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I jammed though half a bag of Cape Cod BBQ chips, had a mental thought.

"I could eat these for the rest of my life"

You're home from a long day at work, you crack out a bowl, and rip open a bag of ____________?

Just curious, that is all.

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That potato chip with the Virgin Mary on it. Sacrilicious.

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Salt & Vinegar

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@BisonHero: I wonder if eating it sends you to hell >.>

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@Icicle7x3 said:

Salt & Vinegar

This is the only correct answer.

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Salt and vinegar crinkle cut chips, usually the Smiths chips brand.

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Damn, this is a tough one. I've really been on a Hint of Lime Tostitos binge, so I'll go with that.

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Pringles, sour cream & onion with a touch of chili.

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Prawn Cocktail or Worcester Sauce.

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Sour cream & Onion. Although I had Cheeseburger flavoured Doritos and those blew my mind.

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Hot & Spicy Pringles are pretty great.

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Tostitos Dipping Strips.

Stacey's Pita Chips.

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Salt and Vinegar for life!

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A bag of these:

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Vault and sinager.

EDIT: I wish I could go buy some right now but it's 1 AM and the store closed at 11. Thanks a lot, Giant Bomb!

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Sour cream and onion. I don't particularly like potato chips though and only eat them a few times a year, usually when I don't have another choice or randomly get a craving. If we're talking go to favorite chip it'd have to be salsa verde Doritos eaten with some cream cheese.

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@mlarrabee said:

Vault and sinager.

@Hector said:

Salt and Vinegar for life!

@Cold_Wolven said:

Salt and vinegar crinkle cut chips, usually the Smiths chips brand.

@Demoskinos said:

@Icicle7x3 said:

Salt & Vinegar

This is the only correct answer.

All these years, I thought Salt & Vinegar was the most hated chip flavor. Everyone I offer it to is repulsed by it, i'm so proud of the GB community :')


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They just released a study that says if you eat potato chips you will die within the next year due to obesity.

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Salt and Vinegar, because I don't want my lips to exist.

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These mother fuckers right here:

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I thought salt & vingar was just an Australian thing.

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Just regular, run of the mill potato chips, the regional brand wherever I happen to be. Though I always buy a bags of flavored chips if the word *New* appears in the corner, it's like my birthday when I see a new flavor of chips on the shelf.

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Dill Pickle Lays are where it's at.

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This thread lacks some sour cream and onion. Problem solved!

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@JaredA: Miss Vickie's is a good call but I personally prefer the blue bag, sweet chili & sour cream.

Damn you all, now I'm gonna be craving these until I get some.

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@Franstone said:

Tostitos Dipping Strips.

Stacey's Pita Chips.

They don't have either of those here so I don't know for sure but neither of those sound like potato based chips.

When I walk into a corner store and grab a bag of chips it'll either be Sour Creme & Onion, All Dressed or Ketchup depending on my craving. I'd ay it's probably Sour Creme & Onion 45% of the time though.

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@AllIsHeresy said:

Prawn Cocktail or Worcester Sauce.

Those exist? Amazing!

Ketchup chips are pretty good but my favorite is salt and vinegar.

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Prawn cocktail pringles all the way.

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I could really go for some lays BBQ, I haven't seen then in like 10 years

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I'm not gonna lie, reading this is making me go for a bowl of S&V; lays.

Where's the kettle cook love?

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Wheat Crunchies.