous asshole at times, but still a great podcast.

#24 Edited by ABritishNerd (331 posts) -

Nobody Likes Onions It's a rather hilarious comedy show with different guests almost every episode. No two episodes are quite the same. A bit like the Bombcast in that regard.

#25 Posted by T0mF5 (937 posts) -

The Mega64 Podcast


This is Only a Test

The Cagcast

#26 Posted by Kear (112 posts) -

Comedy Bang Bang, and most of the other podcasts put out by Earwolf.

#27 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

Fat Man on Batman

Four Eyes and Beard


Hollywood Babble-On

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old


Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

The Tenderloins Podcast

This is Only a Test

This is Only a Test

This Year

We're Alive - A "Zombie" Story of Survival

#28 Posted by DarthOrange (4097 posts) -

My favorite podcast of all is Keepin It Reel. Yes, I love it more then the Giant Bombcast. My second favorite used to be Behind the Screened Door but we all know how that turned out :(. I actually prefer film to video games but damn do I still love me some video games.

#29 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

Most of the really good podcasts that I listen to don't update regularly. The only one that does is 99% invisible. The ones that don't are:

  • Too Much Information with Benjamen Walker
  • Irrational Podcasts
  • A Life Well Wasted
  • Love + Radio
#30 Posted by wewantsthering (1652 posts) -
#31 Posted by robdburrows (42 posts) -

I listen to Retronauts every once in a while, still not over the 1upocalyse that ended in me becoming a Duder.

#32 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

All three of Justin McElroys podcasts are great. MBMBaM, Besties and Satellite Dish are the best non-Bombcast podcasts.

#33 Posted by Toxin066 (3382 posts) -

Marek vs Wyshynski. It's the ONLY hockey podcast.

#34 Posted by OppressiveStink (366 posts) -

Comedy button is the best non-bombcast. If you don't think this, you're stuck in Great America.

#35 Posted by Keavy_Rain (135 posts) -

There are two that I love almost as much as The Bombcast:

Bad Movie Fiends podcast: Four friends get together each week, watch a bad movie, and rate said bad movie 1-5 Jox, as in the greatest bad move Robot Jox or 1-5 bags, in honor of the worst bad movie, Twilight.

Are You Serious? podcast: Two middle-aged Athiests discuss news, religion, and their families.

#36 Posted by cp3rockon (30 posts) -

Mike and Tom eat snacks or MATES. Listen from the beginning. Thank me later.

#37 Edited by Soapy86 (2674 posts) -

Current non-Bombcast podcasts I listen to (* denotes podcasts that I don't listen to regularly)

  • Breaking Bad Insider
  • Breaking Good
  • Film Junk
  • Kojima Productions Report
  • Laser Time*
  • Mad Men Happy Hour
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me*
  • Mysterious Universe
  • Smodcast*
  • Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  • Top Score with Emily Reese
  • VGMpire*
  • Weekend Confirmed*
  • 8-4 Play*
#38 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2067 posts) -

This Is Only A Test.

But my super favorite podcast ever is off the air -- or should I say -- off the rails.

I miss the Nintendownload X-Press!

#39 Posted by Intro (1247 posts) -

Can't choose from The Adam Carolla Podcast or MBMBAM.

#40 Posted by Bane122 (874 posts) -

I only listen to two other podcasts, This is Only a Test and Weekend Confirmed. I've missed Garry on Tested but figure at some point he will probably have to mostly stop doing it as things really seem to be picking up for him. Same for Jeff Canatta on WC.

Despite being a comic reader, I don't really listen to any comic podcasts... weird.

#41 Posted by Slay3r1583 (675 posts) -
#43 Posted by bagrm (54 posts) -

@cp3rockon said:

Mike and Tom eat snacks or MATES. Listen from the beginning. Thank me later.

Good to see another matey on GB. MATES can always use more viewers (although they aren't really viewers).

Along with MATES I listen to:

  • WTF with Marc Maron
  • Doug Loves Movies
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Champs Yo
  • This is Only a Test
  • Tech News Today on TWiT
#44 Posted by Sergio (2545 posts) -

I listen to a lot of audiobooks when I walk, so I try to limit the number of podcasts I listen to.


Giant Bombcast

The Sword and Laser Podcast

8-4 Play

I had been listening to the Bestiies, but Russ Frushtick's voices became progressively annoying and unfunny. I tried fast-forwarding whenever he talked, but it got to the point of losing 1/3 of the podcast, and became counter-productive.

#45 Posted by RecSpec (4611 posts) -

This Is Only a Test 
Breaking Bad Insider 

#46 Posted by Milkman (17893 posts) -

My four podcasts that I listen to weekly are

  • The Giant Bombcast
  • Comedy Bang Bang
  • Art of Wrestling
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me
#47 Posted by overjoyedpants (77 posts) -

doug loves movies

fatman on batman


hollywood babble on

tell em steve-dave


rebel fm

comedy button


good job brain

remember when

rooster teeth

internet box

irrational podcast

i work in a machine shop and have about 7 hours a day i can listen to podcasts, thats why i listen to so many.

#48 Posted by sir_gunblade (159 posts) -

Besides the Bombcast, I listen to http://www.rpgmp3.com for recordings of tabletop roleplaying sessions. The Penny Arcade D&D sessions are hilarious as well.

#49 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1516 posts) -

The Comedy Button or Mysterious Universe for my favorite podcasts period, Comedy Button for laughs and MU for cool paranormal stories

I recently started to listening to "The Bugle", a comedy news show featuring John Oliver (of Daily Show fame) and his friend and ever episode i listened to has been really good.

#50 Posted by Dixavd (1479 posts) -

Gamespot Gameplay: Interesting topics. Lighthearted fun. Relatively short and concise. Great guests including Jeff (On the Spec Ops Spoilercast) and Brad as well as even including a reviewer from IGN on one as well. It is one of the things that GS is doing to actually start to like them as a site and listening to their opinions on things can be fascinating (especially when they bring up views on past and present gaming questions and put their own opinion on it), it makes the site and its reviewers/editors seem much more human like the Bombcast does with the Giantbomb crew.

TGS Podcast: Very much akin to the Bombcast where they get sidetracked easily but do focus on games to some degree (depending on who is taking the hosting position, it is usually TB who has been getting wuite good at keeping it under control, but when he is away then it isn't uncommon for an hour to go by without them talking about games). It is a podcast based aroud the "The Game Station" group on Youtube who let other Youtubers (usually videogame-related) join, and so this Podcast is used to every week include a different special guest from their collaboratory group to chowcase. Due to them including people from around the world, it is a Skype podcast - I feel there is quite a bit of chemistry there though (with Jesse, TB and Dodger - the main three - being very good friends in real life) and it is originally recorded live on a streaming site (I think it is Twitch.tv) before being uploaded as a Video Podcast to Youtube and an sudio one to iTunes. For me, this one depends solely on who their special guest is (As it is quite the opinionated show) but I find that it can be much more enjoyable when it works than other ones (However it is probably more enjoyable if you like their videos and you know the creators beforehand). I haven't been keeping especially up to date with them as they can end up being quite long but I do enjoy them once in a while.