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Poll: Favourite FX Series? (117 votes)

Damages 1%
Rescue Me 3%
Nip/Tuck 1%
The Shield 3%
Archer 23%
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 21%
The League 3%
Louie 12%
Wilfred 1%
Anger Management 0%
The Americans 1%
American Horror Story 2%
Justified 20%
Sons of Anarchy 9%
Other 3%

By now those of you who participated in my HBO and AMC polls realize I watch a lot of tv series and pride myself on picking quality networks. I was debating whether I wanted my third poll to be FX or Showtime and picked FX because I think I have more fondness for their programming so far. Out of the shows listed I have watched; Sons (4 seasons), American Horror Story (only season 1), Sunny (all), Archer (3 seasons), and Rescue Me (all). I have also been interested in taking up The Shield, Wilfred, Louie, Justified and The Americans if you guys can tell me your thoughts on those.

Perhaps the best thing about FX (although it is splitting soon into FX and FXX) is the breadth of programming to watch. What makes it stick out for me is the comedy shows they have over other networks like AMC and HBO where the drama is top notch but the comedy is lacking. Sunny in particular is one of the shows I wait anxiously to watch as it is consistently hilarious. It does have its ups and downs story wise but the ups are so good that nothing else matters. Sons is also amazing and very enjoyable to watch although sometimes I find myself going huh where are the cops when these guys are blasting guns constantly? But still the core group is awesome. Rescue me was my first introduction to FX and was funny, super serious and concerning all at once. I'm amazed Dennis Leary never won an award for his portrayal of Tommy Gavin. The series in my opinion ran a little too long and occasionally I was just like drink or don't drink I don't care anymore. But still great.

I think duders this will be the first time I cast my vote for a comedy. Sunny has to be it. Pure joy when watching that show. Second would be Rescue Me (which I'm afraid won't get many votes and I feel bad lol) and a close third would be Sons which could usurp Rescue Me if the final seasons are consistently good.

What about you guys? Oh and I'll make my predictions.....first will be Sons, then a comedy either Louie or Sunny and third will be the shield (because in the HBO one I underestimated fandom of The Wire). Let me know if you think I should try watching one of their other series.

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SOA is my favorite.

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Justified for sure. The only other one I've seen us SOA and, because I was comparing it to Hunter S Thompson's Hell's Angels book, I thought their attempts at being tough and serious was fucking laughable.

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Sons of Anarchy, but Always Sunny is a close second.

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The Shield.

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The answer is: me and dead owls, don't give a hoot.

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The Shield. My favourite drama of all time

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Always sunny, Rescue Me, and Louie.

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I love me some Archer and some Always Sunny, but man Archer beats it out

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Justified. Season 2 was one of the best things to ever happen on TV, holy shit.

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I think I have to go with The League.

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@benny said:

The answer is: me and dead owls, don't give a hoot.

If you just did what I think you did, you might be my favorite person.

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Archer, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Louie, and of course Ultimate Fighter.

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@benny said:

The answer is: me and dead owls, don't give a hoot.

do dead owls post about things they don't give a hoot about too

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On the drama side, I have to put Justified at the top of the list. The first season established an excellent tone and the writers' knack for writing sharp dialogue, but it lacked a bit in terms of serialized week-to-week drama. However, after that first season the show has really taken off and not looked back. The Shield is a close second for me, and stands out as having possibly the best series finale ever. Damages, Rescue Me, and Sons are also highly watchable shows, but they just have never really clicked for me. In the case of Rescue Me and Sons, I think those shows to a large degree just have/had outstayed their welcome and at times the plot lacked any real direction.

Also, I'd be remissed not to take this opportunity to mention Terriers. Great show with awful marketing that deserved to have more than one season.

As far as comedies go, Archer and It's Always Sunny are two of the best on TV. The League is also pretty good but some of the characters can at times be a bit grating.

Louie is bottom line one of the most fantastic things in all of television, and I'm constantly amazed at the fact that FX continues to give Louis CK the money and freedom to do it. This seems like exactly the kind of show that would typically get focus grouped straight into cancellation, and yet somehow the suits just continue to let Louis CK do his thing on a shoestring budget. It defies conventional labels of drama or comedy, and instead delivers something entirely its own, often resembling an avant-garde short film more than an episode of a sitcom. Reality shows claim to show real people in real life scenarios, and yet none of them that I've seen captures real life the way Louie does.

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Justified for me. No other show on the air makes me excited to watch it like it does.

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Always Sunny.

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Justified, right now. Though I never miss an opportunity to plug Terriers.

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Louie louie louie loo-weeee eeeehhhh

However I have begun watching Archer earlier, already finished 4 episode, it's really funny I love it. But Louie will remain ahead for me.

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American Horror Story is the only correct answer. I am disappointed in the poll results.

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That show is so real and funny. Although it's not a 1:1 account of Louis CK's actual life, it feels that way while being hilarious simultaneously.

Close second is Always Sunny which is the exact opposite. It's like they finally figured out a way to turn an animated series into reality.

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It's always sunny for me, I have yet to watch Justified, I need to get through Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire first, plus all the shows I already follow...

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It's Always Sunny is easily my favourite comedy on TV at the moment.

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Archer followed very closely by The League.

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I voted for The Americans, because it's new and amazing and you should watch it, but honestly FX has so many great shows, I'd have a hard time discerning my *true* favorite. So...

FYI - watch The Americans!

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Always Sunny for sure. The last season of that show was fucking brilliant. Louie and Rescue Me are my other favorites. I haven't watched a ton of Archer but it is a good show.

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Fuck, I'm stuck between Archer and Always Sunny.

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archer for sure. funniest show on TV by a mile.

SoA and justified are really good too.

hell FX is a pretty quality channel.

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Lotta good shows on that list but Rescue Me deserves some love. I don't know if I'd say watch it instead of some of that other stuff but if you're looking for a new show to watch, it's real damn good. Dennis Leary is awesome and it's a great show about NY firefighters that deals with some post 9/11 stuff without coming across as shmaltzy. Great cast.

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@breadfan said:

Sons of Anarchy, but Always Sunny is a close second.

Totally this

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@darthorange: I have to admit AHS is probably my favorite as well. I can see why some people don't like it but its just so over the top. Loved Chloe Sevigny's character last season.

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This thread made me realize that FX is easily my current favorite network. Sunny's my favorite, but I love Archer and Louie as well, plus Sons of Anarchy and The League are pretty awesome.

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Tough choice btwn Always Sunny and Louie, with The League in a close third. Archer would probably be one of my favourites too, but I have yet to get into it.