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I am an English teacher, and as such I use a lot of class time writing. I find that my students are able to work more consistently when there is some sort of background music other than the deafening silence of twenty teenagers writing. I have taken to playing film scores during class time and the kids really enjoy it. They say that it helps them concentrate and I am certainly not opposed to anything that will improve their work effort.

To this end, what are your favorite film scores? Not soundtracks, mind you - instrumental scores only.

I am currently in love with the soundtrack to HBO's The Pacific, which has been on repeat in my room quite often. It's a great companion piece to the Band of Brothers score.

So, GB community - what are your favorite film scores?

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The scores Nick Cave and Warren Ellis did are great. The Road, the Proposition and the Assassination of Jesse James.

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In recent memory you have to say Drive.

All time? Vertigo. Or at least that one song in the beginning.

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First Blood part II by Jerry Goldsmith. Back to the Future by Alan Silvestri. Film scores have always been a massive part about why I like films.

Oh man, how could I not mention anything John Carpenter. Escape from NY is awesome!

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Last of the Mohicans, I guess. I can't say that's my favorite but for some reason that's the first thing that comes to mind.

EDIT: Also John Williams. Anything. Star Wars soundtrack, anything. And the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack. I don't know if he did that or not but the Pirates soundtrack is pretty good.

EDIT 2: And the Skyrim soundtrack, if you don't mind playing video game music.

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Why not play some video game music? Or are you afraid that this would be too awesome for the kids?

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I would second the Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack. I wrote to it in college, and other than a few times that I would find odd outburts of "STAY ALIVE! I WILL FIND YOU!!" in my papers, it worked great.

I have also used some of the Ennio Morricone stuff from the Good, The Bad and The Ugly, although the main theme is a little too energetic sometimes. The majority of that film's score is slow and evocative.

If games are viable, the Bastion soundtrack also works to write to.

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Any and all John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and John Barry.

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Rories's gotten me hooked on the Solaris soundtrack.

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Everything Ennio Morricone has ever done.

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Play the Arcanum soundtrack. Makes me want to put on a monocle and smoke from a pipe.

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I love all the classics. But the newer composers like Michael Giacchino (Star Trek, Super 8, Lost) and Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica) do some really nice work. Also, Murray Gold who does the music for Doctor Who is absolutely brilliant especially in the newer seasons.

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Video game stuff is absolutely fair game. I stream most of the music from Spotify, so anything available there would be helpful.