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In honour of the world cup - let's see what diversity of teams are supported by the Giant Bomb Crew. I'll start.

Leyton Orient and England

If I have to pick a prem team i'll go for Spurs.

How about YOU?

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Leicester City and England

Was thinking about picking a premiership team... but then remembered that we are one now

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Mexico and Atlas.

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@benpicko: Cool I used to have a girlfriend who was a big Leicester fan so I have a soft spot for them (not so much for her :) I've been to matches at Filbert Street and the Cheese and Onion Stadium (never seen them win tho!) Good luck next season.

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My original homeland, Real Madrid and Spain.

Wooh, world champions! ;D

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Portland Timbers.

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Sporting Kansas City for MLS, Bayern Munich for Bundesliga, Arsenal for BPL, Germany and USA for nationals.

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Fulham (COYW!), and guess England, but I've been living in the States for the last 12 years and spent 6 years in Japan, so I'm pretty partial to the Japan and the US teams.

New England Revolution for the MLS, and Kashiwa Reysol for the J league! I actually think Japan has a high chance of progressing far in the WC than the US, but I'm rooting for both.

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Peñarol And Uruguay

Time to get a third world cup.

#11 Posted by hans_maulwurf (134 posts) -

Borussia Dortmund. And any team that plays against Bayern also always has my support.

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Liverpool and England

#13 Posted by Sterling (3375 posts) -

Seattle Sounders

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Chelsea and England

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I've been a fan of Bayern Munich since I was a kid, because one half of my family are from Munich. When it comes to national teams I am supporting both Denmark and Germany, so I will solely be rooting for Germany at this years World Cup.

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Liverpool and Liverpool

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Western Sydney Wanderers


Reading (in the UK)

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Ross County and Scotland, but with a soft spot for Parma in Serie A as well.

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@sterling said:

Seattle Sounders

We are now mortal enemies.

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Arsenal & Republic of Ireland... I'm a masochist.

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Southhampton and Australia, but Germany is a close second.

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Chelsea and Columbus Crew

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leeds united.

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Portugal's F.C. Porto. Two times european champions and world champions! Yeah baby!

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DC United, just destroyed le Impact du Montreal 4-2 tonight, a real turnaround from the record-breakingly abysmal 2013.

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Feyenoord Rotterdam (Dutch premier league), FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA) and Brazil

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USMNT, Liverpool, and Minnesota United FC.

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Manchester United (I'm actually from Manchester, M- post code and everything!) and England.

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Real Salt Lake!

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Truth be told, I am pleasantly surprised to see some Major League Soccer love around here.

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Liverpool FC.

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@shinboy630: If you play FIFA on PS4 we will have add each other. I play a lot of FIFA during the season. And I play a lot of games online against Timbers fans. It seems our two teams are always competing for the top ranked team in that game. With the fan loyalty ladder. I love it.

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Club America from liga MX and Monarcas and also atletico de madrid.

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Club America from liga MX and Monarcas and also atletico de madrid.

Ah a fellow anti-Chivas duder. Fuck those smelly goats am I right?

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American Samoa. Gotta love an underdog.

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The pride of the Black Country, West Bromwich Albion; and England.

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Boston United and England

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Coventry City (yeah, yeah...) and England.

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Southend United and England.

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Southend United and England. So me and @leebmxare not friends.

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Manchester United and England. I have a very soft spot for Werder Bremen of Germany though. Hell, I just like teams that play nice football.

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Yeah., I'm that guy.

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Southend United and England. So me and @leebmxare not friends.

I've never really been able to drag up much ire for Southend to be honest. Its always been one of those teams you know you are supposed to hate but can't really get into it. I have much more disgust for West Ham, especially as they seem to be trying to kill our club outright by moving just down the road into their free stadium. Was really hoping they'd go down and we would go up this season, but as usual in football disappointment is all you can rely on...

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Liverpool and England

#47 Posted by MX (279 posts) -

Ajax and The Netherlands

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Arsenal and the Republic of Ireland.

Danny O'Dwyer stole my thunder.

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Kind of a liverpool fan, not huge into football but I always want the pool to win.

And oddly, I kept track of how the Seattle Sounders were doing for a year or so as my mate and I got them all they way to the champions league in FIFA a few years back. We decided that seattle would become the starting point for the worlds one true religion, which is a mix of several different ones. Our player character / manager was a large black gentleman with a blonde perm and the sliders all the way up. His name was Muslim Jesus Jewsbury, and we re-named the stadium to Mecca-Bethlehem.

Football - bringing people together.

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"Hurra, Hurra, die Frankfurter sind da!" (Eintracht Frankfurt)

Don't give a f... about national teams and their cups...