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So, thanks to the quick look of Ken's Rage 2, and going over the quick look of the first game I decided to watch the television show. Now, I'm only 3 episodes in but I've noticed something. Ken goes through a lot of shirts. It's been a rate of one per episode. It might peter off but that's still a lot of linen. Doesn't he know that this is a post-apocalyptic world he's living in!? These resources are precious! How can he go about ripping shirts all willy nilly trying to help the good people? Why doesn't he take his friggin' shirt off before he goes all electric supermuscle?! Jeez, you'd think a guy with so much empathy would be a little more considerate! Although, I could imagine him picking up the pieces of his torn shirt afterwards and sewing them back together. But still, that's an awful lot of thread. Are the creators trying to allude to the fact that some resources are more limited than others? In this weird future are clothes a dime a dozen but rice seeds are one of the most precious commodities now? These are the questions that keep me going with this show.

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Well, occasionally Kenshiro punches and explodes someone else who's wearing more than just crazy bondage gear. I assume that he's learned to sew during his time in the post-apocalypse, and probably collects non-leather-thong articles of clothing when he can for the purposes of outfit repair.

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2 episodes in? Looks like you have 150 to go, it gets waaaay crazier. Just wait.

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@Make_Me_Mad: If only he'd take some time to sew pants for the children. Aside from Bart, it seems like all the children just wear shirts without pants. It's kinda weird. Furthermore, Kenshiro must see the value of leather thongy articles; so he must collect those and gives them to Bart. That kid's got the kind of charisma that could sell used leather thongs to anyone. I'm sure he could just resell them to bandits and gang members at a discounted price. It seems like there's a lot of lost profit in that area. You can't have naked bad guys, can you?! This makes me want to create a sim-city like game based in the Fist of the North Star universe.

EDIT: I've watched about one or two battles online, but I can't spoil it. The story! Right guys? There's a story!

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I think his secret power is the ability to create new shirts with his mind.

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He just stands there silently and glares until the shirt forms in front of him.

You are already size L.

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I saw a clip of the show on YouTube, and my only thought was, "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THEIR NECKS!?"

Also this.
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@Video_Game_King: I'm more wondering what the hell is the deal with their proportions in general? Is the price of being extra powerful in this world the price of grotesque misshapen bodies of randomly protruding muscles? Maybe that explosion thing had something to do with it and not everyone was affected.

By the way, that image.... I don't know what it is, but it's got so much going on with so little in it. Beauty.

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Have you perhaps heard of Jay444111?
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@Video_Game_King: I have! I was wondering where he had gone, then I learned of his fate. I shan't say more. Waitasecond... the dots are connecting. Was that the last image in his blogs? I kinda... Totally forgot!

@Brodehouse said:

He just stands there silently and glares until the shirt forms in front of him. You are already size L.

WAAAA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TAAAAA!!! I made a new tea cozy with my hundred stitch of the North Star.

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These are both images I Photoshopped (well, technically, I only Photoshopped the text on the first one).

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@Video_Game_King: I feel like I've seen it before. This is gonna drive me nuts.

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@EarlessShrimp: How dare you to question Ken! Just because you said that, Ken is gonna put his thumbs in your HEAD!!!!

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Where are you watching? Is it on Netflix?

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It still baffles me that people like Fist of the North Star. I mean why? What's the appeal of it?

The only good thing about it is this remix:

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They really should make an asura's wrath style Fist of the North Start game

@AlexanderSheen: It's Mad Max but with people being punched till they explode. The appeal is pretty obvious

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@Ryanmgraef said:

Where are you watching? Is it on Netflix?

I had mentioned Fist of the North Star on facebook yesterday and one of my friends who's a huge anime buff texted me to say he had the whole series. So I went to his house and grabbed the first couple of seasons from him. It may be on Netflix, but I don't know?

@AlexanderSheen: I'm still trying to figure out the appeal as well. It's almost like a disaster that I can't stop watching. I've also been a fan of bad things before, so I'm not too surprised I have continued watching it.

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I like it from time to time because it's completely over-the-top to the point of absurdity, and doesn't care. It's the Just Cause of anime. But is it some sort of high-class piece of art? Hell no.

In that regard it's at least more honest than a lot of shows out there.

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@Brodehouse said:

You are already size L.

Aaaaaad followed. Well played, sir!

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@The_Laughing_Man said:



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You Wa Shock!!!

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