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(Season 1. Homeland's about to end in three weeks and I figured I'd might as well put my Prime account to good use. I'm trying to keep free of spoilers, but that's probably been impossible)

This show is completely trash. Gloriously morbid, sleazy and campy trash. I'm just about finished with the first part of the Halloween episode. The tone of the show is a bit scattershot and is obviously cribbing a little from classics like The Shining and The Amityville Horror, but it's worked so far. The breakout performance has to be Dylan McDermott's role as the deeply troubled Ben Harmon who is becoming goddamn terrifying to watch at times. His descent into paranoia and desperation in a futile attempt to repair his shattered family is really believable.

Making this a reoccurring miniseries instead dragging this particular story out was a brilliant move on FX's part.

I'm not sure why these idiots didn't just torch the house (which has to be the portal to Hell or something), collect the insurance money and bounce back to the east coast.

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It's a great series. I've just started the second one.

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So...I just finally got to the Tate reveal. Holy shit. This show's gone to some dark places, but this just felt way too grounded in reality for me. Gave me the goddamn creeps.

It was already obvious that Tate was already dead and was another caretaker of the house. Now knowing that he committed a massacre that had details directly pulled from the Columbine shootings explains a lot about the character.

Seriously....the guy who worked on fucking Glee made this?

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This show is fucked up man. I'm enjoying it myself, now that it's on Netflix, but I can't watch more than two episodes at a time. Any more than that and life just seems to bleak.

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I watched Dylan McDermott crying while masturbating. That's an image I won't be able to drink away.

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@jerseyscum said:

I watched Dylan McDermott crying while masturbating. That's an image I won't be able to drink away.

Ah, the Tear-Jerker. Truly a shining moment in TV history.