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I've been using Firefox for as long as it is been called "Firefox" and I was really enjoying it as a fast and comfortable browser.
As of version 3 however, I am getting more and more annoyed with the decrease in speed and the increase in sheer amount of memory it occupies. Using only a few addons (Adblock Plus, Always on Top, DownThemAll!, IE Tab 2 and Modify Headers) I feel that Firefox uses a far too big part of my 8 gigs of memory... sometimes even freezing and forcing me to close it via task manager. Granted, I usually use many tabs and several instances of the browser, watching videos and browsing at the same time. But I think it may be the time to settle over to Chrome.
Do you guys have any experience with Chrome? Is the Chrome adaption of Adblock Plus (Praise the creators of that masterpiece!) as good as its role model? How about google's collection of personal data? I am usually far from paranoid, but you never know... 

Update: Since most of you guys tend to not read the whole thread before you post (time is money!), I will give you guys a short update here. That way people will more likely see it. I switched to Chrome yesterday and in my opinion it is faster, because it loads the sites as you type. If I type "gi" for example, giantbomb.com is already ready to be browsed before I could even try to press "Enter". In addition to that it uses a smaller amount of memory and starts in the blink of an eye. Another very nice feature, which is not present in the core Firefox, is an on-the-fly spell-checker. A huuuuuuuuuuuuge turnoff on the other hand is, that Chrome does not allow its extensions to block ads as effectively as Firefox can do. If you are interested in the reasons, you may check here and here. In the end, I could only part-time switch to Chrome, because I need good ol' Firefox for those nasty in-video ads on my favorite gaming streams. But I can recommend trying Chrome for everyone who faces the same problems I did.
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Chrome was good for me for a long while, though, not to hijack the thread, I recently updated it and I think something went wrong as it tends to now go incredibly slow and cripple my system after a few hours and, to fix it, I have to close it all and start again. Any ideas what I can do to fix this? I'm a Mac user, in case you hadn't guessed from my all-round coolness.

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I am in the same boat as you. Really interested to see if Chrome may be the way for us to go.

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I'm just disappointed because the tab tearing glitch came back when I updated to the latest version. The hell, Firefox? Why do I need my tabs in more windows? Isn't that why I have tabs in the first place? Because they're easier to manage than windows?

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Yeah, firefox feels a little slow these days. I'm not going to change though. I'm far too comfortable with it.

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Chrome has been better than FF for at least 2 years now. All of the relevant add-ons are present at the same quality or better, and it has quite a few good exclusive ones as well.  
The whole "google collecting your personal info" thing is nonsense, it arose when someone found out the browser queries google's servers when you type something into the address bar, but this turned out to be just google's "autosuggest" feature and nothing nefarious. 

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@IBurningStar said:
" I am in the same boat as you. Really interested to see if Chrome may be the way for us to go. "
I used to use Firefox because I love the idea of extensions and adaptability, but it just seemed to get slower and slower. Chome just seems a lot quicker and usable for me personally. I used to be an Operaphile as it scratched all my internet itches, but even with all its nice features and relative speed I can't seem to get used to it again. Plus Giant Bomb is broken on it :)
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I made the switch from Firefox to Chrome a few months back, and I love it. It's so much quicker and simpler. 
Although if you're not willing to make the jump to Chrome, are you using the Firefox 4 RC? Apparently it's a big improvement over 3.6, although I haven't used it myself.

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I switched to chrome because it's a lesser of two evil. Chrome has a metric crap ton of annoying problems when it comes to just doing little everyday things, but it runs smoother so I keep using it. I miss having an adblocker that actually blocks ads, and several smaller addon's that just made doing a lot of stuff I do online easier. 

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As far as I know, Chrome doesn't have an equivalent of fast dial, or fastest fox, so no dice for me. But no, I haven't noticed any particular problems with firefox recently, although it is a tad slow for my liking.

#11 Posted by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

Very happy Chrome user here. Check out the web store for cool apps like Tweetdeck for Chrome and the slick NY Times app.

