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#51 Posted by Bakumatsu (398 posts) -

I'm a Benfica adept and of course my team is Portugal. Sorry irish duders.

#52 Posted by Pr1mus (4103 posts) -

The all mighty Canada!


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Fluminense FC


#55 Posted by Halberdierv2 (1985 posts) -

Man Utd and France.

#56 Posted by MachoFantastico (5555 posts) -

Aston Villa and England.

Which can be a painful combination. Also have some love for Kidderminster Harriers and a few other local Midlands teams (except for Birmingham... boo!) :D

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You got one right. Brazil (because my fiancé is Brazillian)

However I am a Bahia fan because back in Football Manager 2007 that was the team I went with for the promotion achievement (to get a team from the lowest to the highest division) and I made it. And also Bahia in real life made it and I have a lot of respect for that. And they have stayed in the first division for several years now, even if they don't do as well as the big clubs. My fiance brought one of these from Brazil last year so I am proudly wearing it even if no one have any idea about Brazillian teams here in Sweden.

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@sterling said:

@shinboy630: If you play FIFA on PS4 we will have add each other. I play a lot of FIFA during the season. And I play a lot of games online against Timbers fans. It seems our two teams are always competing for the top ranked team in that game. With the fan loyalty ladder. I love it.

I do indeed play fifa on PS4 (although I dont think I have actually played it online more than once). My PSN name is the same as on here.

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I'm rooting for the Seattle Sounders to win the world cup

#60 Posted by Sterling (3254 posts) -

@dethfish said:

I'm rooting for the Seattle Sounders to win the world cup

I like this guy.

#61 Posted by slyspider (1543 posts) -

Houston Texans! Oh wait Soccer... USA? Manchester United? Thats all i got

#62 Posted by Klaptos (185 posts) -

Porto, Liverpool and Portugal.

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MLS: Chicago Fire

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Toronto FC, Manchester United and England.

@pr1mus said:

The all mighty Canada!


At least our women's team is world class and capable of winning tourneys.

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Philadelphia Eagles