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The only thing that ever really creeps me out on those Survivor/Fear Factor shows is when they have to swim through a tunnel underwater.

I'm not claustrophobic in the least - unless it's underwater.

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Rats and mice. Especially the albino ones. Their beady little red eyes look right into your soul. It's creepy

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people not caring

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@themanwithnoplan said:

I hate deep water and heights. So I'm pretty much bound within the continent I live on, and yes I do get goosebumps in games when I'm thrust within situations with these fears taken to the extremities. It was interesting playing both Bioshock and Bisohock Infinite, given they create worlds around my two fears.

Deep water freaks me out as well. That fucking darkness ... especially because the one thing that really freaks me out to just think about is:

I also fucking hated the shark in Penguin's place in fucking Arkham City. NO THANKS!

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I ain't afraid of nothin!



I'm afraid of heights, and hornets/anything that can bite and or sting.

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Spiders - I'm aware that there are people that can appreciate these creatures, but I'm not one of them. If I see one, you best believe it's war.

Flies/other flying buggers - Unlike spiders, flies and other similar insects give me chills when they invade my personal space. I don't care if they're doing their own thing away from me, but do not fly by my ear.

That's it, I guess. I'm sure I could throw in any creature that's faster than me and wants to murder me into the pile as well, but then the list just becomes ridiculous.

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Driving in unfamiliar places ties my stomach in knots.

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Bugs. Bugs in places they shouldn't be, like clothes or ears. Bugs are the worst.

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A loved one getting Alzheimer's or dementia or a similar mental illness. The idea of looking into a friend or relative's eyes and seeing no recognition absolutely terrifies me.




Also, fuck snakes.

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household utilities and transportation (my car) failing to work. Flooding. Fire. Robbery.

being forced to live with other people due to sustaining some critical injury or financial hardship. Being trapped in a room with many other people. The broken elevator scenario is nightmare situation for me.

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Mines and IEDs are probably the biggest one

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The dark. I need a nightlight :3

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The unknown! So that basically makes the dark especially frightening for me. But shit like not knowing if the things I eat, touch or smell will harm me or not terrifies me.

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@blu3v3nom07 said:

Heights! If they made a game built entirely around heights...

They have.

How the fuck is that cliffs? Noh!

So that was probably mean. Cliffs, ese. First person. Nasty-good mountains. Claustrophobic. Throw in a smoldering, black volcano. 100% not urban.