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Ok, this is my first ever blog on Giant Bomb. I'm gonna use it to introduce myself. 
Name: outlawtotheend. 
Platforms owned: 360, Wii, PSP. 
Interests: Football ( Soccer ), Rugby, Games, Films, TV, 
Location: Republic of Ireland 
Now Playing: Mass Effect, 2010 FIFA World Cup 
Top five favourite games: Red Dead Redemption, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed, Bully, Portal 
Favourite football team: Manchester United 
Favourite Rugby team: Leinster 
Favourite Movies: The Dark Knight, The Naked Gun, Airplane!, Casino Royale 
Favourite Shows: Two and a half men, Scrubs, King of Queens, Family Guy, South Park, Older seasons of the Simpsons

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Irish, eh? Well, boy-o, welcome to the site!

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Maybe you should: 
A. Refer to the site's forums rules 
B. Post this in the "Introduce Yourself" thread