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The Wire. Seasons 1 and 4 especially.

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@DarthOrange: You are correct, good sir.

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Greatest American Hero.

#54 Posted by shenstra (167 posts) -

But really:

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@shenstra: Yeah, Cheers is pretty fucking great.

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@ahab88 said:
Greatest American Hero.
The above and Magnum P.I. I can't choose a clear favorite.
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It's also my favorite show ever. Anyone who's interested in sci-fi should give it a shot 

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I dislike the new titles, but the new theme for Doctor Who is pretty great, a nice retro throwback to the older versions of it. The Doctor Who theme in general is pretty awesome! 

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Anything else would be just wrong.

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short and to the point, usually kicks in after some fucked up opening scene

cant find the actual opening of Justified on youtube for some reason, but this is the song anyway.

still my favorite 80s cartoon intro (LOL just noticed this is the spanish version...Thundercats, LOS FELINOS COSMICOS!), followed closely by G1 Transformers

Also the True Blood one, but people already linked it

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A lot of my favorites have already been mentioned but there are still two that haven't.

All versions of the Fringe them are fantastic. I like that its always the same theme but changes slightly to fit the current story arc. The 1985 theme in particular is genius.

And I can't believe no one has put up the X-Files yet. Its a classic.

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Earth Final Conflict. I could let this theme loop all day and never tire of it.  

Of course, on the anime side, I've always had a soft spot for Musouka (much like Utawareru Mono itself). 
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Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, probably.

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@JeanLuc: All the Fringe intros are so great and they always fit perfectly with the episode
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Lost am I right? Probably Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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This is the correct answer.

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Law and Order

Vanilla version

also, this is too Epic not to make it onto this thread. There is a community spotlight for the duder who made it.

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@PeasantAbuse: Lmao somebody had to.

I like Community's theme on the Dungeons and Dragons episode.

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Man there are a lot of right answers in here!! 
I'll add The Venture Bros, both the intro and credits music. 

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I recall having the same thread a while ago. Locked as youtube spam, as this should be. Not trying to ruin the fun, but forum rules and whatnot.

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had the right answer a few pages back.

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@Aegon: I think this whole fear of youtube spam is getting a little ridiculous. So much so that there was a post a few days ago where someone with decent topic and a well constructed top post was so afraid of getting locked he opted not to put a video in that would have illustrated the point, and then the second or third poster put that video in for him to make it "ok". Shit like that is ridiculous. I know the forums have rules, but there is a difference between youtube spam and using videos and/or having a video in your post. This thread has over 70 posts and people are having a good time, actual spam would not garner such a response. Posting a video does automatically make a thread youtube spam.

That aside, here is my favorite TV theme:

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Forum rules support the community. The community does not support forum rules. If the thread is worthwhile it shouldnt be locked.

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@DarthOrange said:

Anyone who says anything other then Twin Peaks is a fool!

I was going to post this too, so instead I'll quote it and tell you that I was originally going to post it.

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It's a cartoon, but I think it warrants special mention.


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Im gonna have to go with inspector gadget baby!

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Deny it if you must but sometime during your childhood you thought the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme was AMAZING.

Also, I'll second the Venture Bros. opening music. J.G. Thirlwell makes some amazing music.

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@GodlyOne said:

Deny it if you must but sometime during your childhood you thought the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme was AMAZING.

Also, I'll second the Venture Bros. opening music. J.G. Thirlwell makes some amazing music.

I'll third it.

Best use of a licensed song ever. What a way to end Season 4.

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I'm really partial to the Fringe opening:

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@DarthOrange said:

Anyone who says anything other then Twin Peaks is a fool!

Good, I'm no fool.

I was actually just listening to my copy of the OST earlier today.

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Honestly all the ones here from the 80s are amazing and will never be topped. Intro's today just seem like an afterthough. A-Team is prob my fav

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@Nasher02: Due South! I loved that flippin' show when I was younger. Oh god the memories.

#90 Posted by impostle (23 posts) -

You cant forget Angel opening theme, now that one I could loop all day long.

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Game of Thrones, sets you up in the mood. It is probably my favorite for fitting the show.

Futurama is my favorite to listen to.

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Fun fact about the Futurama theme, is that it was VERY VERY inspired by this (1967):

As far as favorites, gotta second the Twin Peaks mentions. Other notables:

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Since @Cloudenvy @Skyfire543 @ProfessorEss hit all my other choices, I'll have to go with the Trigun intro:

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I really like these ones:

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So catchy

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Here are my top 3. The Wonder Years, The Sopranos, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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I think I've seen this thread before.


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It's very hard to choose one, but off the top of my head I'd probably say the Buffy theme.

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