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#1 Posted by MrCandleguy (914 posts) -

Ok i thought of this topic while playing pokemon soul sliver ( no idea why, woot just killed the 2nd eltie 4)
So im curious what is some of the giantbombers fav stand up?
Mine has to be Eddie Murphy delirious ( its really old like late 1980's but classic nonetheless, must much!) 

 Red leather never went out of style.

Post links to you vids so other can laugh like you did.
#2 Posted by TwoLines (3142 posts) -

Covered in bees!
Eddie Izzard is the man.

#3 Posted by SumDeus (1898 posts) -

Gilbert Gottfried's Dirty Jokes....I've never cried so much

Brian Regan's acts are also gut-busting.
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  zach galafinakis
#5 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3205 posts) -


I love Jerry. I think this is one of his best. I don't know why I like it exactly -- it has a certain innocent charm, I think.
#6 Posted by raggedglory (219 posts) -

Recently it's been Patton Oswalt with David Cross a close second.

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most of his jokes are sterotypical

#8 Posted by tychoon (133 posts) -

most certainly Gabriel Iglesias.

#9 Posted by Jost1 (2225 posts) -

David Cross

#10 Posted by bcc (88 posts) -

Louis C.K. is my current favorite. He has a show on FX right now called "Louie" that has bits of his stand-up interspersed, and it's hilarious. 

#11 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

Anything Carl Baron has done. Closely followed by Ross Noble.

#12 Posted by Grissefar (2905 posts) -

  I saw this one in GTA 4. Cracks me up every time.

#13 Posted by tallTuck94 (584 posts) -

  Stephen K Amos is my current favorite


#14 Posted by MythDarK (582 posts) -

  George Carlin was the greatest and is still unbeatable.


Bill Hick was also one of my favorites.
#15 Posted by Arkasai (734 posts) -

Joe Rogan is pretty funny. 

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Richard Pryor was funny. 
Eddie Murphy can be hilarous. Some of his sketches are not child friendly, which I found after listening to one on Last.FM with my younger cousin :/ Made it funnier.
#17 Posted by TheJohn (569 posts) -


Doug Stanhope is the shit. For fans of Carlin and Hicks.
#18 Posted by D0tti (803 posts) -

Anything from Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, Eddie Murphy(the young Eddie Murphy) or David Chappelle.

#19 Posted by TerraDelu (529 posts) -
@MythDarK: Bill Hicks is king. Most of the stand-up I listen to now (David Cross, Louis C.K., Patton Oswalt, ect...) all feel heavily influenced by him. Some of the best stand-up ever!
#20 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

Pryor and Carlin(my favorite) are untouchable, but i thought i would add a somewhat unknown who died of cancer at the height of his popularity. 

#21 Posted by Daveyo520 (7378 posts) -

1. Zach Galifinakis
He doesn't really tell jokes, he is more of a guy who acts funny. His mannerisms and delivery are what sets him above the rest. I love how he can be a dick to people and make it pure gold. For an example of this see his web show thingy Between Two Ferns on Funny Or Die. The last one he did with Ben Stiller was great. To see him act weird watch The Hangover or him on Tim & Eric. Actually here are some links.

2. Demetri Martin.....Ladies
He has some similarities in the ways I find Zach funny. Not that he is the same, just my sense of humor lends me towards his stuff. Like it's a lot of the way he acts when he tells his jokes. Also I guess he is a prop comic when I think about it, but way better than Carrot Top. I guess I like my comedians like i like my music, "Alternative".

3. Patton Oswald
His stories he tells in his stuff are great. Do you know why he quit LSD? So the 1st memory his daughter has of him won't be him high telling her the truth behind Lucky Charms. He is also a geek and likes the same junk I do. He was pretty good in Ratatouille too. You know what, I REALLY wish The Comedians of Comedy was still on CC, that show was really good and had both him and Zach G on it.

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#23 Posted by Alphazero (1640 posts) -

Mitch Hedberg. R.I.P.

#24 Posted by floodiastus (1288 posts) -
@MythDarK said:
"   George Carlin was the greatest and is still unbeatable.

