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Sweet, a new episode and game.

edit: Gross, the black reference levels of the recording are way off. I can get past the fact that this isn't the proper PC version, but shit everything's soooo gray.

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sweet i love these

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Ah, good. FEAR wasn't all that scary having a gun with a steady amount of ammo and whatnot.

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Part 1? Thought you said Doom 3 would be a single episode entry. :o I just want you guys to get into Condemned; I'm playing through the sequel again (never played the original, though) and if the first condemned is anything like the sequel then it'll make for some hilarious reactionary ''OH NOOoooOOO'' 's. 
EDIT: Also the Condemned games totally have the same fizzy drink brands from FEAR, too! Same developer, I know, but still when I noticed those vending machines as I was going through a mind-trip in the SCU offices, my eyes exploded.

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Ah, Doom 3 - Master of Monster Closets and Forced Jump-scares through Unrealistic Future Flashlight Technology.

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Wow the Xbox version is so different from the PC one. They definitely cut out the outside section.

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Oh good, a new spook look.

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It's too bad this isn't the PC version. The xbox version is half as scary as the pc version (at least it was for me).

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I can guess why its the Xbox version, but I would have loved this to have been the PC version instead, seems more faithful to the Doom 3 experience than the Xbox port.

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Ouch, a lockup? No wonder this game has to be split up between episodes then, only just reached the actual part of the game that matters. I am also genuinely surprised that this is an original Xbox game. For starters, it looks pretty decent judging from its age, and for some unexplainable reason I've always just believed that Doom 3 was one of the first ever 360 games.

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"We're playing the XBOX version."

*stops video*

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should have played it on the PC haha...

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I can see the back of the box quote now...

"This game just pops off on the xbox... and locks up on the xbox." - Matt Kessler []

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Oh, man. You should've played FEAR for another five minutes and you'd shit yourselves. Also, when you have a choice between PC and first Xbox, please, choose PC. It was primary platform for Doom 3(and FEAR) and it looks MUCH better on pee-cee.

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Nicely done with the "let the record show" bit, Kessler.

Yeah, this game looked AMAZING when it came out. Clearly, a lot has changed in the last 7 years.

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Console version? Half the content is missing, and the graphics are shitty. I know you can only play the console counterpartrs, but daaaamn.

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Thank you!

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I wonder why they put off Condemned? I can say for certain that it's scarier than anything they've played so far, but I can also say for certain that they're not going to get anywhere near to where the game starts getting scary (about mid-way through). I've said it before, but good horror games, like good horror movies, take time to build tension and show their respective hands. Subtlety is the key word in good horror games.

I know this is true with every (good) game in the silent hill series as well.

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But... DOOM 3 isn't scary... 
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who got more bored with that game as it went along. Am I EVER going to see something other than gray fucking pipes and elevators? 
I got about six or seven hours in before quitting, by the way. It wasn't bad, it was just the same environments over and over. 

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@gladspooky said:

"We're playing the XBOX version."

*stops video*


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I hope the game freezing there doesn't mean we'll have to sit through the intro again. [Cue video editing!]

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@Levio said:

Oh good, a new spook look.

You're my favorite.

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Hahaha I'm not alone, I'm glad I found this iterns!

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Doom 3 is a good choice

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I know you guys know that I know that you know about the whole playing console ports... I assume for technical reasons? Still it was funny to see Matt flip out about the changes.

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@Kombat said:

@gladspooky said:

"We're playing the XBOX version."

*stops video*


When they do Quake I hope they do Quake 64.

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doom 3 is great

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Daaaaamn, talk about a cliffhanger. Can't wait for the next part.

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Let's get scared!

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New episode today! Stay tuned!

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Oh man, thanks a lot for making these videos you guys, it's honestly my new favorite segment of Giant Bomb. I can't wait for the Condemned episode!

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I remember being blown away when I found some of those displays in the environment where I could press a button on the screen and the screen would start playing video. I don't think I had seen anything like that before.

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@gladspooky said:

"We're playing the XBOX version."

*stops video*

You sure showed them. 
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I will admit having an extremely soft spot in my heart for Doom 3. Especially the Xbox version. Back then an Xbox was all I had and with very few games to boot. My mother had heard me talking about Doom 3 and surprised me with the limited edition for my birthday. While it might be missing large chunks of the content from what I've seen it's mostly background and superfluous segments. In fact watching them play has given me the urge to get out my Xbox and fire Doom up.

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@Sarumarine said:

I know you guys know that I know that you know about the whole playing console ports... I assume for technical reasons? Still it was funny to see Matt flip out about the changes.

I was going to say the same thing -_- .... so all I can add is : Iknow that you know that they know , that we know ... so we all know right?

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xbox version seriously? 

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Yes. I think it's safe to say that everyone knows now. We're all cool.

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Wow this looks way way worse then I remember it did on the PC