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my favorite is in our time with melvyn bragg which i guess is a BBC radio 4 show but you can only get it in podcast form in the states. i also occasionally listen to MBMBAM with justin/griffen/travis mcelroy.

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My two standbys are the Bombcast and Stop Podcasting Yourself, which is more or less a podcast about nothing, but it's quite funny. It makes for a perfect 'background podcast'. I played a few hundred hours of Minecraft listening to their back catalog.

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Recently been getting into The Morning Stream because A) Scott Johnson is one of the most inadvertently hilarious people ever and B) they do episodes every Mon-Thu (except for weeks like this one where something pops up). Originally listened to a few other Frogpants shows (Film Sack and Major Spoilers) and always heard about TMS. Scott and Brian are truly a podcasting dynamic duo.

Also, soundboard.

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Ah yes, the latest monthly "what other podcasts do you listen to?" thread.

My answer has gradually shortened over time to now listening only to the bombcast. I used to listen to Rebel FM and Invisible Wall and occasionally MBMBAM but not anymore.