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I'm an organized person by nature, so it pains me greatly that my consoles are all piled in some shitty IKEA entertainment center, with only half of them plugged in. I don't have an enormous collection, but I have around 15 common consoles and this will definitely grow, so I like the idea of the solution being modular.

If you have around my number of consoles or more, how is your setup? I'm not looking for comments from people with messy setups. I'm looking for a solution to have all of my consoles plugged in, accessible, and neatly organized. The software can be taken care of via shelving, so that's not a big deal.

I was thinking of those meter-long power strips, a couple source selectors, and some bookcases with open backs like this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10103088/ flanking the TV. Maybe a nice way to hang 2 controllers in each area? I know I just linked to IKEA, but I'd rather avoid them. I'm getting older and I want some decent quality furniture. IKEA furniture can't be moved often and I, admittedly, am not the most gentle person. I usually end up breaking it.

Again, I'm really not interested in your setup if it's disorganized or for only a couple consoles.

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@BoogieWithStu: Granted, I don't have 15 consoles set up - only 6, (NES/Xbox360/Atari 2600/PC/SNES/PS3) I used a meter long strip for all my cables and keep everything nice and organized. I also have a 7.1 speaker system, PVR, PVR Extender, Logitech Remote adapter, and an Apple TV box. So I know you're not interested in only a few consoles, but like I said - I do have multiple components and I'm anti-spaghetti factory. Personally, I think the IKEA link you posted will work just fine. I use billy bookase from Ikea to keep all the consoles neat and tidy, set to the side of my TV. I drilled holes in the back for cable management.

I'm sure you've probably seen this online as it was floating around - but if you haven't - this would be my ideal setup.


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That does look good. Hm...Maybe I can have a second stand or something with all controllers on it off to the side? That's always an issue, too. I normally plug a controller in, wrap it up and put it on top of the console where it is bound to be knocked off. That sure looks pretty, though.