#12 Posted by DerekDanahy (873 posts) -

Switch to Chrome and just never look back. That's what I did and it's awesome.

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@MattyFTM: No, I am currently using 3.6.7. Never heard of a version 4 up till now, because I am not that well versed in future browser developments. Depending on the recommendations in this thread I might either try that version or Chrome.
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I have all three browsers installed, Firefox 4 is really nice, but I still stick with Chrome and only keep the other two around when I have some sort of problem using Chrome, which rarely happens. 
I used to be a Firefox guy, but Chrome won me over.

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@Inkerman said:

" As far as I know, Chrome doesn't have an equivalent of fast dial, or fastest fox, so no dice for me. But no, I haven't noticed any particular problems with firefox recently, although it is a tad slow for my liking. "

Except it does have an equivalent of fastestfox and fast dial. Chrome extensions have come a long way since the browser first started. The only thing it hasn't got (that I'm aware of) that I personally miss from Firefox is a multi-row bookmarks toolbar extension. But that's actually encouraged me to be more organized with my bookmarks anyway, so it's probably worked out for the best.
#16 Posted by Vager (1653 posts) -

I was never into Firefox. I stuck with IE then switched to Chrome. 
I fucking love Chrome; Their extensions are awesome.

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I've always loved Firefox, but version 3 was getting annoying as hell. It was too slow and used up way too much memory (1+ Gb). Tried Chrome for a while, but didn't really like it. I switched over to FF 4 when it was in its early beta stage, and it was quite poor. Running FF 4 RC now though, and it's pretty much perfect. So much faster than FF 3, and all of my addons have been updated to work with it. So I'm still a Firefox guy.

#18 Posted by amir90 (2154 posts) -

Random freeze yes, memory, well I have never used more then 4 out 6 GB, and that is while playing two games.
I will give it one more chance (firefox 4), not sure I want chrome either, FF has a couple of addons I really like!

#19 Posted by JesseG (138 posts) -

Was a long time Firefox user but I gave Chrome a shot and have never gone back. You can't hide that Chrome tops all of the speed benchmarks and it's just a sexy, clean browser. The omni-bar is also incredibly simple and useful and works awesome.

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Firefox on Windows 7 was a nightmare for me, so I switched to chrome. 
It would just randomly freeze for a minute or so, very troublesome.

#21 Posted by Aleryn (704 posts) -

Yeah it seems with that new version of Firefox, it has really slowed down for me as well.  Whereas Chrome is consistently blazingly fast.  I still keep Firefox installed, and updated though.  I just think the Firefox team is going through a rough patch of development.  But it doesn't currently deserve Default Browser status.

#22 Posted by OtakuGamer (1227 posts) -
Firefox 4 keeps freezing my computer. Its a great browser but i think i might go back to Chrome.
#23 Posted by BigLemon (1022 posts) -

chrome is awesome. I love it.

#25 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6296 posts) -

I've noticed Firefox being a bit slower too, but either I don't notice it anymore or it fixed itself somehow.

#26 Posted by nindoten (44 posts) -

  maybe it's time for you to try other browser, I recommend you to try IE9.

#27 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

Once I left FF for Chrome, I haven't looked back. Also Chrome is constantly being updated with new features and keeping it as fast as it can be. Also you never have to see any actual updating, it's all done under the hood.

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@nindoten: People who go on the Whiskey Media sites shouldn't use Internet Explorer. It's like the least compatible browser for these sites, both Firefox and Chrome work worlds better.
#29 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3874 posts) -

This thread has made me switch to Chrome. I can never open Firefox because it tells me it's running, but not responding. On both PC and Mac. It's broken. Bad.

#30 Posted by hexx462 (506 posts) -

Not sure why Firefox became just a sluggish browser but I dropped it like a bad habit last year. Chrome is quite possibly the best browser I've ever used, it's incredibly smooth and I like the sleek minimalist interface. In fact I haven't bothered with many extensions since switching to it.

#31 Posted by Mooqi (217 posts) -

Any recommendations on what addons to get for Chrome?

