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I was recently listening to my music at work and the Dexter theme started to play,Yeah i have a TV theme on my ipod /fistbump

.And i realised its one of the few theme's i don't skip through ,the others mainly being 30rock and Futurama.And i was just wondering if anyone else has a favourite theme they like to listen to?

#2 Posted by GunstarRed (5098 posts) -

The A-Team.

#3 Edited by forkboy (1127 posts) -

The Wire. Specifically season 2. IT IS TOM WAITS

I also really enjoy the bluegrass meets hip-hop vibe of the Justified theme song.

#4 Posted by Brewmaster_Andy (520 posts) -

The X-Files.

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#7 Posted by Venatio (4491 posts) -

It's recent but....

#8 Posted by Rokkaku (222 posts) -

True Blood i.e Bad Things by Jace Everett. The program itself is...well, you can decide for yourself, but that song fits it perfectly, and is good in its own right. Well, this and The Wire.

#9 Posted by Ninja_Welshman (484 posts) -

Bit obvious but i choose KnightRider.

#10 Posted by AngelN7 (2970 posts) -

@GunstarRed said:

The A-Team.

Well of course!

#11 Posted by fox01313 (5069 posts) -

Night Gallery, (original) Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Forever Night & X-Files.

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The Twilight Zone.

#14 Posted by Mystyr_E (1190 posts) -

since somebody said the X-Files, I give you the next creepiest theme in TV music and that is of course

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Deep Space Nine

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Look at how many TVs there are!

#19 Posted by pantzing_nome (583 posts) -

I'm not a huge fan of the show but I've always liked the theme for Sealab 2021.

#20 Posted by Phatmac (5723 posts) -

Mad Men's intro is pretty rad.

#21 Posted by RubberFactory (288 posts) -

I love twin peaks tremolo guitar.

#22 Posted by Aegon (5468 posts) -

I'm pretty sure I made this exact same thread, but I'll say that I like Dexter's ending theme. 

#23 Posted by thebatmobile (980 posts) -

Batman the animated series.

#24 Posted by Evil_Alaska (293 posts) -

Kids in the Hall.

#25 Posted by dcgc (878 posts) -

Miami Vice.

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@JaredA said:


This and Arrested Development.

EDIT: Also Batman The Animated Series and Twin Peaks.

#27 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

@GunstarRed said:

The A-Team.
#28 Posted by Skytylz (4031 posts) -

@FreakAche said:

Deep Space Nine

Ooooohhhhhh, Really? I watched the intro every episode of TNG, but after season 1 I skipped pretty much every DS9 intro.

#29 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2720 posts) -

That Game Of Thrones theme is pretty fucking good. And The Wire. Both of those.

#30 Posted by FreakAche (2951 posts) -

@Skytylz said:

@FreakAche said:

Deep Space Nine

Ooooohhhhhh, Really? I watched the intro every episode of TNG, but after season 1 I skipped pretty much every DS9 intro.

I hated the intro at first because the visuals were really boring with the dumb slow pan they do over the station, but I eventually got over that and absolutely loved the intro just because the song was so majestic and amazing!

See how much easier it is to appreciate the song when it's taken out of the context of the intro sequence?

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@Phatmac said:

Mad Men's intro

Exactly what I was gonna post.

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red dwarf

the young ones

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@JaredA said:


All of them

All great

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@Venatio said:

It's recent but....

Ctrl + F 'Game of Thrones'.

Was not disappointed.

Well, I was until I saw this.

#35 Posted by BlackLagoon (1403 posts) -

Babylon 5, season 5:

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OK, so for Home Improvement, I don't really care for the song, but I love it for its nostalgia, and I really do like the others, but Miami Vice a little less so. I just like it because it's Miami Vice, and I like what's going on in them. Maybe it's all just nostalgia.

#37 Posted by TheCreamFilling (1225 posts) -

All the Mystery Science Theater 3000 variants.

#38 Posted by MikeGosot (3227 posts) -

  How could you people forget Fresh Prince Of Bel Air?

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@Redbullet685: Great minds think alike.. or something like that.

#41 Posted by Sackmanjones (4682 posts) -
  How could you people forget Fresh Prince Of Bel Air?
This took far to long to show up
#42 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2605 posts) -

The correct answer is the sopranos

followed closely by Game of Thrones

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I'd add Monk to my favorites.
#44 Posted by MaxxS (196 posts) -

@Evil_Alaska said:

Kids in the Hall.

Hell yes. So good.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Look at how many TVs there are!

So Many TVs.

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I don't even watch it but the Doctor Who theme is pretty damn awesome.

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I loved the band before, so gets a bit of a free pass.