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I would like to start a book club for 2012 for Giant Bomb and was wondering who else would.

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I'm in.

/deja vu

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Umm, yess. This sound awesome.

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I would totally be up for that.

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I'm thinking our first book could be Ready Player One but I am open to suggestions.

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Sure, why not?

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Don't even know what that book is, so of course I'm interested! Sign me up.

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I remember hearing from somewhere that Dave and Rorie were thinking of doing a book club that ended with a podcast discussion every month or so. Might have heard it on a Ramblin' Rorie video.

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@Vager: Well that was something I was thinking about that perhaps the Book Club could start a podcast or something. Have a theme and then talk about the issues in the Book for that time period.

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Sign me up mother trucker! I say we do jPod. That's a good one. Gaming related too.

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Yes, thousand times yes. Count me in.

I hope I don't come off as a jerk but I don't agree with either recommendation for the first book. We shouldn't do something related to gaming, let's not limit ourselves.

My pick would be Fahrenheit 451, it'd be a good start. Think about it, it's a book about book burning, what better way to start then with something that'll show us the importance of literature. Just putting it out there.

But I'm up for anything, mainly sci-fi. More specifically hard sci-fi or speculative fiction, like Solaris or Rendezvous with Rama.

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That would be a pretty cool idea. I might be interested.

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@Moriarty: Well it's not as much picked as a possible starter due to video games as it is a fun easy read. Kinda start this whole thing off with something with relative ease then go from there.

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Yeah sign me up.

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I'd be up for that, book recommendations from people I know have similar tastes to me seem like a good thing.

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So I don't know I was thinking maybe we could try making a podcast for the book club. As a later thing.

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Is a book some kind of fancy video game?

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I would definitely be up for this.

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@GeneralZod37 said:

@Moriarty: Well it's not as much picked as a possible starter due to video games as it is a fun easy read. Kinda start this whole thing off with something with relative ease then go from there.

I didn't mean to be a dick. It's just that I have a personal bias towards Ready Player One and had never heard of jPod. Also, considering the time I spend focusing on video games, I want my other hobbies to scratch different itches.

On a side note ... we should totally be called the "Bookaneers."

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@Brians: I would actually be really interested in something like this. How do you propose we organize it?
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Count me in.

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I'm down.

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I need to read more. I'll give it a go.

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I guess we see who is interested in podcasting about books and go from there if enough people are I am willing to learn how to record podcasts edit them.

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let's do this! All I need is a new headset. Am free pretty much anytime to record.

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Im in

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I would be down as long as you put a real effort into it. I don't want a dead book club.

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Sounds cool, I would be interested

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Sound good. I'm interested as well.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this was the year they release their long-discussed book site.

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I'd be interested as well. Could we set up a goodreads.com group for it as well? I like to keep track of my books, etc there.

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@somesmart: That site is pretty nifty.

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@GeneralZod37: yeah it looks like there already is a GB group there as well: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/45156.Giant_Bomb