#32 Posted by Mooqi (217 posts) -

I am especially interested in an addon which prevents Chrome from opening any new windows at all. I don't ever want to see a separate instance of Chrome for partypoker.com again...

#33 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2684 posts) -

Chrome or bust. 
I used Firefox for years and switched about six months ago. I'll never go back. Chrome is above and beyond.

#34 Posted by SSully (4153 posts) -

Firefox is easily one of the most dated browers right now. IE 9 just came out today and it is 20 times better then firefox, but I still like chrome better. You cannot go wrong with either of those. 

#35 Posted by Skald (4367 posts) -

Chrome is also really handy if you dual-boot between two operating systems. It's interface is very platform agnostic.

#36 Posted by Mikemcn (6980 posts) -

Im loving chrome, firefox had its time. 

#37 Posted by Deeveeus (479 posts) -
@IBurningStar said:
" I am in the same boat as you. Really interested to see if Chrome may be the way for us to go. "
I switched a while back, and Chrome is by far the best, its a minimalist, VERY fast browser. you can surf we pages, very few whistles, but who needs em?
#38 Posted by EVHKwick (452 posts) -

Firefox is a clunky, slow-moving mess anymore. Chrome and IE9 have my browsing needs completely filled, and I don't really wait for websites to open anymore. 
@Newten: I've been using IE9 since the release and haven't had a single problem with any of the WM sites.

#39 Posted by PenguinDust (12491 posts) -

I use FF and Chrome evenly.  For general browsing I use Chrome but for downloading and similar tasks I still prefer FF.  As for speed, well FF 4 is supposed to be released soon I hear. 

#40 Posted by JCTango (1360 posts) -

I like Firefox's plugins, but lately I'm finding it eating up more and more memory the longer I have it up... I have to close it and restart it to get rid of some sort of memory leak :/.

#41 Posted by iDarktread (1206 posts) -

Quake Live is now compatible with Google Chrome. 
I will never look back, Firefox.

#42 Posted by 02sfraser (847 posts) -

I changed form Firefox to Chrome a while back and I found it a lot better. That was until I start beta testing Firefox 4 which I have found to be faster and a lot more stable than Chrome. However I am running on Mac so it's different but overall I still stick with Mozilla.

#43 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5816 posts) -

I like Firefox

#44 Edited by Evilsbane (4591 posts) -

Nope sticking with FF, AdblockerPlus works 1000% times better on FF I haven't seen video/popup/sidebar ads in over a year, every time I hop on Chrome to much stuff gets through, I have been unaware of how badly the internet ad campaign has gotten so I am going to continue avoid being aware for as long as I can. And no I have not experienced the slowness/hitching that many have been reporting, but with 12GBs of DD3 it better fucking not....

#45 Posted by EVO (3890 posts) -

My mum got a new Macbook the other day. She asked me to download Firefox for her, since we've been using it for years. I downloaded Chrome instead, just to see what's up, and hated it.

#46 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -
@Geno:  i still think that google is spying on people. i have a tinfoil hat on right now. 
yeah, i think firefox is slowing down. a lot of times when i'm on 4chan some of the images don't load up. when i click on them they show. i usually have only two tabs open and barely any addons. pretty crazy.
#47 Posted by xyzygy (9943 posts) -

I used to use Internet Explorer, then I switched to Chrome. Needless to say I noticed a massive difference. I suggest you try it too... it's so neat and tidy and along with my ObjectDock Plus 2, there is no taskbar on the bottom so basically the whole screen (minus bookmarks, address bar and tabs - not much at all) is web-viewing heaven.

#48 Posted by TheSilentTruth (1110 posts) -

Firefox versions 3.5 or whatever and below kept crashing on me. Version 4 RC has been working pretty well so far. I'm liking its likeness to Chrome.

#49 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

I used ff for years and switched to chrome awhile ago.  Just do it.  All the shitty addons don't compare to the speed and stability of chrome.  

#50 Posted by waitwhat (251 posts) -

same here. i like firefox, but i'm probably going to switch to chrome soon.