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I just downloaded Firefox to try it out a bit so I can compare it to chrome which is what I use tried to play a video on the site here in HTML5 and Firefox gave me the finger pretty much. Whats the deal? I play HTML5 stuff with chrome with no problems. Edit: Also, sorry...this should have been Off Topic.

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Chrome was supposed to drop H.264 support too, but apparently this never happened.
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That's interesting so basically only chrome can play HTML5 on Giantbomb? That's kinda odd..

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Different file formats are supported by different software. That's the way it's always been.
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giantbomb html5 works in ie9, it's just firefox

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What's the benefit of HTML5 over Flash anyway? (Totally serious question. I've never used HTML5 video enough to tell the difference)

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Flash is basically the compromise nobody wanted but had to accept because HTML didn't support embedded audio or video. HTML video eventually came along years later, but different browsers ended up supporting different codecs. Free and open source browsers like Firefox and Chromium supported free and open source formats while ignoring proprietary formats for moral reasons and to make things easier for redistributors. Internet Explorer supported only proprietary formats and ignored free and open formats because Microsoft apparently doesn't like people using their browser. Chrome is proprietary software based on the free Chromium. That allows it to support formats that others refuse to support due to moral issues and stupidity.
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So has anyone here actually used IE9? My first inclination is to turn my nose up at it since IE has been hot garbage since well...forever.

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@Demoskinos: IE9 ain't terrible. Just that you've been used to FF/Chrome so long so it feels weird.

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You can download subscriber videos to view them with a free decoder at least. GB should switch to WebM so we can view them in a free way.

Youtube's WebM HTML5 player works for non-subscriber videos.

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@predator said:

GB should switch to WebM so we can view them in a free way.

But then Safari and IE9 users would need to install 3rd party software. Also, no more video on iPhones. Google has claimed they will remove h.264 support from Chrome for over a year now, but has never followed through with it. Mozilla is getting tired of waiting, and it's looking more and more likely they will support h.264 in the future.

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@ZimboDK: But I don't care about Safari, IE9, iPhones, Chrome or even Chromium (there are uncertainties about the licenses of some of its source code) and neither should Mozilla. Once you're using them, you've already lost your freedom. H.264 is a patent-encumbered format that shouldn't be supported. If Mozilla decides to do that, forks will keep it out.

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I hope GiantBomb supports WebM in future. Only for moral grounds.

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The whole HTML5/video codec/Flash story is long and complicated.

HTML5 actually doesn't even say which codecs should be used by browsers (although the initial draft did), so technically the question is a bit flawed. Firefox does support both webm and ogv codecs, however. Read here, nice and clear explanation on the topic: