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Thought I would try and lighten the mood

What is everyone's favorite Ramen flavor

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Cajun chicken although I haven't had it in years.

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@tread311 said:

Cajun chicken although I haven't had it in years.

So fuckin' good. I think they also had a Jalapeno styled one at one point. That was pretty good.

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I don't eat (instant) ramen now that I'm out of college, but when I did, the spicy beef flavor was my favorite, with extra hot sauce added in.

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You guys know that you can make ramen even better by making your own peanut sauce and throwing that in, right? Or, any kind of sauce, really. I just like the peanut sauce.

Peanut Butter

Chili Oil

Soy Sauce

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I like to add siracha to them

I can't say i've ever had peanut sauce

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Whatever flavor really. I really want to try authentic Japanese ramen freshly made though.

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Well if you're talking about instant ramen, I tried these out the other day.

Fucking love them. :D

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I take the chicken flavored and add a drop of insanity sauce, its great.

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I've been really digging on the spicy shrimp bowl lately. I can afford real food, but goddamnit I love ramen.

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@dot: You're a liar! There's no way these can exist and I haven't eaten one!

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chicken flavor...

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Sanwa Beef flavour. Especially the ones in the instant pots.

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I like a nice beef.

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chicken, make that throw some left over chicken and vegs good meal.

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I liked Nissan Pork, but I don't think they make it anymore, since I don't see it sold around my place of living anymore. besides that, beef.

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I like a nice beef.


WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?! Unless we're talking the not cup-a-noodle and talking regular ramen. In which case... WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?! Beef is all right, only to break up the monotony of a long stretch of chicken.

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I like the beef flavor, but I stopped eating ramen too much sodium in them.

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I like the beef flavor, but I stopped eating ramen too much sodium in them.

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This stuff is spicy as hell but delicious, it can be a bit hard to find though. I haven't eaten it in ages.

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Chicken for sure, throw in an egg for good measure and you're set.

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If some of you guys are badass enough, then you'll should eat ramon like kali..

Now I did have a friend who cooked ramon like this before. So I wasn't to surprise at the way kali was making ramon in this vid, but when he added tuna that caught me off alittle

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I don't know if this is even the same thing but i live in the UK, the most popular cup brand is Pot Noodle and i like the basic chicken and mushroom flavour, but if possible Super Noodles chicken flavour is what i'll go for.
Thank you for this topic by the way.

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The spicier the better.

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I feel like I should abuse my moderator powers here and change everyone's answer to "beef," since that is very clearly the only correct answer to this question. Silly geese!

Anyways, I like a little bit of soy sauce in mine. I keep meaning to try it with a bit of teriyaki or hot sauce.

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More of a yakisoba guy myself.

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Either roast chicken or creamy chicken.

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Prawn, but it's basically disappearing from the budget 11p a packet brands so I get chicken. Then I do "Noodle Dress Up Party" with it which means adding some chopped meat, onions and mushrooms to it. I'll wack in a load of chilli sauce if it's for me but my girlfriend just takes the dressup as it is. She finds "Noodle Dress Up Party" funny.

Oddly asking me what my favourite noodles were was a bit of a joke with my friends for a while because I'd list out all the flavours in a stupid voice and make up nonsense about how they affected your mood. That's made me a bit nostalgic and sad. Can't say that's happened to me recently... cough.

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Spicy chicken. Unfortunately, it seems that nobody carries it around here anymore... that stuff was incredible.

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This is ramen.

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Always been a fan of the "Oriental" flavor. There's no funky fake meat chunks in it, which is a huge plus.

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Spicy Beef.

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Beef and Kimchi are my favs. Although the Nong Shim Kimchi consistently gives me horrible mudbutt, so maybe I should stop eating it.

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I've always been a beef kind of guy. I kind of want some now to be honest.

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Can't beat Chicken man. Eating some right now in fact.

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From my local place in Tokyo pretty good stuff.

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This stuff is spicy as hell but delicious, it can be a bit hard to find though. I haven't eaten it in ages.

That's what I was going to mention