Bill Hick was also one of my favorites.
Yeah, I totally agree. Bill Hicks feels like a student of Dr Carlins though :)
#25 Posted by Nadafinga (1036 posts) -

George Carlin's "Back in Town" from 1996 is stand-up comedy perfection.

#26 Posted by mustachioeugene (548 posts) -
Louis CK - saw him on tour last year when he was testing out the material for his latest standup 'Hilarious', looking forward to seeing the final results.
Patton Oswalt - any of his albums, but 'werewolves and lollipops' is still my favorite.
Mitch Hedberg - RIP
Michael Ian Black - his album 'I am a Wonderful Man' is probably one of the most quoted between friends and I.  He was also in Stella and Wet Hot American Summer.  His book 'My Custom Van' is amazing.
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This is one of my favorite little bits. 

Mitch Hedberg is also one of my favorite comics. Too bad he died. Don't do drugs kids. He had such a strange delivery to his jokes, very unique. 
#28 Posted by Drewbs (2794 posts) -

Jim Gaffigan: Beyond The Pale.

#29 Posted by JacDG (2137 posts) -

Anything Ricky Gervais has ever said.

#30 Posted by ReapersPuppy (534 posts) -

I frickin Love Dave Chapepelle! I cant get enough of that guy..
I almost pissed on myself like several times cuz of him =D
also I love Daniel Tosh..hes pretty funny to 
though don't care for his show to much
 Loved Dane Cooks old stuff..

And I've been watching last comic standing which
seriously 90% of the comics on there are hi-larious

#31 Posted by jkz (4083 posts) -

I still love Louis CK, even if he's dug a little too far into the "I'm a manic depressive" reserves.

#32 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

What about the Angry Magician?

#33 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4998 posts) -

I really like Chris Rock and Daniel Tosh.

#34 Posted by Fishstick (164 posts) -

Anything Paul F. Tompkins does.

#36 Posted by sagesebas (2229 posts) -
@ZanzibarBreeze: dude his album I'm telling you for the last time is crazy I was crying with laughter
#37 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3205 posts) -
@sagesebas said:
" @ZanzibarBreeze: dude his album I'm telling you for the last time is crazy I was crying with laughter "
I've listened to I'm Telling You For the Last Time more times than I would care to admit... :)
#38 Posted by sagesebas (2229 posts) -
@ZanzibarBreeze: People give him a bad rap but he's one of my favorite
#39 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3205 posts) -
@sagesebas said:
" @ZanzibarBreeze: People give him a bad rap but he's one of my favorite "
Who gives him a bad rap? Anybody that gives him a bad rap just doesn't appreciate comedy. He's definitely one of my favorite comedians too. :)
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My second favorite comedian, not my favorite act, I can't post in on the forum.   



#42 Posted by one_2nd (2388 posts) -

Daniel Tosh's Completely Serious. 

#43 Posted by Darkstorn (479 posts) -

George Carlin.

#44 Posted by MonetaryDread (2402 posts) -

Bill Hicks
Daniel Tosh
My favorite comedian at the moment though has to be Brian Posehn. Fart and Weiner Jokes isn't his best, but I still think it's funny as hell.

#45 Posted by MonetaryDread (2402 posts) -
Thank god for the Russel Peters mention. I love seeing his stuff whenever its on Just For Laughs.
#46 Posted by mau64 (587 posts) -

Definitely my favorite is David Cross. He's awesome.

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I'm not much for keeping track of routines, but I'm a fan of: Eddie Izzard, George Carlin, Jim Gaffigan (diarrhea pocket...) and Louie C.K.
edit: Oh, just remembered a routine that's not by anyone listed above.

#48 Posted by Herocide (447 posts) -

  I used to absolutely adore Frank Caliendo's impressions.


#49 Posted by damswedon (3222 posts) -

Not a fan of repeating routines, but I do love this one by Marcus Brigstocke about his neighbour who reads the Daily Mail and is a prick. 

#50 Posted by IesuNoel (145 posts) -
@tychoon said:
"most certainly Gabriel Iglesias. "

I agree with you, my friend.