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What do you all like to do when your not posting on GB.

  Go to the Gym
  Play Video Games A LOT
  Go Bike Riding

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Post on GS =D

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Post of GS and watch movies or surf the internet

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Sweet I paintball to.  Do you play speedball or bushball?  Other hobbies I have are mostly sports, hockey, baseball and rugby and of course gaming. 

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Graphic Design
Video Games

If I could find a way to mesh the whole bunch together, then I'd be in a state of sheer nirvana.

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LouChou said:
Graphic Design
Video Games

If I could find a way to mesh the whole bunch together, then I'd be in a state of sheer nirvana.
I should have added girls but thats not not really a hobby, more of an instinct :D
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Besides the obvious (and if you don't know what that is, you shouldn't be here), I like to spend my free time writing short stories, collecting weird bottles (the more uniquely shaped, the better), and finding neat stuff to photograph.

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gyming,playin keaboard,playin cricket

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Sleeping, playing, reading comics.

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Other than video games, ping pong, running, and the gym.

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Video Games, PT and Sex

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Video games and jamming out on my instruments.  Those are the two best hobbies and activities anybody could ask for.

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video games, playing basketball, football, tennis (also watching all of those including baseball), reading comic books

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mostly gaming =)

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Video Games

Going to the Movies
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Listening to music and reading.

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Other than gaming, I play the guitar. I also go to the movies a hell of a lot.

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hanging with friends
playing soccer

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Aarny said:
"Post on GS =D
Were on GiantBomb now.

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Surf the internets.

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Gym, Videogames and Soccer.

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Gamespot, videogames, internetz, bass guitar.

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Hanging out with friends and listening to music

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Hanging out with friends
watching sports

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Music, Posting on Giant Bomb and video games.

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Forums, internet, gaming, anime, listening to music.